Is this Voopoo? 😲 Caliber review by Suomynona


Disclaimer: Voopoo sent me this kit for the purpose of this review. I will however try to be as complete as possible and give you my honest opinion. I’d like to thank Joanna from @Voopootech for allowing me to review this vaping kit.

The Voopoo Caliber is a regulated pen-style mod that comes with all the modern protections. It has a built-in 3000mah battery, an on-off / fire button and a USB port through which you charge the mod. Above the fire button there are 2 arrow-style LEDs that give you the most basic information. The mod can deliver a whopping 110W, which is impressive for a pen style device like this.

The kit comes in matchy-matchy color schemes and there are a lot of them: black, red, bronze, brown, orange, red, purple, green and 2 different blues. They all have a common color (gold) for the 510 plate and the fire button and from the pictures I’ve seen, the drip tips all seem to be of a similar color.

The UForce subohm tank already has a great reputation and is a great match for the Caliber mod. It comes in the same color with a 3.5ml glass tube and a 5ml bubble glass and has a replaceable TFV8-style 810 drip tip.


The box itself has the normal information listed, like contents, a some warnings, an authenticity scratch code, QR codes, the color of the kit and obviously the name of the kit as well.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 1x Caliber mod
  • 1x UForce tank
  • 1x U4 coil (fitted) and 1x U6 coil
  • 5ml bubble glass (fitted) and a regular 3.5ml glass tube
  • spare o-rings
  • USB cable
  • documentation: gene chip card, user manual for mod and tank, warranty card

The coils are rated as follows:

  • U4: 0.23Ω, range: 50-120W, best: 60-80W
  • U6: 0.15Ω, range: 65-110W, best: 80-90W


Even though the mod looks like a mech tube mod, it is a regulated mod that comes with a bunch of safety features. To switch the mod on, press the fire button 5 times and the leds will blink 5 times. It does the same thing when you turn it off. When you turn on the mod and don’t use it for a couple minutes, it will go in automatic standby and you just press once to switch it back on.

It comes with following safety protection features:

  • overtime protection (puff longer than 10s)
  • short circuit protection
  • overcharge protection (4.2V max)
  • low battery protection (3.2V min)
  • output over-current protection (30A rating)
  • high temperature protection (when the chip reaches 70°C/158°F)

The mod will charge at 5V/1A and can only be done via a USB port. There are no firmware upgrades possible nor any settings you can change with software.

The bottom has a small venting hole and the USB connector too serves to release pressure should the battery start venting. It also has quality engravings in the bottom as well as on the 510 plate. The knurling on the 510 plate sticks out from the mod just ever so slightly and is really grippy.

The 510 connector is gold plated and spring loaded and can fit any 25/26mm atty without overhang. The plastic fire button is gold colored as well, sticks out just enough so you can easily find it and is very clicky. The outside of the connector has some really grippy knurling that allows you to grip the mod while removing your atty.

It weighs 110g (164g with tank) and measures 25mm by 84mm. Any 24 to 26mm atty will fit very nicely on top of the Caliber. Just like the minimalistic design of the mod, the manual is very limited due to the simplicity of the device.


The color of the tank matches the Caliber perfectly although the drip tip stands out quite a bit on the bronze version. It has a diameter of 25mm and sits flush on the Caliber mod. With the bubble glass it’s 28mm wide and it’s 54mm tall with both glasses.

Filling your tank couldn’t be easier, the top slides open and a wide filling hole will appear that can fit most common bottles or droppers.

The airflow adjustment ring has stops on both ends and fits tightly enough so you don’t accidentally change its position when you pick it up or put it in your pocket, yet it’s very smooth and easy to put it in the position you want.

There are a variety of coils available for the Uforce tank but realistically speaking though, on this kit you’re very much limited in choice due to not having control over the power output. Using the Uforce on another mod sets you free and allows you to use whichever you prefer.


I’ve been using this mod and tank for a couple weeks now and I find it hard to really make up my mind about it. The kit is so full of contradictions, things that are so wrong and other areas where it’s bliss. I understand what Voopoo intended with this mod, but on some parts of the design they dropped the ball really bad. All in all, this kit sells for between $35 and $45 so you also don’t expect a high-end high-quality product with the best finishing.

When I first saw the kit, I couldn’t believe they put a flashy multi-colored drip tip on an otherwise sober but stylish looking combo. It’s just so out of place and it’s such a pity because the material it’s made from is just perfect: no heat transfer, no lip grime build-up and it really is a perfect size for me. That being said, it’s a standard goon-styled 810 drip tip that is easily replaced with your favorite one.

The rest of the Caliber looks pretty good though. When I wanted to see what other atties I could fit on the mod, the next flaw became pretty obvious… that golden 510 connector makes it really hard to put anything other than gold/bronze colored tanks on it. Black/grey/silver colored tanks just look wrong on it. While trying all kinds of tanks to see what would work, I did find that the knurling on the 510 plate was really handy. Especially if you have a leaky bastard on your mod, it provides plenty grip. Anyways, I quickly came to the conclusion that this match-made-in-Heaven was how this kit is supposed to be: the Caliber WITH the Uforce tank.

I wish I was but I’m not done with the looks. When the kit arrived, I had a fairly strong new smell from the tank, so I decided to give it a wash before I’d inhale all the whatever’s-in-there. Same as always, a little bath in some warm water with a few drops of dish washing liquid. After a little while, it was clean! So clean that even the paint came off from most of the tank. I use the exact same dish liquid soap and water on every new tank that I’ve ever had, this is a first. So now I’m left with a great looking mod and no atty that matches it. Oh well… let’s hope it still vapes good.

110W!!! Nothing to regulate that power, except for the Gene chip and my thumb on the fire button. I was a little bit nervous how that was going to work, as I usually vape between 60-80W. So I made sure the coils were very well soaked before I even tried to vape. You wouldn’t want to burn your cotton from the first hit, right?

Well, nothing to fear about: the power builds up rather slowly and at no point did I ever wish I could turn it down a bit. Quite the opposite actually, at times I wish I could turn it up. Being a bit curious, I tried the Uforce tank on a couple other mods to see how it compares and it appears it gives about the same vape around 55-60W, maybe just a tad more but Voopoo’s VMate for example gives me a hotter vape on 65W than the Caliber. It’s on the bottom end of the recommended power for the U4 coil and even slightly lower for the included U6 coil.

I have to admit, I don’t know anything about the technicality of the Gene chip in this device. I am just giving you the opinion of a regular user, someone who this devices is marketed for: a starter who just wants to fill the tank and vape.

So I started to wonder, maybe this chip reads the coil resistance and gives a different power-output depending on what coil you use. You know, like a lot of mods switch to a recommended power usage when you switch coil. I also had the Uforce T1 tank from the Vmate for review so I tried it with the U2 (best range 40W-80W) and N1 (best range 70W-80W) coils and it just refused to fire. I didn’t understand, surely other Voopoo tanks and coils should work on this mod? Then I switched to my Griffin RTA which I usually vape around 60W… nothing. The Tobecco Super tank maybe? YES, we’ve got a winner! I usually vape that one around 40-45W because it really gets hot otherwise and lo and behold, the Caliber adjusted power to give me a similar vape. So there is a bit of interaction between the atty and the chip so you’re not going to burn your coil instantly.

I tried a few atomizers out of curiosity to get a feel for what works and what not:

  • Voopoo Uforce T1: No go
  • Geek Vape Griffin 25: No go
  • HellVape Dead Rabbit: No go
  • Tobacco Super Tank: Yes!
  • 528 Customs Vape The Goon: Yes!
  • Geek Vape Tsunami: Yes!
  • Wotofo Recurve: Yes!
  • Advken Manta: Yes!

I used a similar builds ranging from 0.1Ω to 0.4Ω to rule out any possible protection from the Gene chip and I tried the same atty on another mod for a power comparison. So it’s really a hit and miss with this mod and since it’s not the chip’s fault, it must be that Voopoo used a sorry excuse for a 510 connector on this mod. Plating it in gold doesn’t make it a winner. At no point did it even come close to a 65W power output so either I have a dud or this mod just doesn’t deliver on its promises. The atomizers that didn’t work on the Caliber did work flawlessly on other regulated mods.

Truth be told, this is a fairly cheap starter kit, but looks and feel can easily mislead you into thinking it is much more than that and it’s not.

Some that didn’t work:

Some that worked:

In any case, even though the power delivery is very underwhelming and other atomizers may or may not work, using the kit as it was intended, with the Uforce tank, still gives you a satisfying vape if you use a coil that performs well in that power range. There was little difference in power delivery between a fully charged or nearly drained battery, which I find remarkable. When using this kit as my main vape, it easily got me through the day without needing to recharge and then I still had some power left to get me through the morning.

Vaping while charging is a no-go and it charges at a rather slow 1A. This may be an obstacle for someone who is just starting to vape and doesn’t want to invest in a whole lot of equipment to just give vaping a try. As long as it gets you through the day, you can just charge it overnight and not be bothered by it or you can charge it in between your vaping sessions.

I started with the included U4 coil (double parallel coil), and I have to say it is a very nice vape. The Uforce thank definitely lives up to expectations. The airflow is very smooth, the vape is flavorful and it is VERY versatile in its use. Although the airflow is not the most quiet, it’s not exceptionally loud either. You can turn the AFC going from wide open (3 wide air slots, so take wide open very literally), to nearly MTL-type closed. And while the airflow produces a bit of noise, I haven’t encountered any whistle whatsoever. This is probably one of the best airflows I have used on a subohm tank. It’s a shame that no 510 drip tip, or at least a converter, is included because you can do some serious stealth vaping with the Uforce. Being that the Caliber isn’t going to push the limits of the coil, you can also expect it to last for an extremely long time. Something that is awesome as well is that it’s nearly impossible to make this tank leak. You can leave your juice in the tank for days, probably weeks, without a single drop of liquid or even a gurgle when you pick it up again.

The U6 coil wasn’t much to my liking because you just don’t get enough power for this coil to perform at its best. If you want to enjoy this coil you just need more power and that’s something you’re simply not going to get from the Caliber. You could probably even use the U2 coil but flavor wise, the U4 is a really big step up in my opinion.

Voopoo Uforce coils are to my knowledge, only compatible with the Fireluke Mesh coils though I wouldn’t go gung-ho on a range of different coils to try unless you’re also using this Uforce tank on a mod with adjustable power.

I am very sure that there are going to be a lot of people that will enjoy this type of vape. Heck, even I enjoy it, but the marketing slogans of the 110W power tube are a bit misleading. Anyone going after the slogans is going to expect a whole different vape experience. For a vaper who knows what he wants, someone who doesn’t need high power or an extremely hot vape, someone who doesn’t consume 30mls a day, this will be a nice kit though.


I feel like Voopoo wanted to achieve something special with this kit for a very affordable price but somehow missed the ball completely. But even with all the things that are wrong about this kit, I still find myself grabbing it on a regular basis because it’s handy and it does give me a decent vape. This kit is so small and portable, but it still packs enough power to fix your nicotine cravings and easily lasts a full day without having to worry about batteries.

Even though I use it (because I have it), I wouldn’t spend my money on the Caliber but go out and buy the newer Uforce T1 and put it on a mod that allows me to control the power.


  • minimalistic and elegant design
  • battery life
  • range of available colors
  • size and weight
  • clicky button that is easy to find
  • Gene chip with safety protections
  • knurling on the 510 plate


  • lack of indicators to know what’s going on (only a blue blinking led)
  • no vape-while-charging
  • much lower power than advertised
  • even with the electronics inside, you can’t control the power
  • slow power build-up compared to other Voopoo mods
  • hit-and-miss 510 connector
  • gold plating on 510 is difficult to match


  • good flavor
  • smooth sliding top fill port with big filling hole
  • regular and bubble glass
  • interchangeable standard wide-bore drip tip
  • wide ranging/smooth/whistle-free airflow possibilities
  • Absolutely zero leaking
  • liquid economy
  • coil compatibility with Fireluke Mesh coils
  • drip tip is quality material, standard sized 810 drip tip (with o-rings)


  • very poor paint quality (this is the biggest con for me, I can live with the others)
  • colors of the drip tip
  • no 510 drip tip or converter included
  • no mention of material of the coils on the package, documentation or website
  • non-adjustable 510 connector pin

Yikes!!! Sounds like a Crock-A-Poo to me! Thanks for the honest review. I will file this one under Landfill, in a box.


Great honest review… You did a great job!

It leaves me with mixed feelings, probably the same ones you have about it… While reading, sometimes I was like :smiley:, then I was like :open_mouth:, and that paint job made me :rage:…although I had the same thing happened to a pink Smok TFV8 Big Baby and a pink TFV8 Baby Beast…now they are both Stainless, except for behind the AFC ring…


That doesn’t look half bad as stainless. The problem with the Uforce is that it’s got a plastic AFC ring, there’s no way it’s ever going to look as shiny as your baby beast.


Yeah, I noticed it looked different… That sucks! If you are anything like me, I do really care about the looks of my vape gear, and something like that would make me not want to use that tank anymore…


1 less con :slight_smile:
Thanks for the review!


I saw a bronze one on amazon for about the same price as whole new kit… no thank you :rofl:


Thanks for the honest review :+1: @anon28032772
I did have this one on the radar for purchase but I think i will hang onto my $$ and keep looking.


The tank is actually pretty good aside for the paint. Not very different from the T1 in performance (which is a little bigger and available without paint). I can recommend that one for sure.

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Thanks for the recommendation :+1:, I could always do with another tank. Will keep a look out for that one.


@anon28032772 like @SmilingOgre said, thanks for a great, and more importantly, HONEST review. That’s what keeps me coming back.


Well done! Thanks for the good read…


Thanks for being an HONEST reviewer.


Very well done, articulate review.