Is there a preferred size (limit) for picture/image sizes?

I’ve done a couple cursory searches on both picture and image size…ended up finding where I basically asked a similar question (which might have been easy to miss at the time) back in Oct. 2016…

Anyways, @daath or @Mods I’m trying to setup a “review” (and a ‘tips’ write-up) but I didn’t want to bombard the already precious space on the server with 62mb of pics. I know I can crunch them down (both in proportional size and meg’s), but I was kind of hoping to catch some review folks before I do that (since I can’t remember whether they suggested ACDSee or Irfanview -I know it was one that I’d used before with somewhat regularity anyways lol).

At any rate, just wondering if you had a suggested target that I’ve forgotten, or can’t search ATM, laid out previously?!


@Sprkslfly I usually drop them down to 720p with either photoshop or riot

Be aware though riot while really easy and a great little program will if you have any portrait pics it will ignore the tags and turn them on their side.


I cant remember what the image size limit is but i run into it a lot. It is either 2mb or 6mb, watch it be something in between…

For any image the site cant handle i just dump them on imgur.

The site does have a decent storage capacity.


You can reduce the size of your images using this if you want :wink:

Obivously I’d prefer as small a size-wise (not dimensions). What I usually do is resize them to 1024-1440 pixels in height, then save for web in JPG at 70-90% quality - Usually that results in a file that is around 2-500 KB in size :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated!
Will try and make that the target goal. :slight_smile:

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