It's that time of the season

I have Tpa eggnog. Just wondering what flavors are best for this. Maybe throw a percentage in there for me also. Thanks

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Check some of these out:

This looks OK:

Complex one:

I bet someone here has some suggestions :smiley:


I just learned something amazing that would work great in egg no and other aloholic drinks.

I clean my builds in vodka before vaping them. Today my alliance v2 is dripping @JoJo’s excellent castle long v2 which contains a huge amount of Kentucky bourbon tpa. With the remaining vodka in the wick, the juice switched from a biscotti sort of flavor to that of a real liquid cocktail.

So I will be starting some alcoholic drink recipes based on this. I’m thinking 2 drops of 80 proof per 10ml as a starting point. What do you think?


My only thoughts are:

  1. Use caution; 80 proof (40%) ethyl alcohol has a flash point of only 79 degrees F (26degrees C). This will be higher because you are diluting it with the rest of you juice ingredients but I wouldn’t want to find out the hard way just how much is too much.

  2. Alcohol is already used (for at least a portion) as a flavor carrier in some flavor concentrates. Often this is an undesirable trait that leads to harsh vaping. Frequently we try to reduce/minimize this effect by open-top breathing, heat, and/or time to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

Number 1 is (I hope) self explanatory. Number 2 leads me to two follow-up thoughts. Be prepared for a harsher vape (perhaps a lower wattage might help?). And, presuming you get a recipe you like, I wouldn’t recommend making large batches due to the high volatility (fast evaporation) of the alcohol. You could help to minimize this by storing in glass and avoiding excessive headspace. Definitely no heat steeping.

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