Joyetech AIO, the first answer to regulation

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SirRisc here with another gear review!

With all the TPD horseshit being forced upon us in Europe by misinformed politicians, manufacturers are trying to deliver on mods that are equal in performance as what we’re used while still being complaint with the draconic regulations.
It should come as no surprise that one of the bigger Chinese manufacturers is the first to respond by giving us a mod that is almost fully compliant to the TPD.
Joyetech has been very quick on the draw lately, and the Joyetech AIO is proof that they are very concerned with our ability to chuck clouds,… I mean health and well-being.

The Joyetech AIO was sent to me for the purpose of this review by!


(Rant incoming!)

As I stated above, we’re getting the sharpest end of a knife planted straight into our throats in Europe.
The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) is a full fledged kill order for anything vaping, and politicians are happily lining their pockets with money from tobacco and pharma companies.
And this isn’t just happening in Europe. The US is getting pounded with sneaky regulation after sneaky regulation too.
A bleeding industry that is trying to buy their way into slowly continueing to kill off people by feeding an addiction.
Of course it stands to reason that these decisions are all happening behind closed doors and when spoken about it is all quickly swept under the rug as being tinfoil hatted conspiracy theories.
But when you see a technology like vaping finally putting an end to the many years of poisoning our lungs while governments laugh their way to the bank, you start to wonder what their intentions are.
Why would a governement think, or decide, to ban vaping yet still allow tobacco products? Why would a government allow pills to be sold that are know to cause psychosis, depression, hypertension, and more?
Why would they allow nicotine patches that cause burns or allergic rash? Why would they allow nicotine spray inhalers that cause throat cancer?
The answer is money. Nothing else. Not our health, not our well-being, not our choice to live healthier. Money. The salt of the earth.

Don’t get me wrong here, folks. I realise that there are certain dangers to vaping and that we should always keep in mind that our lungs aren’t made to inhale vapor.
I realise that some vapers will be idiots and carry batteries loose in their pockets with their keys and then end up in next days paper.
I realise that some of the liquids we vape have diketones, though not enough to be damaging to our lungs in short terms, and definitely less than cigarettes contain.
I know that we need a lot more research to the long term effects of vaping on our bodies, that there are side effects for some (though I’ve heard those can be solved with electrolytes, hehe).
But these regulations become more and more painfully obvious schemes to keep us smoking and to take away our choice for a better, healthier, more pleasant, and more flexible way of life.

Folks, I’m tired of all these bigshots sitting on their fat, overpaid asses and running our countries. I’m sick of seeing tobacco and pharma companies pay their way into killing us.
I’m sick of having to explain to people why vaping isn’t just about chucking the biggest cloud. I’m sick of having to respond to Facebook posts saying that every vaper is a hipster douchebag.
But most of all, I’m tired of all the bullshit.
So I want to ask you all something. Support your local vendors, support causes like CASAA, Pink Lung Brigade, EFVI, Acvoda, NotBlowingSmoke, …
Stop bickering amongst yourselves, stop pulling the 'Murica card and calling for China boycots, stop looking down on the guy with his EGO Twist and CE4, stop being douchebags blowing a huge cloud where it doesn’t belong.

(End rant)

But I digress and usually with all the bad also comes some good. Vape gear manufacturers are responding to the regulations in ways that may actually give us a fighting chance.
Joyetech has been actively following the European legistlation being drafted, and they’ve responded by developing a mod that is as close to compliant as it gets without resorting to a fully closed system.
And I know for a fact that they’re not the only company doing this, several others will be following the same suit and release mods in the coming months that are compliant with the TPD regulations.
Kangertech for example have already announced their CLTank, which is equally compliant as the AIO.
But Joyetech is the first one to give us the Joyetech AIO. And it’s a great device in its purpose.

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Joyetech EGO AIO


  • AIO==All-In-One
  • 1500mAh battery
  • 2ml capacity
  • Uses BF SS316 coilheads like the Cubis clearomizer
  • 2 x 0.6ohm BF SS316 coilheads included
  • Power output: 15W to 28W
  • Childproof tank locking mechanism
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Spiraled 510 driptip designed for better Mouth-To-Lung draw
  • LED illumination of the tank in 7 colors: red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, white, purple


The AIO comes in a white box that is similar to every other Joyetech product.
On the front is a true size depiction of the AIO in silver and black, though this doesn’t represent the color of the mod inside.
At the bottom of the depiction is the logo of the AIO and below that are 3 of the strong points against current regulations: 2ml tank, childproof, and leakproof.
Again, whether or not this is enough to pass regulation is another matter.


The performance of the AIO is, unsurprisingly so, very similar to the Joyetech Cubis.
They use the same coilheads and have a similar chimney, the airflow is similar and can be adjusted to allow for a very restricted lunghit or a nice tight mouth-to-lunghit.
As Understudy77 would say, airflow like a tight butthole. And honestly that’s what this device will do best, simulating the draw of a cigar without the stench and carcinogens.

The device itself is kept as simple as it could possibly be. There are no settings, and there’s only one button.
It will output between 15W and 28W depending on the resistance of the coilhead. The standard coilheads that are included are 0.6ohm and provide a full flavored vape.
If you use a coilhead with lower resistance the AIO will output a bit more power upto 28W maximum, if you use higher resistance the power will drop down… all fully automatic.

There is one setting you can change though, and it’s a bit of a fun one.
Inside of the tank, where the positive end of the coilhead makes contact with the bottom, is a transparent ring that allows light to pass through.
Under that ring are multicolored LEDs that will light up your tank and liquid when you take a drag, and a second after a drag.
Changing the color is as simple as holding the firebutton while the AIO is turned off, once the tank lights up you can click through the different colors, or turn the light off.
While this may seem a bit like a gimmick to some, I find it quite enjoyable and it allows me to see the level of liquid left in the dark.

Speaking of the firebutton, it has a slight bit of resistance to it and that makes it very comfortable to push.
There’s a mild click to it but obvious enough to feel whether or not it’s pushed down.
On the opposite side of the device is the USB port to charge, which can be used with a 2A wall adapter.
Considering it’s a 1500mAh battery, it will be charged very quickly with that wall adapter.
One thing missing though, is a battery indicator. There’s no real way of telling how far gone the battery is.

One of the features Joyetech boasts on the packaging is a childproof topcap.
It’s designed in a way that you have to push down on the topcap to be able to unscrew it from the rest of the device, and it should indeed be childproof.
Being a bit curious about this I emptied the tank and turned off the battery, and handed the device to a 7 year old with a mission.
Only 6 minutes later, he gave me the device back with the topcap undone. Kids are smarter than you’d think, and pushing down to unlock isn’t going to lock them out of using the device either.
Though I have to admit it is a step in the right direction and it will probably save a child from ingesting nicotine at some point.

A question people will probably ask is "How does it compare to the Innokin Endura?"
Honestly, they’re very different from one another.
The Endura is a great piece of kit and it will give you an excellent experience. The flavor from the T18 tank is warm and full, but it doesn’t have any adjustments.
The AIO has a bit more flexibility in its airflow, you can use different coilheads, and it has the LED light.
The airflow of the AIO is adjustable to allow for a restricted lunghit while the Endura is definitely more aimed at the ex-smoker who wants to emulate his habit.
Personally I prefer the Endura for its simplicity and similarity to a cigarette draw, but I prefer the flexibility of the AIO.

So why is the AIO not fully compliant with the TPD regulation?
A few small reasons that are in fact hard to fix.

For one the tank, or juice well rather, is accessible and thus deemed unsafe by the TPD.
This goes even further if you consider the fact that there is an RBA available for the Cubis that will fit perfectly fine in the AIO, which allows us to build our own coils.
While the design may be as idiot proof as it is, the TPD states that no access to the liquid can be possible.
In other words, the TPD forces devices to use closed systems. Cartridges. Made by tobacco companies. With shit flavors.

Second is the entirely absurd line that states all devices should deliver a consistent dosage of nicotine.
While the AIO may feel quite consistent in its draws, there’s no clear way of knowing whether or not each draw is delivering the same dosage of nicotine.
Though I’ll add to this with a question: Ever tried a cigalike? Was it consistent? Didn’t think so.


There’s not so much to say about the aesthetic of the AIO, it’s kept simple and very minimal for a reason.
It’s small and pockets super easy, the button is slightly raised above the device allowing you to find it even in the dark.
The tank has the multicolored LED underneath which does give it a bit of a unique and customisable feel.
But other than that, it’s actually quite plain. And that’s not wrong by any measure, it’s supposed to be simple.

A couple of impressions…

Pros and Cons.


  • Leakproof
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent flavor
  • (Almost) TPD compliant
  • Cubis compatible coilheads
  • LED light
  • Great button feedback


  • No way to regulate power
  • Only 2ml capacity (TPD)
  • Not really suited for lunghits
  • No way to see the charge of the battery
  • Childproofing isn’t quite as childproof
  • Airflow adjustment is a bit too restricted in range

In conclusion.

The AIO is Joyetechs answer to the TPD that’s about to hit Europe like a tidal wave of stupid, and the AIO proves that Joyetech is following things very closely.
While it may not be on the same level as say the Evic VTC Mini, the AIO performs very well and gives you an excellent vape.
Will it replace the Endura as MTL king in my collection? Not quite. Will it sit side by side with the Endura? Definitely!
The BF coilheads are an excellent choice for flavorchasing and the AIO makes very good use of them.

In closing I would like to thank for sending me the Joyetech AIO for review!
Thank you for reading, join me on my next review for a look at the Encom Snow Leopard 150W!

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#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a cloud of strawberry cream scented vapor


Very nice review :slight_smile:

My wife would love it, she’s a tootle puffer. She use’s a pair of 900mah pen style.


Great review! This sh.t going on in Europe is making me sick, too. At least I have enough equipment and know-how to go full anarchist in case they come up with more practical “solutions”. :rage:


With a collection of about 100 mods and 50 toppers, I think I’m good for a few years too. Hehe.

Though that’s not really the intention, I like getting shiny new stuff and the regulations are getting in the way of that. I’ve been trying to meet with our Minister of Health over here in Belgium to offer her a bit more inside advice on how the industry works and what users want, but it’s proving hard to just get a hold of her.

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[quote=“SirRisc, post:1, topic:56062”]
and it should indeed be childproof.
[/quote]Children are experts in opening anything childproof :grinning:

Nothing does that. Cigarettes, gum and plasters don’t do it either.
That TPD is a horror story, thanks for the rant. It looks like they have their eye on flavours too. Hangsenshop.EU stopped selling flavours to the European market. Liquids are still being sold. Maybe the plan is to add some stuff to liquids that is as addictive as the shit in cigarettes to keep us buying expensive liquid or cigarettes. You can’t have people make their own shit cheaply and wean themselves of an addiction.
Our governments are just drugdealers. They will tell you something is bad for you and then tax it to the hilt so they can get rich off it.
They should all be in jail.


This is something I’ve feared would happen at some point though I highly doubt they will succeed in banning flavors.
The fact that they’re flavors used in more than just vaping makes it very hard to regulate as a vaping product.
In that regard they should be trying to regulate cottonpads and resistance wire too, which is impossible to do.
I can see the headlines now: “Baker throws flavorless pies at customers in protest.” “Toaster repair technicians riot as prices of Kanthal triple.” “Beauty specialist protests topless in front of ministers office after cottonpads are outlawed.”

I reckon the DIY market will only have trouble with sourcing liquid nicotine after the TPD hits.
And even for that, there are ways around it. Though to be fair I just bought half a litre of 72mg/ml in VG to put in the freezer, which at this rate lasts me around two years (I only vape 3mg now and am in the process of dropping to 1.5mg). Once that bottle is gone I should be able to vape zero nic.


I still have about 900 ml 100mg/ml in my freezer. I vape 2mg now and I’m not really a heavy vaper so this should last me a very long time. I’m still thinking about getting another 500 ml just to be on the safe side before the shit hits the fan.
Banning flavours would be difficult but there are already flavours that are not suitable for vaping, but only for consumption.
I might be paranoid but couldn’t they make it mandatory to produce flavours suitable for consumption only?


I doubt they’d do that as it’s hard to justify adding a chemical to flavors when it’s not needed.
Flavors now are usually suspended in PG and are water soluble because it’s easy to work with and has multiple applications. Not because there’s no other way to do it, more so because it’s just easier and has more applications. But some flavors also come suspended in oil, and are thus unsuited for vaporizing (Lipid pneumonia is no joke!).
The thing with oil suspended flavors is that it severly limits the practical application for baking too, adding oil or any other fat to an already sensitive mixture like dough can throw off the balance.

In stark contrast, the chemicals that are found in cigarettes are there for faster combustion, more stable combustion, quicker intake into the bloodstream, etc, so they’re necessary to optimize the experience. However they’re allowed as the tobacco industry supposedly had them tested and found them to have no health risks. Ironic, isn’t it?


No shit! As I said, I might be paranoid. I just noticed there was a lot of emphasis on prohibiting adding flavours to tobacco products in the TPD. They talked almost as much about that as they did about nicotine.

@Walt_RealFlavors explained it in another post.

"The EU does have a new law that will start and go in to effect on May 20th of this year. All eliquid will need to be registered. They require manufacturers to disclose ALL ingredients (CAS Numbers) that are in their eliquids. Part of this means the flavorings themselves will have to be broken down by CAS number and provided to the end user to have and keep on file. So with that said, I would have to provide you with each extract broken down by chemical element, the amount that is present in each, and proof that each element is considered “safe” to consume.

It is my understanding that most companies are not willing to do all this, register it then with the EU, and then provide the end users their formula…"

It looks like a very costly procedure to me.


I think disclosing all ingredients is perfectly viable, TFA for example have been doing this for a long time now.
Whether other manufacturers like Capella or Inawera are willing to disclose as much is another matter.
Though Inawera has already stated that they produce food flavorings, and they also don’t mention vaping in their documentation.

All in all, I think the TPD in its current state is impossible to enforce and will only create a black market instead of encouraging vapers to throw out their toys. What is important to note is that smokers are getting screwed over by the TPD, as new products will have the greatest difficulty reaching the market. Not only is the cost for new products ridiculously high, the specifications set by the TPD are ludicrous and practically impossible.



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