Issue with Smoke Alien 220w

Hi all,

I got the Smok Alien 220w starter kit with Baby Beast tank and coils from Vapordna a few months ago. It came with 2 coil heads. I purchased a 5 pack coil replacement from them as well (v8 Baby Q2 0.4 ohms 40-80W/ best 55-65W) . During this period, everything worked fine. The stock coils lasted me 10-14 days. The puffs count usually says 2500-3000 puffs before I taste a burn and replace the coil. I set it on watts mode 50-60w. Never had a problem there.

Then I purchased 2 replacement packs from . While waiting for my replacement packs to arrive, I washed my 7 used coils and reused them once more. I was able to get a 2 day use out of each one (about 300-400 puffs).

When my new stock coils from FastTech arrived, I put them in and primed them like I always did, however, the coils would burn within 1 or 2 days. I set the watts to 37-40w, but still burns fast. I tried a coil from the 2nd pack I got because I thought maybe the 1st pack was all bad. But I got the same result. So I thought I wasn’t priming them enough, I primed the third coil very well, but same result. Just for the heck of it I tried a 4th coil, same thing. I went through 4 coils within 1 week.
So, I thought maybe they were knockoffs. I did an authenticity test from the bar codes on the back, and according to Smok, they were authentic.
Of course, I told myself that this is the price u pay for being a cheap asswhole. So, I went to a local vape shop and I bought a single coil head for 6$ because he sold the pack for $30. I tried it, but I got the same result. It tasted burnt really fast.

The million dollar question is why did things work out with my first 7 coils, but same kind of coils were shit later?

I used different juices on each one. None is too sweet.

I’m trying to remember what I did in the time between the good and the bad coils. The only thing is that I remember playing with the settings to see what Temperature Control is. But I reset everything to watts mode. I also washed the tank once.

Can anyone tell me what they think happened? I thought it was the coils. But I tried local store and FastTech, both same problem. Could it be the tank? Or is it the mod?

I feel your pain Zak2017 I had similar issues as well. I have gone to using an RDA, a Goon actually and have never looked back. I can use a coil for a week by just rinsing it out and put in new wick and I’m good to go. It’s fresh and I’m switching up juices a lot more making the whole experience a lot more fun.


A lot of folks are buying NRG coils from Vaporesso for the beasts. Seem to have better quality overall.


This is an easy one…anything with Smok in it is doomed to inconsistency and early failure.


Lol so the mod the tank and the coils :cry:

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Ya, Smok kinda missed the mark with marketing them. They could have truthfully used “each one is a unique device! No two are exactly the same!”. The paint all fell off my first one. The second one has a kinda double click going on with the fire bare. A friend had one were the 510 kinda fell apart. They are interesting little devices. Lovable little shits though.


Out of our 2 aliens, the first one that is my husband’s all day vape,(got him a new mod and he went back to the smok and just likes it better) is still going strong and has some chipped paint. Mine started with the paint coming off within the first month but has been working fine. I just stripped her naked at that point and she looked even better that way IMHO.

A couple months ago, on mine, I noticed that pressing on the glass near the left button also presses the button, nothing else has been affected and it is still perfectly fine to vape, just cant squeeze it half to death. Really, you have to try to press the glass pretty hard to get that issue.

They have both been treated with care but have had their accidental falls and husband accidentally dropped mine in a glass of water once. Those were our only mods and we bought them in November 2016.

I have the Majesty now and I love my Smoks. I even had the Smok spinner type battery thingies (around 5 years ago) with the twist bottom voltage adjustment and they hit harder and lasted longer than the other spinners we had.

I guess I have been lucky with Smok products.

However, once I started using RDAs, I really dislike my Smok tanks and dont care for the vape from those prebuilt coils. I use my x baby tank, but only with a juice that is 5% ethyl maltol and 3mg nic, practically unflavored because I dont like the flavor and mouthfeel those tanks and coils give my juices when I compare it with my RDAs.


It doesnt sound to me like your mod is the problem… I’d think its more likely the coil heads for your tank. I know… you appear to have had the most extraordinary bad luck having landed so many duds, but the same (almost) has happened to me, although mine where Aspire coils for my Nautilus Mini. These things are the most inconsistent PITA things EVER!!!. I guess they serve a purpose by making things a little easier for the new vaper, coz there’s a whole lotta stuff for a newb to think about but really and truly, if youve been vaping for a while (& I get the feeling you have …for a little while at least) you’d be doing your self the hugest favour in the world by getting yourself an RTA & learning to build …but hey, you can buy pre-wrappd coils so you dont even need to know how to build - just stick 'em in & change cotton. Once youve got the hang of wicking (& theres heaps of tutorials) its easy-friggin-peasy!!
Do you know anyone else who vapes? If so, try your tank on their mod. If not, go back to the shop you bought your coil head from & try your tank on one of their mods …& while your there (assuming that you havent just discovered that your mod is the problem) see if they’ve got an RTA you can try on your mod - I reckon you’ll be blown away by the difference.


Good ideas man. Thanks.


Smok coil heads are some of the worst out there. if the tank doesn’t come with a RBA I wouldn’t buy it.


I wanted to chime in here on a separate condition that my alien is doing, I can see the mobo under the painted time section, under the faceplate. (just a few cms) a few days ago it was to the point the battery would be dislodged because its separating so far, but I took a hex screwdriver and tightened it (not crazy tight) but :confused: its been a tough device (other than the .50 cent paintjob, which I removed months ago.


coils from fasttech… its 99.5% the coils are the problem.

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I hope so for @Zak2017’s sake - bit cheaper to replace an atty than a mod.

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I thought so at first. But how do u explain the same issue with the single coil I purchased from the local store? Unless the local store was selling bad coils too.

Lots of good advice already. Smok’s quality control is a hit or miss. I’m sure you checked that it’s not in pre-heat ? Ijoy’s tornado 150 looks bangin on the alien. You can find them for like $10 and coils five for $10 they handle 80/20 and higher with no problems

I’m not sure what that is?

It is the setting where you can choose soft, normal, or hard.
It looks like yours is on the soft setting in the pic. I think the setting fires 10 watts under the wattage you choose on soft for a few seconds, so not preheating. If you set it to hard, it will fire 10 watts above the wattage you choose.
I recommend the soft setting if you use prebuilt coils by Smok, but that won’t guarantee anything.

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If you got a bad coil at the store, I’d go in person to the store with the coil removed and with the receipt and let them know that you got a bad coil. They should swap it out, higher chance of them swapping than not swapping.

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i did use replacement head coil tanks for a bit but w/ 2/5 being bad w/ smok and kanger, i am glad i switched to rbas. Its not where u bought them, they all come from the same place if u buy branded names, they dont sit there and purposely throw in 2 bad w/ ever 5 pack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As @SmilingOgre said some peps had better experience using diff coils u can play that game w/ this list
but that game and the $ wasted aren’t fun. Gl to u!

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@Blane @Bugalien @worm1 @vonTrueso
And anyone who is using an rda, rdta etc. Can u tell me which one was your favorite? I think I’m ready to convert to the right path :pray:

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