Is there a Full Flavor Review of FLV anywhere?

Does anyone know of any sites or links out there that has a full or nearly full flavor testing / description of FLV flavors? I have recently started to build up a FLV flavor stash and I have tried google to find someone who has tested their flavorings. Which I am sure it will be hard to find someone who has them all or tested them all I know they are High Dollar and not everyone wants to invest in them. I was just hoping to find someone who has put flavor testing notes out there to do a little more research before I order anymore. I don’t want to put money into flavors that aren’t going to be or do what I am needing. I’m far from rich and I am SLOWLY ordering a flavor here and there of the FLV and I want to just make more informed purchases from this point on. As usual any and all help / advice is greatly appreciated… Thank You in advance.




@anon84779643 runs

Which has some great info on flv.

You can also use the flv guide on their site for start points


Other than the above there are flavor notes on the other side of elr. Just search flavor listing by manufacturer and voila.


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

My site:

My fb page:

there are more notes on the page, as well as giveaways and other odd things…

and I am probably missing a few flavors, but not many. I have the entire collection and then there is the recipe book

FLV’s blog is yet another excellent resource… any questions, tag me, as I do not always pay attention!
You can also contact me on fb, however I am busy with yet another project, and it might take me a bit to respond :slight_smile:

I forgot… my elr link:


@anon84779643 is the person to hit up