Joyetech Exceed Box & D22 Atomizer Review- Exceeds Expectations!

Joyetech Exceed Box & Exceed D22 Atomizer

The words ‘Exceed Expectations’ are positioned above the Exceed Box lettering on the actual packaging. It is the perfect little slogan for Joyetech to label the Exceed Box with, because that’s exactly what this petite little beauty does. I was so excited to try this kit, which was sent to me by Joyetech for the purpose of this review. This would appear to be a starter kit at first glance, but I have found it to be much more. Its long battery life and tremendous flavor make the Excced the perfect starter kit, or on the go device.

Package Contents

1x Exceed Box Mod
1x Exceed D22 Atomizer
1x Ex 1.2ohm MTL Head
1x Ex 0.5ohm DL Head
1x Spare Glass Tube (3.5ml)
1x Extended Vent Pipe
1x USB Cable
1x Warranty Card
1x Warning Card
Spare Parts


Size: 25mm(W)*41mm(L)*115mm(H)
Weight: 145.8g
E-liquid Capacity: 2ml (can be changed into 3.5ml with a spare glass tube)
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Max Charging Current: 1A
Colors: Silver, Black, White, Dark Orange, Black & White
Output Mode: Direct Output / Constant Voltage Output
Features: Childproof System, Mouth-to-lung, Direct-lung, Optional Output Modes,
Features: Powerful Built-in Battery, Convenient Refilling

Exceed Box


The Exceed Box is compact, with rounded edges and very comfortable in-hand. The finish is velvety smooth, but not quite slippery, it has a nice grip to it. The battery indicator is located on the top of the mod, as well as two screws near the spring loaded 510. It is placed so that you are able to see the battery level as you vape.

What is really interesting is that Joyetech used a circular LCD Screen to indicate the battery level. It consists of five bars that form a circle around the Joyetech Logo, which displays in the center of the screen. Each bar represents the battery power left in the mod. There is also a light strip which encompasses the top of the mod and activates while firing. The light can also be switched off while vaping if you prefer.

The firing button is circular, and doesn’t protrude very much at all, making the body of the mod quite uniform. It also has a very satisfying click to it, and absolutely no button rattle whatsoever. Trust me; I shook the bugger until I couldn’t anymore. The charge port is located on the side of the mod, making charging a breeze.


The Exceed Box is the standard 5 Clicks On/Off, and utilizes both Direct Output and Constant Voltage Output. It has a hefty 3000mah battery, capable of 1amp charging, and can be charged via an outlet, or computer. To switch between modes, simply press the fire button three times. Direct Output displays as a white light, while Constant Voltage Output an orange light.

Short Circuit Protection
Atomizer Protection
Low Voltage Protection
If resistance is >3ohm the light will flash slowly.
If resistance is <0.2ohm the light will flash quickly 5 times, suggesting low output or potential short-circuit.

Battery Indicator:
5 Bars= 81%-100%
4 Bars= 61%-80%
3 Bars= 41%-60%
2 Bars= 21%-40%
1 Bar= 1%-20%

Exceed D22 Atomizer

The Exceed D22 is a fabulous little tank. It can utilize MTL as well as DL Coil heads. It has a child-proof top cap that must be simultaneously pushed down and turned to open. It is a top-fill, making refilling an absolute breeze.

The airflow on the D22 is really what makes this tank shine. You can use the Direct Lung airflow, which is an airy, single slit opening, or for a Mouth to Lung experience, it has an opening with 3 small holes.

The tank size is 2ml, but can be used with the pipe extender and spare glass (3.5ml) to hold more e-liquid.
The D22 uses the EX Series Coil heads for a truly flavorful experience. The 1.2ohm coil is for MTL and is rated for 8-14 watts, and the 0.5ohm DL coil is rated for 20-35 watts. 70/30 VG PG ratio e-liquid was used in testing both coils, and both performed flawlessly. There were absolutely no dry-hits, and the DL coil was quite thirsty for its small size. I could not actually believe the flavor that I got from using the DL coil, it was a really satisfying vape.

My Thoughts

Let me start by saying that my normal style of vaping is usually an RDA, atop a high wattage device. I generally vape between 60-75 watts. That being said, I was really surprised at how this mod performed, and not only that, I was blown away at the flavor that the DL Coil heads produced. If we compare this to the earlier EGO AIO Kit, the Exceed Box…well it exceeds the heck out of it, both in performance and flavor, even though the EGO AIO was a highly rated device and good performer. This kit is the solution to first buying a starter kit, then deciding to upgrade to a Direct Lung setup. It can also be totally satisfying to a veteran vaper. It really can be the best of both worlds using the Exceed.

I thoroughly enjoy the Exceed Box, and all that it has to offer. It is slim and compact, and easily fits in my back pocket or purse, and is really handy if I am somewhere I cannot easily use an RDA. Mouth to Lung is not quite my style, but the 1.2ohm coils produce the same superb flavor as the 0.5ohm coils, and would be perfect for anyone that enjoys a solid MTL vape. This is the perfect kit for anyone looking to kick the habit, and makes it a breeze to transition to an airier vape after time, while also being a great convenience mod that offers stellar flavor. I absolutely love this setup, and I already know that I will be buying replacement coils for it.

Its form factor, simplicity, and ease of use make the Exceed a perfect compact mod for on the go. I honestly wish that I would have had the Exceed Kit years ago when I quit smoking, as it surely would have made the process of transitioning between smoking and devices, to more devices, much simpler, and quite frankly, much more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the Joyetech Exceed Box and D22 Atomizer!

Click below to view the Exceed on Joyetech’s website
Exceed Box Product Page

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Thanks for a very thorough review dear! :+1:


Very nicely written review and those pictures are excellent! It’s nice to see Joyetech continuously putting out products catered to beginners and veterans. It certainly does look like an improvement to the AIO.

With the holidays quickly approaching it looks like a perfect gift idea for a smoker looking to quit.


Thanks Lolly! I love this little kit, even though I mostly use high wattage and the Goon, it’s like the perfect little stow away mod to use whenever I want. I usually make pretty low percentage mixes, which don’t always do well with tanks, but the flavor is outstanding with these coils.