It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ⛄

Jack Frost has arrived in Denmark… Woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning :snowflake::snowman:

I live in West Denmark but I believe our friend @daath woke up to a couple of feet :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowman:

Very early this year… But I :blue_heart: it. Of course I do… I’m Icelandic :wink:

… Sitting comfortably with a hot cup of Joe and Dripping rocket puppy’s ry4 :yum:

Have a great Sunday


I love the look of winter, especially viewed on a pc monitor :grinning:
Amsterdam is getting colder rapidly the last few days but the sun is shining and there is no white stuff to be seen. We’ve had a lot of wind and rain lately. I hate the cold but if I had to choose between storm and rain or snow, I would pick snow.
As I’m typing this, grey clouds are gathering :cloud:


I love Amsterdam :sparkling_heart: never been there in winter time though…

I used to do a lot of snowmobiling back home (Iceland)… Lived close by a glacier and loved it!!

This one :


That looks awesome! If I could handle cold weather I would love to live at a place like that. I have Raynaud’s disease which cuts off the blood flow to the extremities in cold weather. Very painful and a numbing sensation at the same time. I almost cut half my finger off the other day because my fingers were so numb I didn’t notice I was cutting my finger instead of my bread and it is not even freezing yet :anguished:


Nope, it’s melting, so there’s hardly any left :confused: You’re Icelandic? I’m actually Greenlandic! I love snow and cold, but not this sludge :stuck_out_tongue: I miss Snowmobiles and skiing! :smiley:


Hey daath… Then we are neighbors :grinning:

I miss snowmobiling a lot… Use to race x country on my Polaris indy 400… Those were the days :smirk:

I wonder how max VG juice would have looked k on the top of the glacier at - 38c hehe.


It that bare area where the glacier was at one point in time.? Thx for sharing, nice to see what other people back yards look like.

Yes… It’s shrunk a lot since I lived there (moved in 91) it’s very sad😢

This glacier is called Snæfellsjökull and is quite famous. In the book “journey to the center of the earth” by Jules Verne a group of people enter a cave that leads them to the center of the earth. This cave was on this glacier. Pretty cool :slight_smile:


I will be finding out how max vg vapes at temps to -52 soon enough, just got the call back to work start dec 1. Northern Canadian oil fields and possible the North slope of Alaska again. Wonder if polar bears are attracted to the smell of Vape lol?

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I’ve always been curious about this. I’m willing to bet if you vape outside much in those cold temps you’ll end up mixing 50/50 or thinner. VG is a thick syrup when cold so I bet it wicks horribly. I also wonder how this may effect temp control.

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Lol even at 1 degree Celsius other day my tfv4 was hitting dry. I will be switching to an rda for outside. Watts up high enough she will Vape. Will keep a bottle close to my b’,ll*

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Also I heard a good rum will work wonders!

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Bad rum and you might not notice those dry hits :laughing:


I would think that it would. May others looking for food. I get a lot of bee’s and some humming birds. Midwest usa.
I would have to think that SthrnMixer, might be on somthink there. I would think if you keep it inside you reg.inside pocket, you sure be ok.