Joyetech BATPACK with Joye ECO D16

The NEW Joyetech BATPACK with the Joye ECO D16 MTL/DL Atomizer.

The BATPACK with the Joye ECO D16 will run on AA NiMH rechargeable batteries or regular High Drain AA Batteries available from most stores. Because of the low power output, and the tighter than normal draw, this device is perfect for someone wanting to quit cigarettes and start a new healthier existence in the world of vaping.

BATPACK has super-efficient low voltage technology programed in, so there is a constant 1.85 Volts delivered to the 0.5ohm BFHN coil in the 2ml D16 tank. Because of its low ECO power it will run for days on a full charge.

Although this device is small, pocket friendly and very stealthy, it has a very solid and well-built feeling to it. And it has a nice paint job. Mine is advertised as Dark Blue/Pink but the pink actually looks like copper.

The D16 tank with the BFHN 0.5 coil is designed for high nicotine e-liquid, I suggest nicotine salt base e-liquid at about 3 times your normal daily vape. The airflow is located on the lower part of the top cap. Airflow is nonadjustable and I would describe it as mid-way between DL and MTL, either a tight DL or an airy MTL, and it works great for either. The air flow from the top is routed through the outside of the coil then up through the middle of the coil providing great flavor and extra insulation between the coil and the juice in the tank.

Some users have mentioned the coil floods after filling the tank, I found it easy to solve by shaking the excess liquid out the drip tip and cleaning it up with a towel, then take a couple puffs and its fixed. These BFHN 0.5ohm coils are much better than the older BF series coils in the older Joyetech tanks.

This device does not have a USB port, and no display, absolutely nothing complex. Near the fire button and next to the tank on top of the MOD there is a small light to indicate low battery, so you know when to charge the batteries. I use the “NEW i4” charger from Nitecore; it happens to be designed to recharge AA’s and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydrate) batteries. If you use an older AA charger just closely monitor the charge and remove the batteries as soon as they are full. Joyetech also sells separately the Avatar AA charger designed just for the NiMH AA batteries for the BATPACK. You will need a charger because of the absent USB port, unless you plan on buying high drain AA batteries about every 3 days.

Kit Contents:
1 X Joye ECO D16 Atomizer
2 X AA Ni-MH Cells
1 X BATPACK Manual
1 X Joye ECO D16 Manual
2 X Warning Card
2 X BFHN 0.5ohm Head
1 X Warranty Card
1 X Package of Spare Parts


  • Size:109.5 X 37.00 X 17.8mm or 4.31” X 1.45” X 0.7”

  • Weight: 144.5g or 5.1oz or 0.32lb

  • E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml

  • Coil: BFHN 0.5ohm

  • Power: 2 X AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or high drain AA batteries

  • Colors: Dazzling, Green, Gold, Red/Gold, Black/Blue, Dark Blue/Copper.

I recommend this device only for someone wanting a high nicotine starter kit, or an experienced vaper who is looking for a pocket friendly stealthy high nicotine device with the versatility of running on AA batteries. The battery MOD will not drive a different tank other than the Joye ECO D16.

Also a note on high nicotine Nicotine Salts: I have not calculated an actual % change but the Nic Salts seem to need a higher flavor level than regular nicotine, it may be my taste receptors but I am used to the flavors curing into the liquid and it seems to happen less with Salts. I’m vaping 27mg Salt e-liquid with 17.75% flavor in this device, where I usually vape 9mg with 16% flavor in my normal tanks. My PG/VG ratio I use in all my liquids is 60/40.

In my opinion BATPACK with Joye ECO D16 is a unique and well-built device. I do recommend it for those certain uses listed above, along with high nicotine salt e-liquid. I’m not alone, my local vape shop immediately pre-ordered several units on seeing, feeling and using it.





Avatar AA Ni-MH Battery

Avatar AA/AAA Charger


Either that’s a small mod or you a giant. jk, looks cool though


4 and 1/3 inches long, it’s stealthy.

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Nice review CT.

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Thank you much brother.