iStick Pico

Seen this?
Looks like a little beudy - could be a great carry!..the RX might soon be “desk-bound”.

EDIT: The box only is really cheap - $27!

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I love that cute little thing… saw a video yesterday.

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Saw that one today, looks great.
BUT I also saw a new mini offering from Dovpo, dont know what its called but it also looked good and promising.


eyeing this little thing up atm. My old IPVmini2 is on it’s last legs, so looking for a cheap and cheerful replacement. Anyone using one? How’s battery life? And how do you find the Melo 3 tank?

Melo tank is a very good tank. I used one for a long time.

Never used one, I had the Atlantis though, the Melo is apparently much the same, uses the same coils etc. The new one is top fill, I like that. I wouldn’t be buying for the tank really, but atm any local vendors for me only do the kit. An extra tank is never a bad thing anyway :slight_smile:

I have an Evic mini TC, which I love, and was using the IPV mini 2 as my atty mod, for testing my mixes. The battery cap is wearing down and it’s acting up a bit in general, giving the wrong ohm readings, running batteries down really fast etc …

The Pico looks neat, and 75w is all I would need for a while. Rarely go above 60. So many choices out there though … there’s the cuboid which looks great, but I’d want to buy 2 new batt’s for that, 4 even!

The one I have that is cheap and really good is this one:

Yup, looked at that one too. More expensive this side of the water, but not too bad, think they’re around 55. You’d really want 2 new batt’s for that too though. I’ve only been using single 18650 mods, so never needed to worry about “marrying” batteries to a device

I charge the two batteries overnight and get the whole day out of it. I name the batteries “Mom and Dad”. Another really good one is the Cuboid, that one is only 39.00 here. It does take two batteries but it lasts all day too.

Yeah I mention the cuboid above, but as i said I’d probably want 4 new batt’s for that, 2 on charge, 2 in the mod. I fly though batteries. Looking for cheap-ish without having to buy new batt’s just right now

These are on Clearance at Vape NW right now?

I almost bought two of those…there’s a coupon.

Coupon Code: ClearanceNoReturnNoRefundNoWarranty

No use to me over here :smiley: I’d pay more for shipping from the States.

Just ordered the Pico after watching some reviews. Looks nice and simple, I can use my current batteries without issue and it’s nice and stealthy for taking out too :slight_smile:

I like that little thing!

Yeah looks neat. It packs a punch too, it pushes out as much power as my Evic mini at 3/4 the size :slight_smile: Another selling point for me is that it comes SS compatible out the box. No need for updating. But, it is updatable at the same time.

Cool, let me know how it vapes!

Just arrived this morning, she’s vaping very nicely :slight_smile: I was expecting small, but it’s a right teensy wee thing :smiley:

Comparison to a 50ml bottle, and dwarfed by the Evic mini:


Would like to hear your thoughts on that one bc I’m looking for something for my daughter. :ok_hand:

Early days yet, but I know I’m going to like it. It’s a powerful little device, so I maybe wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. It may be tiny, but it does everything any other mod does. It’s got full on TC mode, it goes to 75w and the tank that comes with the kit [Melo 3] come fitted with a 0.3 ohm coil, with a 0.5 extra in box. It is easy enough to use for experienced vapers, but a beginner might get confused between modes, or fire a coil too low or high.

Niggles: The battery cap on mine was a bit cranky, the threads were a bit rough, so it was a minor struggle to get the battery in tight at first. Changed battery just now, and it was a bit smoother, so probably just some burr in the threads. Also I tried the Melo tank with the fitted coil, and was firing it at 60w, low enough for that coil. And the device got pretty hot - I do tend to chain vape at times, but don’t think it should get hot so quick?

After switching to the Cleito as pictured, with a 0.4 ohm coil, it’s been a wonderful vape. Feels really nice in hand, despite it’s tiny size, even my non-huge hands can cover it no problem, and I’ve tried firing it different ways [thumb, back of forefinger, fingers wrapped around and just gently pressing … etc] fired no problem every time.

It’s vert deceptive, it looks ‘cute’ but once you fire it, it’ll crackle and remind you of it’s power. It’s definitely one for seasoned vapers who want a stealthy back up I’d say. For a complete beginner, it would be nice, but you’d want to show them how to use it wisely.


Sounds great but it might be a bit too much for a starter. I’ll keep looking. She wants something she can bling up. Typically teenager lol. Thanks for your quick reply. :ok_hand: