Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

The American Heart Association Says Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

Who is right and why such contrast?

Doesn’t both articles say that vaping is better? The first one references the infamous formaldehyde-study in which they produce vapor on low wattage devices at high wattage…

Vaping is definitely better. Of that, there can be no doubt.


Sorry, I misread the first article and thought they were against vaping. I guess it’s a win win situation. :persevere:

I definitely agree. Vaping is 100 times better. I’m having a situation at work about vaping or smoking. I’ve been looking for info from both sides of this smoking vs vaping debate and I can’t find anything concrete other people’s opinion that vaping is bad for you. I thought that first article was factual, but it turned out to be some bogus study stirring up rumors.

Well, if you want scientific facts, our good friend Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has an excellent website:

With regards to arguments for and against:

  • Cigarettes combusts tobacco - Vaping just vaporizes a liquid.
  • Combustion creates chemicals and toxins - Vaping doesn’t create any new chemicals (unless you dry-hit/burn it).
  • Cigarettes have tar and CO2 - Vaping has neither.
  • Passive vaping emits nicotine and toxins comparable to normal room air - A passive vaper would get more nicotine from eating a piece of eggplant.

There are lots of other good points, but I think those are pretty good arguments :smile:


Vaping is only bad on my wallet.So many toys and I want them all .LOL


Ill leave this here:

That’s quite a line up @Ken_O_Where ! I’ll be bookmarking this post to share with others over time!

I love the “lifeboat” opinion! Would you stay on a sinking ship just because the lifeboats were not approved by the FDA? Brilliant!

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I agree. All of the independent research i have read indicates that vaping is orders of magnitude safer than smoking. What would be nice is if we no concentrated on the flavorings, producing flavorings that we know are as close to safe as possible.

Getting money into the proper hands is difficult tho as many scientists want to stay out of it, they rely on money and many we are fighting against provide that money.

Sad that humans lives are less important that profit. Are we Ferengi?


Excellent reply @ken_o_where, just the type of hard hitting pro vaping info I needed. The views from expert in their fields are undeniable evidence the vaping option is the best option. Thanks a million!

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