Is there a significant taste difference between Inawera Strawberry Flavors

I see a lot of recipes using strawberry shisha. I just bought a bottle of Inawera strawberry. Is there a noticeable taste difference between the two ? I am trying to Revamp my strawberry and cream recipe. I want the strawberry to taste " pop ", . I was think of increasing the sweet strawberry by 1-2 %. Lately the flavor seems to dull after 3-4 weeks. Any Suggestions. Thank you

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Sweet Strawberry works well around 5%, never used the Red Touch. I have Strawberry Shisha but find I rarely use it. Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) pairs up well with Sweet Strawberry, though. VBIC at 8% could definitely drown out other flavors after a steep, mix % is recommended 4%, so I would say try lowering that some, might help keep the strawberry around.


I don’t have Inawera Strawberry, but I do have Shisha and it is unlike any other strawberry I have. Hard to put my finger on why. It’s a sharper, more defined strawberry maybe, but it’s more like a strawberry bubblegum or candy than a real strawberry. I use it when I want that really sweet candy taste and I can’t imagine my stash without it. :wink:


I have both INW strawberry and Shisha, the normal one didn’t do it for me at all. It doesn’t really taste like strawberry IMO, it’s got a … mustiness about it. There’s a hint of fruit, but honestly, it smells and tastes more like a weird marzipan … hard to describe. Shisha is much nicer, but still not like a genuine strawberry fruit. It’s more a hard strawberry candy type, it’s a lot sweeter, if you’ve ever smelled strawberry cotton candy, it’s not a million miles of the scent of the concentrate.

For true, fruity strawberry, TFA strawberry ripe is hard to best, as said it blends well with Cap’s sweet strawberry, a small touch of Shisha can work well with those 2. But on it’s own, you’re never getting fruity strawberry.


For some reason every inawera flavor I ever used (about 15-20) all gave me this weird back taste. I had chocolates, raspberry, all the strawberries, cherry, all the popular ones. The only one I didn’t really get that taste from was biscuit. I trade most of them off. That’s just my opinion.
What I do to make a strawberry pop is use more then one. Example is 2% strawberry fa 3% strawberry ripe tfa 1% strawberry medicine flower. Also acai tfa 0.5-1.0% or any raspberry 0.5-1.0% will help strawberry pop and hold its potency. I also have a love for vapingzone or bakers flavors at 0.5-1.0% as well. The best strawberry ripe on the market to me is strawberries by vaping zone/bakers flavors.

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ok great thanks so much

Robin I love SB Shisha I will say that most ppl don’t use it very high it says 2-3% but honestly it can handle going upwards to 6% very well and stays nice & sweet. The culprit in the recipe is the VBIC it fades out other flavors so I tend to keep it in the 2-3% it also contains EM as to why it fades flavors-

I enjoyed your recipe as well as Mustard Milk but the EM kills the overall flavoring weeks into it. That would be my suggestion. Keep VBIC lower add an additional milk if you want FA Condensed Milk is EXTREME like 1 drop per 10-15 mls adds that depth you’ll want. The it is up to you to put whatever SB you like but SB shisha is top notch my friend !

In my recipe here the secret is the condensed Milk it ties it all together !

Double strawberry milkshake

Ingredient %
Cream (Milky Undertone) (OOO) 3
Milk Condensed (FA) 0.25
Strawberry (Real Flavors) 5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 4
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3

Flavor total: 15.25%

Remember to rate it at!

Oh and Liquid Barn’s Vanilla Ice Cream is lush mmhhh I won’t stir you wrong get some !

SB INW- real fruit SB they are going for more of a ripe but it isn’t the ripe we know of TFA
SB Shisha- very sweet and aromatic. I have combined the two at times but I really like Shisha over the standard one.


Thanks so much @Amy2

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Inw wild strawberry tastes awful!

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I agree as does INW SB Kiss taste just like Wild SB and some odd ball wannabe cream…gross !

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It’s like a strawberry … that was mushed into grass :smiley:

I have their wild rose too - still yet to create something really nice using it. I’m thinking with INW, ‘wild’ in the name = avoid


I’ll admit i’ve ate strawberrys with the leafs still on it and if you take that into affect it’s almost a perfect representation. If i liked tea flavors it could go well with something like that but… blah

Shisha Strawberry and FA Fuji go together very well. Any other strawberry doesn’t have the same effect.


I think Kiss would be better if it wasn’t so potent. It’s hard (for me anyway) to get it to sit in the background.

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All it takes is 1 drop in 15 mls and it’s all I can smell and taste. I’d prob have to go larger but wouldn’t want to waste 30 + mls just on experimenting. I have yet to find a flavor it blends well enough w/ either to put it in the back ground. Maybe something like Watermelon MF it is really strong and fruity ?

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Yeah that or maybe FA Forest Mix… Something real fruity that would take the edge off for sure though. Have you tried diluting it in PG? I haven’t but would like to. Just never had the motivation to try yet.

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I use a Wild SB Dilution and it works for me. It’s a weird dilution but here it goes

2 mls pg
8 mls vg
3 drops Wild SB

only have had 1 successful recipe w/ it

suppose you could a similar set up for the SB Kiss , the only reason I went w/ Vg at all was to lower the use of Pg but in some small way I think it helps mute or tame the wrenching taste & scent of the W. SB

I just did a 10 ml mix of 1 drop SB Kiss 1 drop wtm MF and 1 drop pyrue…it doesn’t smell bad at all…watermelon may be giving the kiss a run for the $ on the lime light…hmm Max Vg of course. Imma let this steep.

So I put one drop of SB Kiss & Watermelon MF together in just a 10ml vg Max mix let it steep for one month and surprisingly it’s tasty could use just a hair more of watermelon ( never thought I’d say that about MF’s watermelon ) but it is a nice mix SB kiss is still a lil green and the cream for once it more apparent. Just thought I’d let you guys know how that lil experience played out :wink: