==== Jam-filled Cinnamon Doughnut (Jammy Doughnuts) ====

I am super proud of this recipe.
Took me a while to get this one to this level, and well, I think its perfect.

This is like taking a bite right out of the middle of a fresh jam filled cinnamon doughnut.

The main profile is the strawberry, and here the high percentages of Ripe and Sweet work really well together at 5 and 6%.
To form the thick jammy filling, the Jelly Candy and Cream Cheese Icing add to the strawberry.
The Raspberry adds a “tang” at only 0.5% to give that authentic bakery jam flavour.

The doughnut is achieved solely with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl (with a touch of Joy, but in honesty you could leave it out) which works with the there components to give a warm cinnamon doughnut on the inhale, that lingers with a strong strawberry jam on the exhale.

Two weeks steep time, but you will see it develop even further up to four weeks.



Looks great Rupert. Ummm, cinnamon doesn’t agree with me, But I love Hot jam donuts so this look s awesome. What could I use to get the dough back in but without the Cinnamon. Suggestions

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Im not sure man, the cinnamon is only slight, but it kind of makes the recipe.

I guess you could try a sub with Zeppola, or CAP Funnel cake?
But it won’t be the same. It has taken me four months and seven renditions to get this recipe to where it is :slight_smile:

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That does look really good. Only problem is I don’t have jelly candy. You think it would still be worth making without it?

I do have FW Hard Candy… I haven’t tried it yet, so I have no idea what it would be like in this.

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Nice one ! I agree w/ @Volition CDS looks a little high for me ( my preferences ) but I feel overall the recipe is solid. I’ll give it a try and let it steep a few weeks. I once vaped CDS SA @ 10% after letting it steep it really wasn’t all that bad but in a recipe it tends to overtake a lot of subtle profiles for me.
I’ll have to drop the overall %s down to 15/85 !

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Honestly I don’t think there is a direct sub for the Cap Jelly Candy. It is a very unique flavour in its own right :slight_smile:
You could omit it and just have the raspberry for the jammy-ness, but it won’t be the same (still good though). One of the renditions I did early on was no JC and only the raspberry to achieve the filling, and it turned out well, so I am sure it will still be good.

@Amy2, please let me know what you think. Scaling the totals down shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
I wouldn’t normally use the CDS over 3% either, but I found it difficult at first to balance the strawberries with the cinnamon in this without one becoming too overpowering, and this is where it ended up :slight_smile:
The jam really is the star here (took me ages to get that part right), and balancing it with the flavour of a doughnut became a mission then as normal doughnut flavours (CGD etc) are fairly poor IMO.

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I’ll adapt it using the calculator 's % adjuster thingy majig :wink:

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Sonofabitch !!!

This is a FIRST … a recipe I want to try, where I have EVERY FLAVOUR IN STOCK !
Your last recipe that I wanted to do, required me to buy 3 new flavours ! (which I did, but haven’t used yet)


I made this one last night and it smells so good.


@Amy2 aweosme :slight_smile: keen to hear your thoughts.

@Kalahariuk I hope you get a chance to mix it up mate :slight_smile:

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Your Cactus is bloody amazing, one of my 2 current ADVs along with @SthrnMixer’s Queen’s Cookie Jar


@Rupert I wanted to say this looks good. I would try it but don’t have all the flaves. What I do want to suggest is rather than creating threads dedicated to your recipes, why not join the fam and post them to one of the other threads.

Works in Progress/Private Recipes

New, public Recipes

Just my opinion - but I don’t really think we need entire threads dedicated to individual recipes. But then again, maybe I’ll get told to STFU! :slight_smile:

EDIT I had linked to the old New Recipes thread. Changed to the new one.


I agree, for what it’s worth

As usual I disagree, not deliberately. If a thread doesn’t get traction it doesn’t get traction it’s an organic thing. worthless Australian 5 cents worth. It’s our lowest denomination

Zeppolla is really good. WOW would be a good substitute. Zeppolla is like a fresh krispy kreme to me.

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ive wanted to suggest the same thing , but didnt want to come off as an ass , which btw you DID NOT


I hope not. And to clarify there’s other reasons than just the ones which may jump to mind for my saying that. Many times I’ve forgotten a recipe I saw someone post on here. It’s far easier to check a thread such as New Recipe Showcase or Best Shake n Vape than all of ELR Forum. Just sayin. :slight_smile:


a good point makes sense.

For me I clip them into evernote on site before I forget, current note “recipes to try” has over 30 recipes now. Damn, and that is being very judicious.

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@SthrnMixer thanks mate :slight_smile: I have posted in the other thread, but thought that these two would be better posted individually. I wouldn’t post all recipes in individual threads, but in fairness, I doubt anyone would have bothered trying either of these if they were only in the other thread (and INW DF would still be taboo).
Ill heed your advice from herein :wink:


Awwww man, I composed and deleted that post at least a half dozen times. I thought about sending a PM to you. And I thought about just keeping my mouth shut. But I kept thinking I would want YOU or anyone else to say something to me. Really, it’s not a total bother, but hopefully you see the sense behind it.

I get your point too about that dragon fruit. Also I still fully plan to make your recipe with CAPs Dragonfruit. And I’ll post up my thoughts afterward.

Thanks for being cool as the other side of the pillow! :slight_smile: