Joyetech ESPION Infinite with ProCore Conquer, and almost Infinite list of Coil Possibilities

Joyetech ESPION Infinite with ProCore Conquer:


This is the NEWEST Joyetech MOD made for anyone who would like a unique, well-built, high power, long battery life, fun desk vaporizer with an entertaining built in colorful light show. The Infinite MOD has a series of low power LED lights arranged in an infinite mirror illusion effect on the front of the MOD. The approximately 0.5 X 1 inch display is set in the middle of the infinite mirror. Secret: An infinite mirror is a visual effect created by arranging a 2 way mirror above a regular mirror so your vision bounces off the bottom mirror and then off the back of the 2 way mirror and back to the back mirror ad infinitum. On the Infinite MOD the effect is intensified by the colorful LED lights. The illusion that is created makes the MOD look like it is hollow, but take my word for it this MOD is far from hollow. Housed within the Zinc Alloy body just behind the infinite mirror is 2 X 21700 batteries driving up to 230 Watts of power to the ProCore coil which is housed in a high volume 5.5 Milliliter Conquer Tank, which is exactly centered in the top of the MOD. The device is Stout and Sturdy measuring 33mm X 49.5mm and 140.5mm (6.5”) tall, it weighs in at a whopping 384g, which is 13.55oz or 0.85lb half full of liquid. You can tell when you pick it up it is definitely not a lightweight, it feels solid and well-built. A 30mm tank will fit fine without any overhang or interference with the top located plus and minus adjustment buttons. The dual 21700 batteries will power the device for days even with the LED lights set to ALWAYS ON mode. This device would be a good candidate to reverse charge your cell phone, maybe Joyetech will do that with a firmware update or future two battery MOD. The new 0.15ohm mesh coil does fantastic up to about 75W, and the huge airflow is just too awesome.

The display is actually pretty small for my old eyes. But I still wish Joyetech would have made the text as big as possible, and labeled the TC Coil lock “TC Coil” and the TC Power as “TC Power” in the menu. Also I wish the battery status showed the remaining voltage and the percent remaining, but I don’t think that is possible with a 21700 & 18650 battery MOD like this. And again the displayed last puff time is only about 2 seconds so you won’t have time for the vapor to clear and ever see it, just my ongoing opinion. The device does have every safety feature you could imagine built in, it will even display imbalanced batteries and improper USB voltage error displays.

Unique, Beautiful, Powerful, Solid
The main screen is really cool in all the RTC, Wattage and TC display modes, especially with the infinite mirror LED’s glowing. Overall I love this device and the tank is awesome, I highly recommend it for its feel, aesthetics and most of all its functionality. This is definitely my new favorite desk mod.

hidden functions:
You can display the time by pressing the fire button while the device is turned off.
You can Lock the + - buttons by pressing and holding them simultaneously for 3 seconds.
You can cycle through the LED light modes by double tapping the fire button.

Kit Contents:
1 X ESPION Infinite MOD
2 X AVB 21700 batteries (optional)
1 X ProCore Conquer atomizer
1 X ProCA (0.4ohm) head
1 X ProCD (0.15ohm) head
2 X 18650 battery sleeve
1 X QC USB cable
2 X Manual
1 X Warranty card
2 X Warning card
1 X Package Spare parts: 3 O-ring seals, 1 filler ring, 1 spare glass.


  • Size: 49.5mm (L) X 33.0mm (W) X 140.50mm (H)
  • Screen type: 0.96 inch TFT color screen
  • Screen resolution: 80 X 160 dpi
  • Output wattage: 1-230W
  • Output mode: Power/RTC/TC (Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR (M1, M2, M3) modes
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR mode or 0.05-3.5ohm for Power mode
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C / 200-600°F
  • Battery type: 2 X high rate 21700 or 18650 cells (CDR25A)
  • Max charging current: 2.0A
  • Max output current: 50A
  • Max output voltage: 9V

The (almost) Infinite list of Conquer COILS:
Joyetech ProCore coils, are the standard coils for all the Joyetech ProCore Series tanks:

  1. ProCD 0.15ohm Kanthal reticular (mesh) coil DL 40-80W
  2. ProCA 0.4ohm Kanthal for DL 40-80W
  3. ProC1 0.4ohm Kanthal for DL 40-80W
  4. ProC1-S 0.25ohm Kanthal for MTL/DL 25-55W
  5. ProC2 0.15ohm dual NiCr coil for DL 30-70W
  6. ProC3 0.2ohm triple NiCr coil for DL 70-90W
  7. ProC4 0.15ohm quad NiCr coil for DL 60-80W

Suggested Wattage:

Have you heard…

There are a few other coils that might fit ProCore series Tanks, the reader will need to further research to see if they may have any of these tanks and if their coils will fit and safely work in the Joyetech ProCore Conquer Tank. The following is furnished for information purposes only; I have not personally tested any of these coils to see if they even screw in. Of course you will be responsible for any damage of any kind, and I’m sure your warranty will be voided if you use non Joyetech coils in the Conquer tank. The wide range of possibilities may however give you opportunity to use the Conquer for TC mode, give ceramic coil possibilities, and maybe even a rebuild-able (RBA) coil, or possibly a ProCD mesh coil for your Baby Beast:

SMOK TFV8 baby coils, these are used for the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast & Big Baby Beast & TFV12 Baby Prince, OSUB Plus Kit, Stick V8 Kit and Brit Beast Tanks:
Baby Beast V8-T8 Octuple Coil 0.15ohm: 50-110W / Best: 60-80W
Baby Beast V8-Q2 Dual Coil 0.4ohm: 40-80W / Best: 55-65W
Baby Beast V8-Q2 Dual Coil 0.6ohm: 20-50W / Best: 30-40W
Baby Beast V8-X4 Quadruple Coil 0.15ohm: 30-70W / Best: 45-60W :white_check_mark:
Baby Beast V8-T6 Sextuple Coil 0.2ohm: 40-130W / Best: 70-90W
Baby Beast V8-M2 Dual Coil 0.25ohm: 25-45W / Best: 35W = Optimized for the SMOK Stick V8 (3.7 Direct Output Voltage)
Baby Beast V8-M2 Dual Coil 0.15ohm: 25-45W / Best: 35W = Optimized for the SMOK Stick V8 (3.7 Direct Output Voltage)
Baby Beast V8-T12 Duodecuple Coil 0.15ohm: 50-90W / Best: 60-80W

AsMODus Ohmie coils; these are used in the Asmodus Ohmie Tank:
0.5ohm Dual Kanthal Coil Atomizer: 40 - 60W
0.2ohm Sextuple Kanthal Coil Atomizer: 70 - 90W

Coilart Mage Subtank
MAGE MESH coil 0.2Ω 50-90W (Best 60-80W)
MAGE coil 0.2Ω 50-100W (Best 60-70W)
MAGE coil 0.4Ω 30-80W (Best 40-50W)

Eleaf HW Kanthal coil Atomizer heads, these are used in the Ello and Ello Mini tanks:
HW1 SS316L COILS 0.2 Ohms 50W – 65W
HW2 Kanthal Dual-Cylinder 0.3 ohm 30-70W (Best 45-65W)
HW3 Kanthal Triple-Cylinder 0.2 ohm 50-130W (Best 70-90W)
HW4 Kanthal quad cylinder 0.3 ohms 40W–110W

E-XY T1 coils, these are used in the E-XY T1 RBA Tank:
E-XY T1 0.2ohm

Geekvape iM coils, these Kanthal coils are used for the Illusion Mini Tank:
iM1 0.40ohm 40 - 60W
iM4 0.15ohm quad 50-120W (best 60-80W)
iM 0.2ohm X1 Kanthal Mesh 30-90W (Best 60-80W)

Illusion RBA?

iJoy XS coils, these are used in the Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X:
0.1ohm XS-C4 Quad Coil - rated for 40-100W
0.4ohm XS-C1 Single Coil - rated for 40-80W

Karnoo T1 coils, these are used in the Karnoo T1 Sub Ohm Tanks:
T1 0.2ohm
T1 V2 0.4ohm

Marvec Priest AIO
0.2 Ohm 40-130W Best: 70-90W

Medusa TFV8 BABY Staple Clapton Coils
0.25ohm Staple Clapton Coil 35-80W Best: 55-65W :white_check_mark:

Sigelei SM coils, these are used for the SLYDR M Sub-Ohm tanks and the KAOS Sub-Ohm Tank:
SM2 0.4ohm Single coil 40-75W (best 50-65W)
SM4 0.15ohm Dual coil 30-65W (best 40-55W)
SM6 0.2ohm Triple coil 40-120W (best 75-95W)

Vapefly Fantasy Mini M8 coils, these are used as an alternative to the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast, SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast, Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X:
M8 – 0.15 ohm octuple coil head 50-120W (best 60W-80W)

Vaporesso NRG coils, these are used in the Vaporesso NRG Mini Tank:
GT2 Kanthal 0.4ohm: 40 - 80W / Best 55 - 65W
GT4 Kanthal 0.15ohm: 30 - 70W / Best 45 - 60W
GT6 Kanthal 0.2ohm: 40 - 100W / Best 70 - 90W
GT8 Kanthal 0.15ohm: 50 - 110W / Best 60 - 80W
GT CCell SS316 Clapton w/ Ceramic 0.5ohm: 15W-40W :white_check_mark:

Vapesoul VOne Sub-Ohm Tank:
Octo Coil Design: 0.15Ω ohm Wattage: 40W-120W (Best: 50W-110W)

Vaptio and/or VivaKita Frogman coils, these are used for the Vaptio and VivaKita Frogman Sub-Ohm Tank:
0.4ohm Frogman-W2 Single coil 30W to 80W
0.15ohm Frogman-W4 Dual coil 30W to 70W
0.2ohm Frogman-W6 Triple coil 40W to 130W
0.15ohm Frogman-W8 Quadruple coil 50W to 110W

WOTOFO FLOW coils, these are used for Flow Sub Ohm Tank:
0.25ohm Parallel Dual Coil 35 - 60W

That is a lot of coil possibilities!

Take note however these coils may not be 100% cross compatible, the Baby Beast V8-X4 Quadruple Coil 0.15ohm fit and worked great in a Joyetech ProCore Aries tank but Joyetech ProC4 would not fit into a Smok Baby Beast tank.


Thank you for the review, Alien :wink: very informative and great pics. Still can’t get over the build in make up mirror and lights lol


IDK about a makeup mirror, during testing I tried it out as a nite-light and it is not advisable if you like to sleep :blush:

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Should record that, would earn you probably a sticky spot over in the review section lmao. Keep it up.

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Awesome and very informative review again my grey brother, nice work :wink: thanks for sharing your thoughts again :+1:

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I will never understand why companies ship a temp control device with a tank that does not have a TC coil option. Come on Joyetech, you’re better than this.

Ok, rant over. It’s a cool device of you’re in to flashy light show mods. I am sure the build quality is up to the usual Joyetech standards.

Great review CT!


Thank you brother.

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That is true, however I have had great luck rebuilding the ProC1 coil with SS316 wire to get TC out of it. But now with all these other coil possibilities, I’m sure if we do our homework we can find a TC coil out there.
Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

Eleaf has a TC coil that fits but it’s not great. They burn out pretty quick. I wish JT would make an RBA for the ProCore. It’s a nice tank.

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Share a link if you can, the Eleaf’s I list above are Kanthal, so no TC

I assume this is a mention to the HW1 coil, SS indeed, I use them as backup


The HW1 is SS316

What I had listed in my research is just HW2 and HW3, so I’ll have to look further into that other coil.

all I had found in my research was:
Eleaf HW Kanthal coil Atomizer heads, these are used in the Ello and Ello Mini tanks:
HW2 Dual-Cylinder 0.3 ohm 30-70W (Best 45-65W)
HW3 Triple-Cylinder 0.2 ohm 50-130W (Best 70-90W)

but that HW1 looks to be the same as HW2, so IDK…
I did put the Baby Beast V8-X4 into a ProCore Ares tank and it worked fine.

Have you put a HW1 into a ProCore tank?

It looks like it would fit, wonder why it didn’t come up in my research

All of the HW coils fit. There’s also an HW4 but I’m not sure of the specs.

I’ll edit that into the list above, also this came up:
The Aries Tank is said to be compatible with the SMOK TFV8 Baby coils… Would this mean it’s also compatible with the TFV8 Baby RBA ? As there is no RBA for the Aries Tank (yet)

According to a rep on Vaporesso’s Facebook page the GT CCell coils are also SS316.

I’m going to have to either buy other tanks, or at least print the list and go shop at my vape store and compare some coils.
Thanks to you or anyone who can verify actual fits of all these coils.

The CCELL is compatible with Trition tanks, Altantis Tanks, ijust 2 Tanks, vapeston Maganus, freemax starre, anyvape Sega sub Tank, EleafMelo, Sense Tech Herakles, etc.


Great review. I want to try those coils out.

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