Joy in a drink recipe?

I just got a bottle of FA Joy. I’m not really into baked goods flavors, but I had seen a couple people mention using it in a hard cider recipe, or at least they had had the idea of using it that way. I opened the bottle and gave it a whiff, yep, beer. Which is great, I was hoping I’d smell more beer/yeast than funnel cake! So has anyone made a hard cider mix with joy as the yeasty note? Or if not, any insight on a starting point maybe? I also got a bottle of Liquid Amber, I figured that might help me in my quest as well to get that fermented taste. TIA!
Oh, and in case you want to see what I’ve got on hand to work with, my flavor stash is public. :smiley:


Sounds like an interesting juice…I’d say something like

FA Fuji 2%
FA Joy 0.5-1%
FA Liquid Amber 0.60-1%
Oak wood FA 0.25%

and tweak from there.
I get beer from Joy also but I have to really work it into a bakery juice to get it to the profile I want it to be.

Here is an awesome Hawaiian bread recipe of mine it literally taste like one of those sweet rolls.

Hawaiian bread

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1.26
Cerìse (Cherry) (FA) 1.5
Coconut (FA) 1.76
Joy (FA) 0.4
Liquid Amber (FA) 0.76
Pineapple (FA) 2
Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Real Flavors) 7

Flavor total: 14.67%

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Cool, thanks Amy! I think I’m gonna start really low with the Joy, like .5% and go from there. I think I’d rather not be able to taste it than have it totally overpower everything else, and from what I’ve read it has a tendency to do that.


That’s a solid plan, I tend to start there as well. My bottle drops 0.30 instead of the typical 0.25% just heads up in case yours is that way as well.


Off the top of my head I’d say something like this

TPA Green Apple 4.5 %
CAP Double Apple 2.5%
FA or CAP Grapefruit 2.5%
FA Joy 1%
TPA Kentucky Bourbon 2.0%
TPA Sour 0.5%

The two apples play well together, The bit of grapefruit will help with the tartness the joy for the yeasty beer thing and the bourbon for the alcohol flavor, the sour should just make the apples pop.

Let me know if you try it out. Mind you this is spur of the moment kinda thinkin

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Oh sure, give me more flavors that I need to buy now! :wink:


Hey you guys post quandaries and I just say what comes to mind. Who knows it might taste like porpoise dung. lmao


For some reason I see it going well in a coffee/cappuccino type drink

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Well I just mixed up my first batch with joy. Trying as a s&v right now. Nothing bad to say, but will definitely need steeping.

(I adapted it from HIC’s Sweet Spiced Apple Cider)