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Is there anything on the market like this?


Ok heres the story … I always bring 2 mods with different tops and 3 to 4 different juices to use during the day , I also bring 2 sets of back up batteries … Today I forgot my back up batteries and my batteries are half dead…
Question : Is there a tube type mod that has an internal battery that I could throw an rda or a cleito on top of just in case , so at least I can keep this internal battery tube mod always in my bag ???


you mean something like a Smok V8 stic…
if thats whau want…give the tank away…


Ya something like that … But really would like something that can push an RDA say a drop dual coil single wrap 24gauge ohm aprxx .20 , will this stick work with the drop

@AlanS I just looked thanks to your link and the v9 stick say it will do 60watts , do you believe that it will push an rda


ya it should,its un regulated…so it will do watts acording to your build…also capable of firing up to 20 Amps of continuous discharge…so if your build draw more than 20 amps…forget this one…


Ahhh thats right I need to look at the amps more than watts I vape at , great point ty


what builds do you usally use as far as ohms


I usually use 24 gauge SS 7 to 8wraps 3mm id. it ohm at aporx .20 dual coil


ya it should work then,the coils supplied with the tank are .15 an .25…so your in there …i had a V8 when i first started to vape …i knew nothing but it looked cool…well cool it was not…it hit hard with a .15 coil…was like sucking on a blow torch…lol…


Ya I use to love the sticks ( for on the go ) the aspire k4 kits were ok , but im thinking just to have this in case im in hurry and 4get to grab what i need … I was thinking Nunchaku but that’s single battery . Internal battery is definitely what im wanting , ty for chiming in


your welcome…good luck in your quest…


Looks like you’ve figured out why I always walk with 3-batt mods :wink: Each will last me between 1.5 to 2 days.
Or find yourself a USB cable/phone charger (and use a 2A charging mod, e.g. DNA)… should be able to help you in these situations, esp if you have more than 1 mod with you. Or get a little extra charger you leave at work. Probably better than carrying around yet another mod.


Smoke a cigarette, you know you want to


Lol actually I have no desire … But ty for the suggestion


The battery charger is a great idea … I didn’t even think of that , I actually have a 2 bath charger put up that I dont use … That is the route I will take :wink:


I drive a company truck all day, so i have one of these and plug a 2 bay charger in if i mess up my charging routine and have to bring a pair that need a charge.


Smart … I have something like that for camping …
I’ve never charged batteries in a mod today is the first time … Im charging one now and hoping my other lasts … Thankfully im at a point where I don’t HAVE to vape


Solar Power FTW. :sunny: :slight_smile:


@fidalgo_vapes can I make a sugestion? I think you are like me, you like a build that is pushing a 20 amp battery pretty hard, one that you would prefer a 25 amp. A small single battery just wont last long enough, thus your hoping for a lipo to get you there. for cases like this I use a dual parallel mod. If you dont mind a bigger mod the Luxotic NC (noisy cricket) is great. It can handle bigger builds and use 20700’s. (I can give you a hack that will even put it into full mech mode, for experienced mech users only). However the really small (yes it’s downright tiny) dual parallel HCigar VT75d will handle the build described above and give you that 5000 mah you want.


I am not sure what the “hack” is but I am intrigued what it is and why it is necessary?


@woftam the luxotic nc has a switch that allows you to switch from series to parallel mode. both modes have protections built in. in series mode the battery output is limited by the device making it much less dangerous and allowing you to build lower ohm setups. the manual does not tell you and most reviewers didn’t know is that you can disable the built-in protection for series mode. In essience making it just like the original NC. The way to do it is put the mod in series mode, then turn it off( 5 clicks). Next press and hold the fire button for about 8 seconds untill you see the light blink. the light will be white now not red. Turn the back on, now even with the switch in series position the light will be white not the normal red for series. fully charged batteries will push 8.4 volts minus voltage drop.