ISO decent maple flavoring

So I still have a tiny bit left of this. I love this stuff but can no longer find it. Could someone suggest a nice maple flavoring? Thank you so much.

Man I am gonna miss this stuff :frowning: I can’t even remember where I got it. ECX years ago maybe?


ECX’s Signature line was just TPA relabeled. Here you go…
Maple Syrup


OMG really?? thank you so much!


@Deb50 what do you think of FA Maple Syrup? I’ve always like it but am looking for more types because I love maple. I’ll have to try TPA. I just ordered a Maple Syrup Candy (SC) (WF).


I have never tried the FA Maple Syrup. If the TPA is the same as the Signature, I truly like that one. Very sweet so go light. That one I use with the French Toast and whipped cream I have and it’s rich and gooey and yum :slight_smile: I have had this bottle so long as I only use .25 in the recipes I use it in.

I made a Bread Pudding “Southern Style” and I used it in there and I went a bit higher. I did it at .5 and I think it may have been too much as one of my vape buddies I sent it to said it is great but could be lighter on the maple. I’m making him up a new one now :slight_smile: He likes stuff sweet so that’s why I went a little higher, nope back to my .25 it is.


Which french toast are you using, if I might ask? I checked your profile and didn’t see the recipe linked.

I just bought 300ml of 3 types of mr pancake man / french toast man becusse it was on sale super cheap and I liked it Wel enough before, but I’d love to find a diy french toast I loved or that I could just adapt slightly.

Bread pudding sounds great too!


I tend to use Maple (TPA) instead of Maple Syrup (TPA) and then adjust the sweetness as needed by increasing VG, adding Super Sweet (Cap) or another sweeter concentrate.


I have always used the real flavors French Toast. Funny I never cared for that brand much but their french toast was one I liked. Don’t see it now anywhere. I bought the FE brand a few weeks ago but have not tried it yet.


hmmm I didn’t see just a Maple one. Only the Maple Syrup. I ordered that one. There are only 2 places I get flavorings from BCF and ECX and once in awhile Chef’s Oh I didn’t look at Chefs, I will do that later. Thanks


Are you in the uk? I got 100ml (120 shortfill) of french dude on sale (£9.99) from washingtonvapes I don’t know if links are allowed, I’m happy to post one if so


Thanks, no. i am here in Nevada but I’m good I did find a place that still carries the RF so I will probably get a bottle of it. They have the pineapple I like also that is by Jungle Flavors, that one is hard to find now too. I have tried every freaking pineapple flavoring out there and nope, nothing comes close to the JF. It’s like those white gummy bears :slight_smile: Love those

Oh and and answering your other question, no I don’t have any of my recipes listed YET! I am going to get on that this month and start doing it. I only have a few I make and they are nothing amazing.


#TheBomb @Deb50 !!!


I’ve only ever seen a few stock it myself. I’m now getting into a habit of keeping labels for all unusual flavours as I do get challenged on their existence.


saving for a rainy day. when i can sit back , relax, put on a good movie. and enjoy it .

rainy day

@Walt_RealFlavors broke the mold when he made this one. wish i could more


@tartarusspawn 2 bottles of FT ??


yea one has about .5 - 1 ml other has roughly 3ml

Edit :

  • Real Flavors - French Toast (BL) *
    Nicotine Strength 6.00 mg
    PG Level 50.00%
    VG Level 50.00%
    Amount to make 100.000 ml
    Ingredient, Ing %, Weight, Volume
    Liquid Barn - 100 mg Nicotine Solution, 6.00%, 6.198 g, 6.000 ml
    River Supply - Propylene Glycol, 41.30%, 42.952 g, 41.300 ml
    River Supply - Vegetable Glycerin, 49.70%, 62.622 g, 49.700 ml
    Real Flavors - French Toast (BL), 3.00%, 3.114 g, 3.000 ml

can only mix it one more time


Umm… funny story, we have to keep batch samples for two years… I was about to throw away a lot. Maybe I could drop some in the mail for you. I want to say between all the batch samples, I have about 100 gallons of random flavors still.


Oh I know. It was the best flavor ever! I have maybe enough left to make a 30ml bottle . Oh that and their Strawberry, loved that one too. I have a very hard time tasting strawberry but that one I could so I always used that one as the base and would add a few others. My Strawberry Rice Pudding will never be the same…


I’m jelly, but gratz! enjoy The place I found that I thought carried the French Toast. it’s not the same. This one is called Stuffed French Toast, not sure how different that is but I guess I will have to settle for the FE one. It’s not as good, I can tell that right off the bat by the smell. I could be wrong but my gut says I’m right lol. And Yes 2 to 3% was the magic number for me too!


been reorganizing my vape room . everyone knows what top shelf liquor is . well my top shelf flavoring is real flavors.
top shelf

Bottom Shelf is liquid barn - middle shelf is everyone else .