Joyetech ATOPACK Magic Pod Review

Joyetech ATOPACK Magic

The newest pod device from Joyetech is the ATOPACK Magic, which uses the innovative NCFilm as the heating element. At only 9w, the Magic is a flavorful little performer. The ATOPACK Magic was provided by Joyetech for the purpose of this review.

Package Contents:
1 ATOPACK Magic Battery
1 Cartridge
1 USB Cable
Quick Start/ Warranty/Warning Cards
Spare Parts (Cotton Package & Tweezers)

Colors: Silver, Black, Phantom Blue
Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
Output: Ultra-low constant voltage
E-liquid capacity: 7.0ml/2.0ml
Heater: NCFilm heater (0.6ohm)
Light: 7 changeable lights (3 quick clicks, stop then click to change light color)

The body of the Magic itself is rather simplistic. It’s a smooth but easily gripped outer layer, with unobtrusive branding on the lower front and back. I much prefer this body style to some of the other offerings, such as the eGo Mansion, which didn’t seem to have a clearly defined design.

The mouthpiece is deliciously comfortable, and the draw seems to be a bit less restrictive than some of the other Joyetech pod devices.

The first device to use the NCFilm was the Cubis Max Tank, in which a slab of cotton was sandwiched under the NCFilm itself, and slots fed the cotton Eliquid. The NCFilm in the ATOPACK Magic, which is Kanthal, goes a long way without actually needing a high wattage or power to really perform.

Setting up the Magic really couldn’t be easier. You simply place a cotton square from the provided sheet (of 50 Squares) and use a few drops of Eliquid to prime. The hole to fill is located to the right of the cotton square, and has been given a slightly larger diameter than previous pod devices. No more Eliquid Up-chuck. That’s what I’m calling it now.

The Pod itself can go about 3 months of normal usage before needing to be replaced, it simply doesn’t give out like other replacement coils. After about 3 full cartridge fill-ups is when Joyetech suggests the cotton be changed for a new pad.

The major pro’s for this device are ease of use and battery life. Due to the Ultra Low Voltage, it has a considerable usage time after being fully charged. Another pro for this device is the flavor is much better than some of the similar offerings. The NCFilm offers a cleaner tasting experience, especially for those of us that tend to use metals like SS, or have a preferred coil type. This device has been great in a pinch, or when I don’t want to reach for an RDA for a quick car trip. Fill ups last quite a while with the 7ml capacity, just don’t change your mind halfway through on the flavor you chose.

I suppose my only gripe with the Magic would be that it can be a little… drippy. It’s mainly due to the cotton pad being slightly too large (thick) for the small plastic piece to bear down on when closed. When dry, the pad fits perfectly, but when wet, it expands. This can be remedied by peeling a few layers from the square before placing. That’s not a deal breaker by any means, because the flavor and simplicity of the ATOPACK Magic make a few drops a minor issue. It may not appeal to the majority of high wattage vapers out there, but it’s a nice starter or easy device to use in a bind.

Joyetech ATOPACK Magic Product Page


Wow, 3 months before a change that’s crazy. I tested out one of the Penguin Atopak, but this one looks quite a bit more advanced. Very nicely done, shown, and reviewed @Silhouette.


Why thank you! I don’t exactly mix for these types of devices, so I ended up playing around with flavors I don’t normally use often, as well as some 50/50 blends to see how they fared. I would love to see them make more starter devices using the NCFilm.


great review , I find myself looking at POD systems more than usual since both my mother and GF are using them to stay off the stinkies … Three months and they have went from 35mg/no nicsalts to 15 , ill hold them at that for awhile…


Thanks @Silhouette ! That was interesting and succinct. An overall nice product delivery from Joyetech. Looks advanced enough for experienced users and simple enough for adoption as a “Starter”. A good entry point that helps to save on disposable cartridges/coils and gain some light exposure to rebuilding (save $$!) Def looks handy in a pinch (or a “My mod just died!” panic)


Thanks for the review!:+1:t4:


Thanks @Stankhammer :wink:

@BoDarc I had this starter kit in 2014, after using the Itaste CLK for a while, the Innokin Endura T18 which I really liked. It was a tower style dual coil, with cascading cotton and wick holes that encompassed the entire coil. It was a flavor machine, but those darn coils gave out inside of a week. I’m sure it was due to the crazy percentage Eliquid, but having come far with coil longevity has been really neat to experience. I love watching these devices evolve, it’s a blast.


I’m still loving this little pod kit. I’m still on my first pod well after 2 months now. I use it while out and about if my mods are inconvenient to carry (this happens while riding normally). The battery life is awesome. I can fill the pod up and forget about taking a bottle of juice along with me. So efficient! Thank you for your review! I had eyed this mod before they released it based on the 3 month run and it hasn’t failed me yet. I’ll post once this pod needs replacement since I don’t need it everyday for those like myself! :slight_smile: