Jars, pots and containers in general

For all of you who have been mixing for a long time I would love to see any jars, lidded pots, cork top containers etc that you have used.

Ideally I’d like to be able to purchase 5-10ml glass jars, screw lid or cork topped with a somewhat wide neck for preparing samples.

I think doing it this way will be quicker and create a better flow for mixing.

I currently use 10ml plastic bottles but end up throwing them away after vaping, at least with a jar of some type I can wash and reuse with minimal fuss.

I found some on eBay but the reviews were bad, lots of broken bottles due to bad packaging.

Any cons to this approach also appreciated.

In the first picture you can see my VG and the 480’s on the left that I use to shake mixes that are in the 240 ml range as well as my two big hitters that I mix in them, The 480 on the shelf behind the two gallon jugs is my Ca Dream

The second pic you can see the two glass bottles that I use to shake/mix any 100 ml batches that I make.


Hmmm interesting… Are those Grolsch bottles??

Sorry for the delay been out doing yard work. and Nope they are the bottles from the vanilla I get at Home Goods.


Never be sorry.

Aha, similar tops to Grolsch bottles which gives me an idea!*

*It could be a bad idea to store e liquid in a beer bottle though I’m known to drink everything when I’m drunk


Yeah well I could be tempted by the vanilla I get it’s about 44 proof I think. But a beer bottle if the juice were the right color of amber it could be confused with beer easy enough

If you’re gonna do that then I’d suggest investing in these.


. Cocktail anyone?


I want those Glenfiddich glasses! Preferably filled with an 18yr old single malt…


I know this is going to sound silly but I’m even using these for large batches:

I know they are food safe and they clean really easily.