Is this thing any good? (RDA)

So this came on the IPV3 I traded my Nebox for the other day, i havent used it yet. Not too knowing about RDA’s and usually don’t use them. Anyone tell me anything interesting or useful to know about it and maybe some suggested builds to try on it or if whats on it is good to go?


I’ve never used a Royal Hunter, but have a friend that has. He thought it was “OK”. Nothing fantastic. but it does the job. I know he’s a kanthal guy and vapes only 22g duals. I would imagine by looking at the size of it, that you’re gonna get some hot juice in the mouth if you’re not careful. That’s about all I can tell you.

I don’t have one but… Word on the street is they are a flavor chasers dream! I would guess that is correct as most shorty style rda’s that I have tried are really good for flavor.
You never know though until you try it!