Joyetech EXCEED Box and D22C Kit Review

EXCEED BOX Mod with Exceed D22C Atomizer in a complete Kit (excluding the e-juice)
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Kit Contents:
1 X EXCEED BOX (Mod w/ built in battery)
1 X EXCEED D22C atomizer/tank
1 X EX 1.2ohm MTL coil head
1 X EX 0.5ohm DL coil head
1 X Vent pipe adapter for use with 3.5ml glass
1 X Spare glass tube (3.5ml)
1 X USB cable
1 X Quick start instruction manual
1 X Warranty card
1 X Warning card
Spare parts
1 X Attractive Box
Sorry 0 X e-juice, make your own at

Size Capacities and Specification Parameters:
Size: 25mm(W) X 41mm(L) X 115mm(H) or 1" X 1.6" X 4.5"
Weight: 145.8g or 5.1oz or 0.32lb
E-liquid capacity: 2ml or 3.5ml
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Max charging current: 1A
Operating temperature range 14°F to 140°F
Available Colors: silver, black, white, dark orange, black & white
Output mode: direct output or constant voltage output
Features: childproof e-juice fill cap, easy to refill, mouth-to-lung & direct-lung coil options & airflow adjustment, optional output modes for constant or direct voltage, powerful built-in battery - quick to recharge.
The device comes ready to fill and vape, but for me I attached the extended vent pipe and installed the 3.5ml glass. I found it easy to remove the pre-installed glass only if I unscrewed it with the top of the tank. If it is stuck on the tank base with no top it seems impossible to remove. I also switched to the lower 0.5ohm coil. Once I had it re-configured for my vape style I pre-saturated the cotton in the coil and filled the tank. I like the idea of the childproof tank top cap, even though I keep my vape gear all hidden, and out of the reach of my children. Be sure not to tell your children the childproof system can be circumvented by turning the mouthpiece. The coil broke in after about 1/5th of the tank and then produced good vapor and great flavor. If you forget to pre prime the coil you can just add a little juice into the tank and lay it on its side till the cotton gets saturated from one side.
The way I disassembled the tank is as follows:
Remove the top cap of the tank, and then unscrew the top of the atomizer removing the top and the glass together. Following those steps you will easily be able to remove the smaller glass and put it away for a spare. You will be left with the atomizer base and the coil so you can change the coil and add the vent pipe extender and the larger glass onto the atomizer base. That way you will have the atomizer base, coil, extended vent pipe and glass all together in one assembly. Be sure you fully tighten the parts together. Next screw the top of the atomizer tightly onto the lower assembly. If you had primed the coil you will be ready to fill the tank and put the childproof cap on. If the tank is misassembled the juice will slowly leak out of the tank, out the vent, and down the mod into a puddle. You can tell if the airflow control does not easily turn and hit the stops the tank may not be correctly assembled.
Like usual 5 clicks to turn on and off the device. It’s a good idea to turn it off before putting it in your pocket. It does have a 15 second safety feature but remember to turn it off.
While the device is on click 3 times to switch between direct voltage and constant voltage. The light band will change with the setting change, direct output = white light, constant voltage = orange light.
There is a cool round display on the top of the mod next to the tank that lights up with the Joyetech logo when the device is firing, and indicates the battery level for a short time after the button is released. The battery indicator also indicates the charge level progress during charging, and goes off when the device is fully charged. The device can be fired and works great while charging. There is also an ultra-cool light around the top edge of the mod that not only looks cool but changes color depending on the direct or constant voltage setting. This light can be turned off for a stealthier vape by turning the device off then long pressing the fire button. After about 15 seconds the light band will flash orange to confirm the light off setting change. Then when you turn on and fire the mod only the battery indicator will light up. If you repeat the process the long press will cause the light to flash white indicating the light will be on when you power it up and fire the mod. So it’s Orange off, White on. :smile:
This device has no adjustment for wattage or anything so it’s easy to use for a 1st time vaper. The only setting is direct and constant voltage, and stealth mode as described above. The airflow vent makes this device usable for both MTL and DTL vape styles, the preinstalled 1.2ohm MTL coil might also be attractive for a first time vaper, as it can be used more like puffing a cig.

So this is a great device for a first time vaper or someone who is looking for a smaller stealthy device to carry. I do highly recommend this device based on performance, size and aesthetics.
It will be a great add to your collection!
More information can be found at

The current price point is less than $40.00 and it will definitely outlast a carton of those nasty butts.

HG $39.20:
MVS $36.99:
FT $38.35:


@CosmicTruth Very good review. Your pics and added details helped out a lot. My wife may be in the market for something like this in the near future.


Thanks for this review - I have a friend who I think would like this - will grab her one for her birthday!


Awesome and thorough run down brother, nice job! And thanks for sharing your thoughts 🖒


I like pics, thanks for the compliment. Your wife will like this, I grab a smallish mod when I take a quick trip. This one is quite petite.

Your welcome, she will be so surprised, bet she will love it.

Thanks bro, that definitely means a lot coming from a master reviewer!


I really enjoyed your review. Well done!

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Thank you much, I was afraid it may be a little too long of a read. It’s hard to not get too wordy but still explain everything about my experience. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I thought you nailed the review. You showed pics, gave the specs, how to set it up and explained how to use it, then gave your honest opinion. I hope you will do more.

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Thanks! I’m a noob so that review of my review means alot to me.
Jim your doing great too :smile: +1

my reddit D22C Review @ needs some love, if you can please go +1 it for me :wink:

Did review mention how it vapes in direct vs constant? Can you tell the difference in what mode your in from your vape? Which one hits harder, which one has longer battery life?
Questions I was curious about

I could tell no difference in the different modes except the light color. The description says “The box presents you with two optional modes: direct output and constant voltage output together with advanced dual circuit protection” DJLsb mention the only difference is one mode modulates the voltage output. Personally I just like the orangish light better than all white :smile:

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