It pays to compare prices

I’m looking to restock and add a couple new flavors. ECX is on the right and BCV is on the left. Although ECX has 5% more in discounts and cheaper shipping they are still are more expensive. Also it usually take at least 7 days from order to delivery. BCV is a better choice for me because of lower prices and faster delivery.

Here’s what I came up with…


What is BCV?

Bull City Vapors

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You should check out …it’s a Canadian company but with the exchange rate it may be cheaper for you ? I dunno

I checked there before and it was pretty high priced. BCV and WL have the best prices IMO, but after I rebottle WL it costs me more. My last order from WL I had to use 19 of my own bottles to conveniently mix by weight. That tack on an extra $8-10.

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It is soooo nice of you to share this info and save me some time! I really appreciate it. Joya


I do the same thing and now that I live down the street from ECX literally same small town still takes 2 days to get my package annoyed much ! And BCV sometimes has glitches on their website just fyi the other day it only gave me the option for a flat rate I emailed Terry over at BCV and infact it was incorrect. So watch the shipping prices prior to check out.