Jackfruit anyone?

has anyone used tfa jackfruit thinking about ordering it whats it like, whats good flavors to mix it with.

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I haven’t tried that one, but it’s fairly highly rated in the database. Have you had a look in there? :slight_smile:

yeah i dont find that data helpful, bc it doesn’t have a flavor description peoples thoughts on the flavor or anything like that on it, all it has is what percent they mix it at and how many stars they rate it, i really dont like the set up of that page. i want details i want to hear what people though how was the taste to them ect
ive never ate jackfruit never even heard of it i was just curious about this product

Just got some jack fruit honestly its a pretty good flavor i never had jack fruit but to me it tastes like a dragonfruit(pitaya) with a sort of apricot pretty good here try this one out its pretty tasty.

Clarity : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/326381/Clarity

4% Champagne (TPA)
0.7% Coconut extra (TPA)
3.5% Jackfruit (TPA)
3% Sweet Cream (TPA)
1.5% Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)

Flavor total: 12.7%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/2ByC

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Yeah, the database is pretty lacking on detail for that flavor, but the recipes at the bottom might be helpful for pairing ideas? Looking around the web I see a few people saying the taste is very similar to Juicy Fruit gum. Hope that helps!

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Jackfruit in real life can vary a lot due to different types, they are very sweet, some quite tart (think unripe banana-acrid) the most desirable (at least in Brazil, which is where i know it from) has a very yellow, creamy flesh is called the butter jackfruit, most have a whitish flesh and are less intense.

eaten on its own it is the kind of flavour you either love or hate.
for our uses it is a great back-up flavour to add richness and enhance others, especially banana & cream deserts.

Here is a brilliant Botboy141 recipe, one of my favourite recipes ever:
Ba’nana cream

A security guard where my dad used to work in Rio was once killed by a jackfruit falling on his head (it was the size of a well-fed pit-bull)

I have more on jackfruit but that’s probably as much as you need to get going :wink:


I like the look of that!
may sub Pear for the Sucralose,
Nice one!