Is this mix too complicated , and will it risk muting flavours?

Hi, I’m looking for some advice before I purchase extra flavourings that I need and try to make this idea. I want to make a Reese’s peanut butter cup cheesecake @ 70vg/30pg.
My cheesecake base consists of the following :

New York Cheesecake (CAP) @ 6%
Graham Cracker v2 (CAP) @ 1.5%
Sweet Cream (CAP) @ 1%
Sweetner (TPA) @ 1.5%

Then the topping will look a bit like this :

Chocolate peanut butter milk (MOLINBERRY) @ 4.5%

(Extra milk chocolate)
Double Chocolate clear (TPA) @ 1.2%
Dairy Milk (TPA) @ 0.5%

(Extra peanut buttery/crunchness)
Peanut butter DX (TPA) @ 0.5%
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) @ 0.5%

Flavour total 17.2%

Will this work without muting flavours?
I appreciate any help.


One issue with that many flavors is it becomes very difficult to identify and adjust flavors.


Thank you for the reply. I guess you’re right. Would you suggest leaving out the extra chocolate and peanut butter?


Exactly what @natbone said. I would suggest avoiding complicate recipes out of scratch unless you know your flavors very well (and are quite experienced).

Why don’t you make Reese’s peanut butter cups first (without cheesecake)? And do a cheesecake separately. And only then try to combine them (which again, often isn’t easy).

This way you might come close to what you’re hoping for much easier and faster (+ easier recognize what’s an issue, plus you will learn more about your flavors and mixing plus maybe even find two delicious bases, pb/choco and cheesecake, that will help you enormously in your future mixing in other directions).

One negative impact of making complicated recipes is also that too often we over-flavor by adding little here and little there. 17.2% of flavorings sounds too much (on paper; but that might be just me) and my first thing would probably be to cut down each flavor by a third (to bring it somewhere in 12% range).


I agree with @Mikser, make the simple base first. Have a taste and ask yourself what else would go well with that?
Just add, bit by bit.


All very good advice. I know my base works really well with 3% strawberry ripe (tpa) and 2% sweet strawberry (cap) currently dripping a bottle that I made and it’s delicious. That’s still at 15% flavour and is right on point. Thats said, I’ve not experimented with any chocolate or peanut butter flavours yet and I’m just dipping my toe into this next section of the rabbit hole lol. I shall take your advice on board @Mikser and make a choc/Peanut butter to my liking before I attempt to blend it to the cheesecake base . Out of curiosity , what us your flavour percentages for bakeries?


My recipes usually use somewhere in between 5-10% of flavorings, rarely less and very rarely more. It all depends what flavors (brands) you’re using; newer brands generally need much lower percentages. (my sweet spot is generally lower than average mixer’s, but not always; but this is not useful info since everyone tastes differently)

One thing to have in mind is also when you’re checking older recipes (2016 and less), you’d probably need to adapt percents for the best vaping experience (lower those percents by about 1/3 since modern vaping devices don’t need that much flavoring).


I hadn’t even taken this into consideration. Thank you


I think Mikser showed the path to take. Keep in mind that most juices are Vapable, with some being better than others.