Itchy throat and dry cough after starting sub-ohming

Moved to sub-ohming for about 3 weeks now. I have been vaping at 1.5mg. I have recently started to notice some changes.

-Every time I take a long vape, my throat feels very dry(yes, I drink a lot of water). Next morning I wake up, my throat is itchy and I keep on dry coughing.

-I had flu last week which led to a sore throat. This week after I fully recovered, I noticed vaping has lead to itchy and dry coughs again.

Can anyone advice me on what may have been the possible cause for this. I am vaping with wismec theorem(notch coil), at 45W. No issues during vaping. I am a bit worried if I am doing sub-ohming wrong. I have ruled out being allergic to PG, becuase I have vaped MTL at 50/50 12mg with no issues(currently at 1.5mg 60/40 PG/VG).

Welcome to sub-ohm vaping!!!

Honestly, it sounds like you have a sensitivity to PG (like me), certain flavors in PG cause me to get raspy, scratchy throat feels for a couple of hours after vaping.

I know what you are about to say, other combinations don’t affect you… do yourself a favor and see if you can get something mixed at a max VG with the same flavors and see if you get the same reaction, if you do - you’ve identified that you are sensitive (not allergic) and may need to make some changes. If not… try some different flavors and see.

ill try that, but unlike you my problem is lasting me a few days now and then. I dont know if 45W is a good place or is it too high? Some times I feel like I should not be chain vaping, although I start vaping only at night. Dont know what to do.

I will try max VG tonight see if it changes anything. Also if I go max VG do I have to decrease nicotine level even lower?

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Chew some gum till throat gets over or heeled from flu. It happens. Maybe start the day out vaping at reduced watts.
Good luck but it happens to most of us at some point.

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Chew gum? how does that help? BTW I have recovered from flu already :slight_smile:

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Like water keep throat from getting so dry. Candy does the same. Just throwing you some suggestions I do when nic fit is a rise. Anything but the stankies.


I think everyone has a little different need when it comes to watts.My happy place is between 45-65 watts from the majority of my atomizers.I have to increase the watts when using the Ohmega Alpha tank due to me using pretty big claptons.Also I run 25-35 watts when I run a couple of my smaller rda’s like the SnapDragon and my Vortice’s.
I think the vast majority of those that sub ohm tend to run higher watts , around the 65-85 area.I guess you could always try and go a little lower and see how it works out.
I like @dwdh586 mentioned can vape certain flavors that will irritate my throat , I know Strawberry Ripe will do it to me if I vape it all day.I also like the idea of trying a max vg version and see if that changes anything.

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Sorry but I can not offer any advice, or explanation, however, to think you are fully recovered from the flu in one week is quite unlikely. I can tell you that I had the flu about 3 months ago now and I still can not go back to subohming. Down right sucks. Granted I’m no spring chicken these days but the flu seems more damaging than I thought to my lungs. Perhaps this will pass for the both of us…


What about the flavoring you are using? Some flavors or mixes sometimes just make you cough alittle from time to time.

Next. If you have switched from coils like 1.8ohm to 0.5…yup. Some throat irritation can happen. Yup. You can try and adjust your of ratios. When vaping I can’t do 50/50 and it’s hard for me to do a 40pg60vg. I stick around the 30pg70vg mark.

The other part is change how you vape. Lots of people say to direct lung hit. Me, welp, it’s more like I take a judge pull/draw, swish in the mouth and inhale.

As for temp/watt. Yup. That’s an adjustment too. For me it’s a flavor result equation. On my builds (0.3 to 0.6) I hang around 50 to 63watts. The setting is based on how the flavor is. I go up and down till I get the desired flavor. But sadly…when chain vaping things do get alittle work to hot.


I’m vaping a ceramic coil right now. They don’t even begin to work until about 35W Still you could just try and cool it down a bit. It could just be the temperature. Lower it until you don’t like it (33W?) then raise wattage until you’re getting the vape you want (40?) I’m at 37W now and 33W I get nothing.

I like ceramic because I can get a cool flavorful vape, but I have run it on up 50W and the mod/tank/vape gets crazy hot. Cuboid 150 TC Kanger Subtank mini with Kanger ceramic SSOCC coils


@Chrispdx I am vaping CAP flavors - Apple pie and Green apple @ 5% & 5%
Thanks for the input fellas. Going to try these methods tonight :slight_smile:

  • Vaping max VG juice

  • Lower Temperature

  • Vape these flavors solo

Will let you all know how I go.


I guess I have to say I have asthma. It’s allergy related, and I don’t take any medication, but if I come over to your house and you have CATS I’ll have to excuse myself after maybe an hour or two. By two hours I’m in trouble. It goes away just as fast, and I never really think about it …I just stay away from Cat Houses :smirk:

The sale of my house is almost complete but the process has forced me into buying commercial ejuices for the last couple months. There have been a couple that seem to affect me in a bad (respiratory) way. I think you can be allergic to more ingredients than PG and Diketones. These flavorings and the chemistry that happens as they steep seems pretty random in terms of what you actually end up vaping, and I’ve had juices I liked give me issues.

Switching between flavors I can make it come and go so I know it’s some ingredient in BrandX (probably a flavoring), and like cats, I just avoid it. I don’t think the FDA needs to step in and save me, it’s common sense and a little self awareness. Good luck figuring out your issue …breathing and swallowing come in handy :wink:

Could just be the solo flavor aspect. Don’t know if you have these but…

Coconut FA at 0.25% can help smooth things out without adding a major coconut flavor. In most fruity mixes it can be pretty good.

Same goes for fresh cream FA 0.25 to 0.75. It can lighten up the harsh aspect.

Honestly for my fruit mixes I do a flat base of fresh cream FA, Vienna cream FA, and marshmallow FA. Smooths, sweetens, and a sliver of Vienna. At low percents you can’t tell its there.


I found when switching from a nautilus tank to a Subohm tank I had to dramatically reduce my PG I used to vape 40 PG and now the only PG my juices get are the flavorings. I recently had to trade off some PG based nic for some VG based nic even vaping at 3 mg nic that small amount made a difference to me.

Down with fever now, throats getting even worse, will see a doc tomorrow.

Btw made 70/30 at 1.5mg…will see tmoro

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Bummer, sorry to hear it. My first thought was just not being over the illness yet. Hope you kick it soon!

Ouch! Will keep my fingers crossed for you bubba! Keep thinking positive thoughts!

Reporting back…the max vg juice helped tremendously, throat not getting dry anymore…one thing I must say is that if I smoked ciggies when sick I used to get really sick , my throat would get infections making is hard to eat and stuff. I can say this I have had it like this very frequently when I used to smoke, but when I have been vaping , I was expecting similar reactions, but nope, I don’t feel any change, I am recovering at a normal rate. Just thought I would let you guys know this as it is a huge deal for me :slight_smile:


Please don’t take this the wrong way but I looked back over your post .if I am not mistaken you are coming off a pack and a half of stinks ever day congratulations. the past 90 days or so for my self I thought I had what some would call vapor tung
what I was experiencing was my taste buds coming to life throat healing going through a lot of changes. good idea to see the doc any time .I also noticed in your post high pg witch you have addressed and short steep time I call any thing under 2 weeks short and most ry4 tobacco a month a lot of flavor in the first 3/4 days or so can be vary harsh on the throat. but turn smoth in time I know of a lot of people picking up a stinky from changing too many things at once. or bringing the nic down to quick .my self I am still at 4/6 nic after 17 months of no cigs but started at 24 dropped to 12 and got back to 16 nic MTL 12 watts 1.6 ohm atomizer .now a lot different things .change that morning coughing spell first puff in the mornings is gone I thought it was from my e cig but it was from 42 years of smoking good luck to you