Jammy fruits?

I have this issue with fruits, strawberry, raspberry lemon etc. where they taste way too juicy and watery.

How do I take the fruit in a recipe and turn them into thick, syrupy jam like flavours? To pair with bakery/cake flavours?



get that version of the flavor is the easiest way.

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That’s some what limiting, as far as I’m aware it’s only Capella who do a Blueberry Jam, which is not meant to be very good anyway.

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There are a bunch of others. Search on NicotineRiver.com, they have a bunch of them I believe.

I’m in the UK

You don’t have to order from there. I just recommended it because they offer a lot of brands and you can see what Flavors are available. Then search for it locally. Or, search on a vendor that offers many brands located in the U.K.

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Thanks Jenny i’ll have a look.

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No problem, good luck!

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Looks great, maybe the Jelly Candy (Cap) is the game changer.

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Rupert’s Jammy Doughnuts is awesome one of my favs

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The answer you probably dont want to hear is you cant, a bit like another thread on here with people asking about adding a fizz to drink flavours. Its all a bit placebo and taste subjection…or as I call it, since it usually comes from youtube reviewers/diy channels…bullshit.

Just like the fizz thread there are a few concentrates that either taste quite jammy or can help, being in the UK too, these are the ones/things worked for me most:

Chefs Flavours Jammy Dodgems: Its cupcake world rebranded and one of there better concentrates its mainly very buttery but the fruit filling does have a slightly jammy taste
Chefs Blueberry Jam: Again a slightly jammy taste, personally I thought the blueberry was pretty horrible though
Inawera Shisha Strawberry: A lot of people find this to be the closest strawberry to a jammy taste. I used to love it, still like it but I do get a slightly off metallic type sharp taste in the background

I have found with strawberry jam experiments that surprisingly it has been the more fake candy strawberries like cap sweet strawberry and Jungle Flavour Strawberry that work better in mixes than more realistic ones like Flavour Art. Also found really sweetening them helps, flv candy roll in tiny percentages, tpa brown sugar or just a tonne of sugar, inw cactus in small amounts to give more of a juicy syrup feeling and also fa liquid amber with the sweetener.

In truth none of these have given me the full effect I want after numerous atteempts but all have been better with my initial experiments with a new concentrate on Chefs site “vape train australia jam it”…Tried it at 3, 2.5 and 2% and now mixing it lower as a final attempt but not been impressed by it at all so far, it actually smells and tastes like flv candy roll if it had gone off!

Good luck, it may just be my tastebuds but Im yet to have tasted a proper jam flavour