iStick Pico

How long has she been vaping? and on what device? How about something like the AIO? an all in one, no fuss device, perfect for a beginner I would say. Wish they had them when i started out! Bloody ego-C kits with crappy attys that you had to puncture to get juice from, lol

You can get wraps for most devices now for ‘Bling!’ :smiley:

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She hasn’t finished the cigarettes yet but wants me to get her something to start vapeing with. So the quicker the better.
I have my old vape pen she’s been having a go and wants to get something similar.light , easy to use , no fuss just fill and go.
Tha AIO might be the way to go to get her started. :ok_hand:

Ow wow, it’s really small!

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I would definitely give the AIO a go. It’s cheap, you don’t need separate tanks or batteries, it’s small, light and there’s no faffing about with with settings. It’s supposedly suited to MTL vapers, though you can lung hit too. I think it’s perfect for someone looking to get right off the stinkies.

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I’m going to look into one for her brother and thanks for the heads up.
Theres a few different colours you can get it in to. :ok_hand: