JoJo's Half Excited, Half Annoyed Review of the Vaptio N1 Pro Kit Something or Other

The box of doom popped up and told me that there’s already a ton of reviews on this. Tough, box. Here’s another one.

I was sent the N1 Pro 200W Lite Kit from @Vaptio_official (Thanks and sorry this has taken so long!). This is basically two reviews in one. One for the mod, one for the tank. These are my (random, unbiased, not strung together properly) thoughts, complete with cat photobomb. If you want legit specs and pictures, read a different review by someone else or check out the link above.

In Short

The mod has pretty much taken over the VT133’s spot as my “big mod” of choice. Aside from a few quirks that are merely annoying, this thing is great and I would definitely recommend it for someone looking to go from a one battery to a 2/3 battery mod. If I had the money to blow, I’d buy another one. It’s close enough in size to my VTC Minis that it doesn’t feel like it’s a huge difference, and it functions well with plenty of bells and whistles to keep me happy. I can’t tell you how it compares to anything else, since that’s all I’ve used aside from my Whiterose (which is in a totally different category).

The tank’s been sitting on my desk after I filled it a few times to try it out. It’s not terrible, but it’s got enough wrong with it that I wouldn’t buy another one and might not use this one all that often. Also, the top cracked not long after I got it. I like the Flow better and would recommend it over this tank. It on this mod is what I use 90% of the time when I’m at home.

Details and Stuff

The mod

It’s a little bit on the heavy side, but maybe not any more so than the VT133. Where it beats out the VT for sure is that it’s more cylindrical so it fits really well in my hand. The VT was always a little awkward to hold. The finish is nice and satiny. I have the white and gold and the white is pearly while the gold is more a matte metallic. I’m not sure what all the holes are for. Venting maybe? They give it a fun, almost sci-fi kinda look IMO.

The colorful screen is pretty and makes it easy to tell what you’re looking at, but mine is ever so slightly crooked which drives me a little batty. Hard to tell in the photos, but it tilts ever so slightly to the left.

The fire and down buttons are pretty much flush with the display, while the up button protrude slightly more. They’re all satisfyingly clicky—the fire and down more than the up. Not sure what the deal with that is. The edges of the buttons get a little gunky and are kinda hard to clean, but that’s gonna happen with any button like this. There are some decorative “gill” looking things on the top that get dirty easily and are super annoying to clean out.

The menu is easy to navigate. When you click the fire button three times the menu screen comes up. You have Out Mode, which lets you change the mode, System, which lets you change other stuff, and Back, which (obvs) takes you back to the normal display.

  • Out Mode:

    • Regulated
    • Bypass (which I’d never use)
    • Temper (Temp Control)
      • Four auto TC modes - SS, Ni, Ti, and NiCr
      • 3 custom slots - set with the 3 "M"s in the TCR data under the System menu
    • Custom - Custom curves, set in the System menu
    • ScreenOff
    • A little square with an arrow that is your “back” option
  • System:

    • T unitze (units?) - lets you switch between F and C
    • TCR data - You can set the default power level and TCR % for all four built in modes as well as the 3 “M” modes
    • Set Custom - Change the three custom curves
    • Smoke time - Change the auto cut-off for when you hold the button down. 10s is the max.
    • Sleep time - Change how long before it goes to sleep. 180s is the max. (Not sure that this actually does anything. The display sleeps in about 10s no matter what. And even in the morning after it’s sat overnight, I don’t have to do anything special to wake it up. Just press the fire button like I would when the display is asleep. Maybe there’s some special magic that’s happening under the hood or something.)

The main display has a nice look to it, but my favorite thing is the battery icons. My kit didn’t come with it, but there’s an optional sled that lets you use 3 batteries. The one on the far right stays red if you have the two battery option going on. The battery icons change from green, to yellow/orange, to red as the batteries are depleted and from all appearances, it shows each battery individually. I’ve had one be green and one be orange before. Also, when you plug it in via usb (for onboard charging?), the battery charging scale lines change independently. Is this balanced charging? I don’t know. I don’t use it.

My biggest gripe is the battery sled and door. The batteries have to be put in almost parallel with the mod in order to get them in because it’s SO snug. It’s already torn up the wraps on one set of batteries and it’s working on the other set. I try to be careful, but there’s just not much that can be done. The battery door, on mine at least, is tough to close and doesn’t sit evenly or flush. One top corner and the opposite bottom corner have noticeable gaps. The button to open the cover takes a firm press, and then it kinda jumps open. After you take the battery cover off and put it back on, you have to turn the thing back on with five quick clicks and tell it whether or not the atomizer is new. I’m sure this is a great safety feature or something, but the first time I changed the batteries I thought I’d broken it by putting them in wrong or something.

Dirty gills and gaps

More gaps (compare left and right sides)

Silky smooth finish
Sits nice in my hand
Color screen
Simple menu navigation
Nice clicky, flush (kind of) buttons
Looks like a space ship

Lil heavier than I’m used to
Screen is slightly wonky
Batteries are hard to get in
Hard to snap battery cover on
Battery cover doesn’t sit totally flush

The Tank

The tank has coils that are compatible with the Flow, Baby Beast, and any other tank in that “category” so some things, like flavor and airflow, may change with what coil you use. (It definitely looks much more at home on the N1 than the Flow does. It’s slightly taller, which balances out the mod a little better. The Flow looks a little squat in comparison. LoL.)

This is pretty much the only decent picture I got

The coil I tried first was the 0.15 quad (octo?) coil. I don’t really get how they label these, but it has what looks to be an M8 stamped on it, or maybe it’s a W8? Either way, the flavor was good (for a kanthal coil) but the lifespan was short. I filled the tank MAYBE ten times (probably closer to six) with the same juice I use in everything else (which is all over the map in terms of flavors and gunkability) and it was toast. Like, gross toast. I’m guessing that’s the way these things go. It’s meant for higher power vaping and maybe higher power means less life? Either way, won’t be buying those again.

More and more often lately I’ve found myself going back to my roots and gravitating toward higher ohm coils. As I was writing this review I remembered that the tank came with another coil. This one is 0.4 ohms and has a M(W?)2 on it. Dual coil maybe? Instead of having what looks like 4 coils around the “center”, it just has one that goes straight down the middle like a crown coil or what have you. The airflow is much different. The M8 was much more restricted, while this one is a lot airier. The M8 I used at 70W, this one I like at 42. It still tasted like Kanthal, especially at first, but as it broke in the flavor improved. I’d say the M8 probably had more intense flavor, but I prefer the smoothness of this one hands down.

Ok, on to the mechanics of this…thing. Vaptio puts these little silicone flapper (“leak proof”) things in their tanks that are, for my style of vaping, total nonsense. I took it out immediately because it made filling with anything other than a syringe completely impossible. I have several twist-up cap style bottles that I use and there is NO way of getting that tip past the silicone dam. There’s also one O-ring that’s clear and super loose. I’ve never lost an O-ring when cleaning something, but this one just did not want to stay on.

The press and turn top fill do-hickey seems like it’d be nice in theory, and it’s okay, but in practice it is kind of a pain in the butt. It doesn’t always pop open right away, so I have to wiggle it around to make sure the catches are in the right place. It stays on fine when in use, which is great, but it’s likely to wind up coming off when you flip it upside down to change the coil. Like I did earlier and almost dumped a tank of juice on my desk. Annoying. But, it doesn’t leak when you top fill and the gaps for filling are nice and big.

The AFC has a smooth turn, no clicks, but is snug enough to stay where you put it when you use it. However, something I’ve noticed in a few of my tanks that I really love and isn’t a feature of this tank (that I could figure out) is the ability to take the AFC off completely. The Flow, Boreas, Aromamizer, and the C-II tank all have a removable AFC. What I like about this is that it makes cleaning the condensation off super easy. (Side note: the OG Crown really needed this—nothing I own is as bad when it comes to a juicy AFC.) I haven’t noticed a ton of condensation on the Frog though, so that’s a plus.

The drip tip/top cap is all one piece and is not really replaceable. You could put another drip tip on there, pretty sure it’s a 510, but there’s a gap where the “shoulder” part of the top cap sits down into the top that isn’t the most comfortable on the lips when you have any other drip tip (that I’ve tried) on there. There’s also something about this one that gives better flavor with this tank than any other “straight” tip I tried.

Sorry for how gross it looks down in there LOL

And that brings me to the biggest con and the reason why it’s been sitting and not been in use. It was not long after I got it, maybe a day or two, that I was happily vaping away when I noticed the top cap was cracked. I am not sure how it happened. I didn’t take it away from my desk, so I know I didn’t drop it. I don’t remember knocking it over, but I guess it’s possible I did and it hit the edge of my laptop? If it wasn’t that, then it simply cracked from heat or temp change or something. Either way, I’ve never had something like this happen with anything else I have owned. I’ve never broken the glass on a tank, a glass drip tip, any other kind of drip tip, any other part of a tank or mod, nada. So, yea, take from that what you will. It’s still operable, but it’s SUPER irritating on my lips if the top isn’t positioned in exactly the right way. The crack collects lip gunk (gross!) and cleaning it makes me concerned it’s gonna break in half. Plus, it wobbles now. It’s a shame, and I don’t see anywhere on Vaptio’s site where I can get a replacement. Maybe Fasttech will sell tops at some point…a silicone or swirly acrylic one would might be fun.

Sad Pandas

Good flavor (coil dependent)
Plenty of vapor
Compatible coils
Easy fill (sort of)
Easy to turn but not too loose AFC

Silicone flopper thing inside the tank is bunk
AFC doesn’t come off
Cap/tip combo isn’t replaceable
Logo is meh
Clear, loose o-ring

Thanks for reading. Go buy something or mix something or whatever.


Great review and sorry to see your top cap cracked, that’s a bummer.

I am wondering if you got the first gen coils? those were not good. I got some of there 2nd gen coils and what a difference. The tank is compatible with baby beast coils and a number of others, I am pretty sure the Vaporesso NRG coils as well.


ME TOO!! Good job. The lil things bother me as well but did u paint the nails to matchy matchy the mod? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you presssing down and turning the top to open? I would not wiggle it

Also the holes are for charging - cord , usb, whatever

Looks nice but sucks about the crack !


Considering I have a Flow I love that also takes all those coils, I doubt I’ll bother. The Vaptio coils are more expensive anyway, although I do like that they have so many options and the sales they have are usually great. If I buy coils, I’ll probably use them in the Flow and keep the Frog as a backup.

As to the top cap, yeah, it’s a bummer. It worked well. I’d love to see replacement options. I think it’s silly in this day and age of customizability, though, to have something like this be totally proprietary. I get it, but then again I don’t. It wouldn’t have been that much harder (I don’t think) for them to design it to use regular drip tips.

Haha nope, those were for Thanksgiving. I actually got this stuff awhile back but with my sister’s wedding and the catch-up playing after, Thanksgiving, and then finals, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write up the review. On the plus side, I’ve been able to use it for quite some time and I think it’s a testament to the mod that I’m still using it.

Yeah, I am, but it doesn’t pop open every time like it should, it gets stuck. And getting it back on is kinda meh. It’s not terrible, it’s just more fiddling than I care for. I know what the charging port is for, I was talking more about the slits on the sides and the “grill” on the bottom/front. They’re for heat dissipation, I’m sure, I’ve just never used a mod that had anything similar. My minis and Whiterose don’t need them and the “vents” on the VT133 are on the bottom so you don’t really notice them.


very nice review Mother :wink: and I know how much you hate doin em :tired_face:…I didn’t try the tank but you nailed it with the N1, awesome stuff…thanks for sharing your views! :grin::+1:


Enjoyed the review, cheers! :+1:


Dirty gills :rofl:

Great review @JoJo - thanks for sharing :ok_hand:


Great review, you covered all the bases. I would take this mod if it was free, but probably wouldn’t buy.

The gills really turn me off, and if batteries fit tightly - nope; I need to be able to do battery changes in under 10 seconds… Maby whoever put the screen in that day was hating their job and just ready to go home.

// DFV


Very Well Done JoJo !


That crack IMO is clearly a result of a manufacturing defect. It’s almost indicative of a seam crack (with such a straight line. But just an educated guess all the same.

Anyways, great review ma’am! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks. :slight_smile: Yeah that is exactly what I thought it was at first, a seam. It took me a second to realize that it wasn’t there when I first got it and that it was indeed a crack. :confused: Oh well!


Aw, craps Jojo, I can send you mine if you want. I just finished typing mine today to put on here, and trust me the battery door is a gripe as well. The top hinges must be pressed in first if you don’t want to spend 15 minutes yelling at it.


Aw, thanks, but that’s okay. It’s frustrating, but not that big of a deal, especially since I don’t have enough batteries for mods to use them both on at the same time. It’ll be a good spare tank to have should the unthinkable happen to the Flow. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the battery door…it’s crazy. Like, aside from these few little offset things like the door, the tilted screen, and the up button that sticks out a little more than the other buttons, I’d say this is a really well made device. Maybe I’m just not that experienced with hardware.

One thing maybe you or @mjag or @Steampugs or @Cosmic might be able to answer…does it have a film over the display? It kinda seems like it does, but I haven’t had the guts to try to dig at it, yet.


Bravo JoJo! Very nice indeed. Love your ending!


Great review JoJo, totally enjoy reading about your experience. Definately a major drag about that tank. I have the mod and really like it. Don’t have the tank yet, ordered one, it’s somewhere, someplace, making its snails pace crawl from China…maybe its taking the big boat to me. But when I get it I’ll let you know how mine works for me. Could be that cap is just made from an inferior material, the fact that yours split like that from a little heat is pretty sickening tho…hope that isn’t a trend! And yes, my display did have a peel-off film to protect the display.

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Nice job on the review. I ordered the same exact one two weeks ago. Love the design. Looks like Starfleet standard issue.

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Yeah mine had a film Jojo 🖒

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Oh good, I can dig away then. :stuck_out_tongue: The display looked like it was a little bubbled in one corner and I was worried.

Yeah, tipping over and hitting the corner of my laptop or something doesn’t seem like it should be hard enough to split it unless maybe it was weakened by heat? I don’t know. I have knocked stuff over and it hit the laptop, but nothing has ever broken before. I think the material is just kinda meh. Which is a shame because in all other respects it seems well made and well put together. I wish I’d gotten some more pics of it taken apart and the deck and all that good stuff. I was just feeling hurried to get it used and reviewed. I’ll leave it up to you real reviewers to provide our good people with a more thorough examining of it. :wink:

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