Jars and bottles

Really nooby question but those of you who mix in a jar… What do you use to transfer it to small bottles??

I use a big syringe, 50ml or 100ml :+1:

Pipettes and/or I have a tiny funnel. I don’t actually use a jar i use a small pitcher or small pyrex measuring cup

I mix in a Griffin low form beaker, then simply pour it in whatever bottle I wish.

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i use a HIP FLASK FUNNEL for pouring into bottles

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I keep one handy on my desk at all times. I bought a six-pack of them on Amazon a long time ago.

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Winner! Just found a hip flask funnel in the kitchen draw …

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6 for $2.06

Or 9 for $7.97



I bought 12 15ml bottles on ebay and found out the hard way there actually just 14ml

Is that 14ml with the eyedropper inserted?

no its 14 to the brim of the bottle measuring water
I been putting 12ml juice in them to fill low below the curve part to allow the dripper. I thought before buying them 15ml would fill it to there and allow for the dripper.

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I use a 100ml syringe with a food safe aquatic tube so i can get to the bottom of my mix bootle :slight_smile:

This is where I get mine


And you can call them… you also can get CAPS or Droppers… Or Both