Is there a shelf life for VG and PG?

So I stopped by the Essential Depots site and seen their deal on the glyCube package and was blown away on the price and before I take the plunge on purchasing it I would like to know what the shelf life is for VG/PG because that package is way more then I need at this point but the price point is great and can’t be passed up. Any info would be great because I’m what you would call a Noob at this DIY and I think I will never go back.

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The longevity of PG and VG, if stored at 76 degrees, is said to have a shelf life of 18 months for oral consumption. I imagine vaping makes no difference…


Awesome thanks @ringling for the info.

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Depending how much you use the 2 gallon special of mix and match PG and VG may work better. The glycube does not come with free shipping. The 2 gallon deal does. I ordered a gallon of each on my first order and just ordered 2 gallons of VG this time. Took me 5 months to even get low on VG. PG will last me forever…

There’s also a coupon code for 20% off shipping floating around but my search fu is weak tonight.


Yeah I think I’m going to do the 2 gallon deal instead which should get me threw a year or so if I don’t start mixing for others lol

I thought I read somewhere it was 2 years, which is why I only did the 2 gallon free shipping special. Couldn’t imagine clearing 4 gallons in 2 years with just mixing for myself and occasionally a few friends and family members.

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Yes I just bought same 2 gallon special from essentials depot free shipping
Guy’s at work have been wanting me to sell them the vanilla custard I make guess I will sell small amount to get my money back on flavorings
And to not keep pg/vg for 2 years

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When you receive the VG could you let us know if it is or says Palm Derived VG please :blush: Thanks.

Last I checked the soy-based VG was not available in the 2 gal special.

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Mine came in and is just vg
It is really think compared to usual from depot or any other place I just called and left a message
My juices are like water
Must be a mistake
Never had any problem before from essentials depot
And have been getting from them for 2 years now

Meant to say thin
It is unusually thin vg