Joyetech ESPION with ProCore X Review (The Super Spy's Mod)

Joyetech Espion with ProCore X

The Espion Kit is a new offering from Joyetech that boasts some impressive features. Let’s be honest, they took the best features of the Cuboid, the body, the feel, and created a seriously beautiful, and hard hitting device.
The Espion has been the vision and project of Joyetech’s newest Chief Designer, Jonathan Fairbanks. Their focus with the shift is to emphasize design and development over production cost efficiency. What’s really neat is that each little aesthetic component of the Espion actually has meaning. Here is Jonathan describing the design:

Fairbanks describes the design of the Espion as “a homage to the longevity, strength and sophistication that Joyetech strives for.” The vertical accents lines symbolize the stability of the company that wants to ensure all the products are created with the reliability of a manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. While the opposing textures of the device express the vision to change and innovate with the current trends of the market.

Kit Contents


Mod size: 43mm(L)*28mm(W)*113mm(H)
Screen type: 1.45 inch TFT color screen
Screen resolution: 240 * 320 dpi
Output wattage: 1-200W
Output mode: Power/RTC/TC(Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR modes
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR mode
Resistance range: 0.1-3.5ohm for Power mode
Temperature range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
Battery using: Dual replaceable high rate 18650 cells (CDC 25A)
Max charging current: 2.0A
Max output current: 50A
Max output voltage: 9V


Obviously the focal point of the Espion has to be the firing button. It’s a beautiful brushed metal with the Joyetech Brand and Logo, but it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to scream branding. It has a centered 510, which will appeal to many more people. OCD sufferers rejoice! It does look much more refined with a centered 510, which is one of my favorite aspects of the Espion.

The Screen is a 1.45 in. TFT Color screen, which displays:

• Date and Time/Large Round Clock
• Wattage
• 2 Bullet Style Battery Indicator
• Coil
• Amp

The screen is crisp and bright with a resolution of 240*320 dpi. You can also change the background color to suit your mood. It has 5 different color options to choose from. I am really enjoying the screen display, and it looks just as clear outside as it does in a dimly lit room.

Under the screen, there are 3 buttons, the usual (+/-) buttons as well as a function button, which also serves as a confirm or screen-off button. I don’t have to feel like I am repetitively wearing out my firing button trying to navigate.

The charge port is located on the front face of the mod, located near the bottom. I prefer this over a side port, and let me tell you why. The charge port on the Cuboid is located near the top, on the side of the mod, and if any eliquid happened to leak, that is the first place it went, and was also a pain to clean out. With the Espion, I have no fear of the port getting any eliquid inside due to its location.

The body of the Espion has vertical lines that encompass the mod, except for a smooth painted surface near the top. I can see where it might not be that aesthetically pleasing to some, but I feel like it adds a nice grip texture. Now that I know what the lines symbolize to the designer, I kind of feel like it makes sense, it has purpose. It’s not just a random set of lines or design, and that is what actually gives the appearance of the Espion something special. In fact, the Espion itself seems to reflect the change happening within Joyetech itself, and that makes the mod itself so much more unique.


The new UI is lovely; it’s so easy to navigate. With four main screen buttons, Joyetech has made it so simple to tweak the Espion to your preferences. When you press the firing button 3 times, you are presented with 4 options:

  • Mode
  • Set
  • Info
  • Colors

You press the function (or confirm) button to enter into each of these menus. They have made it so simple, that each subheading is pretty self explanatory, and guiding through the menu is a breeze.

I have to say, the Espion hits like a beast. With its 50Amp output, and Buck Boost technology, it sure packs a punch. I have to compare the firing to that of the Aegis, which fires instantly and also gives such a sustained output. There are some mods that I have to increase wattage on, or even set a preheat function to get the kind of hit that I want, but the Espion has been quite the performer.
The Espion also offers:

• Equalized Charging (To Better Balance Cells)
• 2 Amp Quick Charge
• Innovative Buck-Boost Technology
• On-Board Reverse Polarity Protection
• Dual Circuit Protection
• Upgradeable Firmware

The large firing button feels just perfect. I can use two fingers to press, and it definitely feels as though gripping the mod is easier with more surface on the firing button itself. There is one little thing about the button itself, and that is that really only the top portion of the button is able to be pressed. If you look at the mod, where the actual logo is, that part cannot be pressed in, but the portion from the ‘J’ on up can be pressed. It doesn’t take anything away from the actual function, but it is a little odd.

The centered 510 seems to sit a tiny bit more raised than previous Joyetech mods, and is able to fit pin lengths of 4.0 to 5.5mm, and will fit atomizers up to 28mm. It has been really smooth for every atomizer I have tried on it, except for one. The Goon 24mm seems to give me a slight resistance while screwing into the mod, and will sometimes not give a resistance reading. Every other atomizer has been a breeze to put on, and reads correctly, so I’m convinced it’s just an imperfection in the atomizer threading itself.

The Battery Bay is somewhat different on the Espion, using a push up, flip open mechanism, whereas the Cuboid employed a latch that clicked into place after depressing. I don’t quite like this style of battery door, as both sides need equal pressure downward before pushing into its slot. It sometimes forces one side not to push in fully. It’s not a big thing, and doesn’t change my perception of the mod at all.

ProCore X Atomizer


Size: 25.0 mm* 44.0mm (H) (standard)
Size: 25.0 mm* 53.0mm (H) (4.5ml)
Capacity: 2.0ml (can be changed to 4.5ml large capacity)
Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Silver
Applicable Heads: ProC Series Heads

The ProCore X is an amazing little tank. The airflow you are able to achieve is just as airy as a fully-open RDA, which surprised me. I like an airy draw, and found myself closing the airflow a little. The conical mouthpiece is a perfect fit for me. I have to admit, I broke a few nails trying to open the top-cap before reading the manual. What I thought was a flip-top was actually a push back and then flip-up sort of top. The fill holes are quite small, and most of us are using droppers, but the eliquid seems to fall into them quite nicely, even if you need a very steady hand to do it. There are several different DL and MTL options for the ProCore X. The tank uses ProC Series heads.

ProC Heads

• ProC1 (0.4ohm) DL 40-80W
• ProC1-S (0.25ohm) MTL 25-55W
• ProC2 (0.15ohm) DL 30-70W
• ProC3 (0.2ohm) DL 40-130W
• ProC4 (0.15ohm) DL 50-110W

The flavor from the ProC heads is pretty outstanding, especially considering I don’t normally like premade coils. The DL Coil heads offer some serious airflow, something I really enjoy while using certain flavor profiles. My Frootfetti Treats tastes really nice in this tank. I guess the only problem I really have, and had in the past with tanks is the cotton. It is packed into each coil so tightly that it really does take some time for it to get saturated for the first time. It isn’t loose and fluffy like I would make my cotton when using an RDA and I suppose that is my only gripe in using premade coils. It’s pretty awesome Joyetech made a kit (that isn’t a starter kit) geared toward both DL and MTL users. I really like the option to use it at 4.5ml with the Extended Pipe and Glass as well; I think it’s really neat Joyetech has been doing that with their kits lately.

Final Thoughts (PS I Love It)

There I said it, I love it. It’s every feature I have wanted in one mod, but there is also another reason for my fondness. It reminds me of the Cuboid. My Cuboid (and Evic VTC Mini) has been one of my longest lasting mods, performing just as the day I bought it. The Cuboid brought me longevity, which to me, is just as important as the actual performance of the mod itself. The Espion has performed perfectly for me, it hits hard, it looks sleek and delicious, and at the end of the day, I can honestly say it will last me a long time. The whole menu system is simple and clear, and the screen is bright and magnificent. I was actually giddy opening up the Espion, like Christmas had come slightly early, and I had to just marvel at it for a minute, feeling every texture, running my fingers over the paint. Of course the name make me think of a Super Spy, you know, Espion>Espionage>Super Spy. Also, the silhouette of the man on the box looks like a Super Spy or Secret Agent on the packaging itself, which I believe is actually Jonathan Fairbanks himself.

Just get the Espion, because chances are you probably love it as much as I do. Fun Fact: The English translation of the French word Espion is ‘Spy’. So, get the Espion and get your Bond on. :wink:

This was sent to me by Joyetech specifically for the purpose of review. If you would like to check out the product page for the Espion Kit, click the link below. Thanks All!

Espion Kit & ProCore X Product Page


Guys, I have to apologize, I really wanted this review to be great, but a few days before Christmas my phone took a swim. A very camera damaging swim. Anyway, I didn’t get all the pictures I needed and had to rely on an older phone to do the job, so I’m sorry if the quality leaves something to be desired.
PS, Phones and potties don’t mix. :persevere:


Thanks for the review! Looks like a cool mod. (And your pics are fine. :wink: lol)


Looks great to me! Nice job!

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Excellent review amber! Pics did their job for sure, nothing wrong with them


Absolutely brilliant review ma’am!
No worries about missing pics (RIP loo phone).
When the review is this good, and this descriptive, pics are merely a bonus (which is why so many others -especially videos, require them.)


Thanks y’all, most of the pictures I salvaged off the phone, so they looked ok, but I had to take so many with the older phone and try and pick and choose which were ok to use. Well y’all officially made me feel better about it, it certainly was a darnit moment. :wink:


Superduper, I think this needs to be on my list. Thanks for a great review!


Very in-depth review. I like the photo shop descriptions and graphics on the one pic. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Pics look just fine. Great review and I totally agree completely with your opinions. It really does feel similar to the Cuboid but the design and aesthetics are above and beyon anything Joyetech has released so far. The centered 510 really makes this device look better to me. I don’t have any 28mm atomizers but I am on the hunt now. I bet the Sherman or Vandy Vape Triple would look great on here.


Great review and the pics are fine. I love love my original cuboid and can’t wait to introduce it to this one. In all honesty, I actually like the look of the back better than the front (not that I dislike the front, but the clean look of the back with just a touch of design is awesome.)


Awesome review, Good Job!


very solid box mod

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Thank you for the great review. I have the same tank that came with my EKEE combo. I was really surprised at the flavor and thick clouds from such a little tank. My Joyetech mods have always been solid and reliable, can’t wait to get one of these.


Thanks all, it’s so nice of y’all to comment on it, I really appreciate it. :blush: I really enjoy the ProCore X as well, it’s crazy flavor for a tank, and I’m not a tank person, although I’m sure there will people buying just the mod itself. I really like the direction that Joyetech went with this kit, especially with their new Cheif Designer, he is brilliant. The Cuboid was like a fan favorite, and they really brought awesome back by expanding on its success.


Awesome review, and there’s nothing wrong with your pictures at all! I’m testing this at the moment and I love it, really good solid device, nice job! :wink: thanks for sharing your views :+1:


Hey thanks Pugs, that means a lot to me. :blush: I have been loving the Espion, I’ve also noticed that my batteries discharge quite evenly using it, more so than some other mods I have. It is certainly a favorite.


How did I miss this review? Great job @Silhouette - you’ve a talent for doing these :+1:


Lolly you’re a sweetie pie. :hugs:

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@Silhouette Somehow I missed this kick ass review, but now I found it !!! First off, the stars, WORK. Then you had me @

After reading your entire review, I felt like I’d almost used this setup. Very nicely done.

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