Joyetech Elitar woodgrain isn't

To me it’s a tacky gold/bronze bling looking thing which I’m embarrassed to use in public.

When I complained to Joyetech, they said the advertised picture was ‘concept which is different to actual product. I hope you can understand’ I very politely told them that I could not ‘understand’ false advertising and they offered to send me another in my choice of color, which they did (which included a tank which I did not originally purchase). So I’ve now paid for a black Joyetech Elitar which I didn’t really want, and have a gold one which makes me cringe.

So I painted the gold one Satin Silver to go with my SS316 tank, which actually looked quite good for two days until the paint (and primer in one) wore away to reveal the gold bling beneath. Luckily/accidentally, when I was scraping the silver paint away I also scraped some of the gold to reveal silver underneath. So I’ve now sanded it all back to silver and don’t have to worry about painting anymore. Also luckily my black tanks look good on the black one.

But I REALLY want a funky woodgrain e-pipe… sigh…

You might be pleased to know that even though it uses the same coils, the Elitar tank produces better flavour than the Cubis Pro IMSO (subjective), so there’s a plus from this SNAFU

So in summary, if you want a nicely woodgrained nouveau e-pipe, the Elitar will probably fail to deliver…


Have you considered hydro dip? Could probably make a better eye pleasing pattern yourself than any company could put out.


Never heard of it, just googled it - Awesome! An excellent suggestion to come from ‘mediocrity’ :slight_smile:

Perhaps you underestimate yourself? (or just like stayin’ under the radar… ;p) )

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you go for hydro dip don’t forget to clear coat the whole thing or the hydro dip will just wear off in an instant.


Ha; I only have good ideas half of some of the time.

Do like @Norseman said too and don’t forget to clear coat it.

Proper prep and curing is key when doing hydrodip / cerakote / duracoat if you want it to last and be durable.


Thanks for the tip. I saw it involved a clear-coat and was wondering what it was. Must google some more…

In my moderate spray-painting experience I’m wondering if two-pack is the only viable long-term option? Can anyone chime in with a more budget-friendly option?

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Five-eighths or four-fifths of FA, I’m hearin’ ya’… (but jeez they’re good when they come… :wink: )

We musta’ been typing at the same time. Found this gem article (quickly for once)
Seems Ceracote is the hardiest (ceramic tile finish), and most expensive, and needs spray-gear. And Duracoat whilst reasonably durable, cheap’ish, and doesn’t need any special equipment, will need re-doing in a few months…

I’m beginning to quite like my black and (now) silver Elitars which go with my black and silver tanks :wink:

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…think I’m gonna be giving myself a birthday present this year! I’ve been a good boy. :innocent:

Nothing else out there comes close to the quality and build of these pipes. :grin:

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Oh yeah…

I could almost forget the quality and build - they’re just BEAUTIFUL…

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Sadly, their stock is way down at the moment. However, I’m pretty sure they would be amenable to pumping out any of their OOS pipes if properly requested to do so. :wink:

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Don’t forget KG Gun Cote :wink:

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