Jobless in the Pandemic? This may help:

I am not gloating here, just sharing my experiences as of late.

I am writing this because I have seen a plethora of people out of work and looking for jobs as of late. I have been in your shoes several times. When I was younger, I took on two jobs just to make ends meet. A grocery store worker and a line cook at a restaurant. Is it what I wanted to do, well I really did not know what I wanted to do at that time, so an honest living had to be made in order for ends to be met. Then I joined the military. Not knowing what was in store for me. There were rough times indeed. Several key deaths in my family, a divorce for my parents, and the stress of not knowing whether you are coming or going with 9/11, add on to that a move every three years not knowing where in the US you are going to end up. 20 years later, retired and had to uproot myself to find another job. I had a ton of job offers, but no hires due to the time left I had in the military. Was it easy, no. It was hard to hear the rejections and difficult to see the offers of dream jobs go down the drain. One day I was talking to someone about my lack of being hired and they said, “Hey come to my boss and let’s see if you can be a fit here. “ So off I went, and low and behold they waited for me and I got hired the next week. Now what does this mean? I applied for 70 jobs across the US, not one of them hired me. It was happenstance, which got me to where I am today. Now with this being said, I was prepared to work at Lowes, Home depot, a grocery store, a fast food joint, etc. just to keep food on the table for me and my family. Opportunities are out there in the world for the taking. It may not be what you want right now, but it is an honest living. Eventually the job you want will be there. It may not come knocking at your door, but if you sell yourself well enough the opportunities should come rolling in. NONE OF THIS IS EASY, IT TAKES WORK, HARD WORK!

Places to put a well-groomed resume: LinkedIn,, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, etc. There are so many places to put your polished resume out there. All of those sites are free to post your resume. Look online for how to build your resume. In the meantime, find that job that makes ends meet and get out there!

My Grandmother said this and it has helped me to this day, “You do not have to like your job, but you have to love your job.” You have to find the meaning of that for yourself.

If you are in the Iowa area here is a job posting for a company that is truly unique and awesome!

We are looking for another dynamic person to join our growing team in Indianola Iowa. Main duties will include: Working in a fast paced shipping department, order fulfillment, managing inventory and answering product related customer service questions. Salary TBD upon experience. Please send resume to


@Skullblade789 maybe this will sound obvious, or expected, maybe even manifest, but my takeaway on the above, was inspirational.


We three be Brothers! Similarities are scary!


Persistence is the one of the most valuable traits in life. The question is, can it be taught? I’m not sure. One thing I know for certain is that when I was 17 I was on the road to a very, very bad life. I had only finished 9th grade and I was on a first name basis with the entire police station. I took the GED, passed it and went into the Air Force. It changed me and my life and I’ve been grateful for over 40 years that it happened. I’ve noticed that the people who’ve had to struggle for a lot in life tend to be more interesting to me than those who haven’t.


A struggle can change a person. It changed me.


Amen to that. We’d have some fun conversations, I’d bet. It’s also why I’m one of the most interesting men in the world.


Great post @Skullblade789 and now I will add something to it.


I will post a link for a company called Arise. It is a company that hooks you up with companies looking for workers. You will also be a subcontractor so no taxes are taken out. I advise setting it aside every paycheck so that you aren’t overwhelmed when the taxman comes to collect. This is a great opportunity to make a decent living. I absolutely love the fact that I don’t need to drive somewhere to go to work, so that means no more rush hour! I am saving money on fuel and wear and tear on my vehicle. You also, get to pick your hours and days you want to work.

This is NOT a “buy something” from me sort of thing. It is a real job and it is mostly customer service. You do need a decent computer and an ethernet connection. Some jobs require two monitors but don’t let that keep you from checking it out.

Here are some of the companies you could potentially work for

  • Also places like Home Depot, Comecast, Agero, and manymore.

Here is the link. Click on work from home and then start reading.


Amen to that.