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Introducing Joyetech RunAbout AIO Pod MOD

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I’d like to thank Joyetech for sending me this device for the purpose of this review.

The Joyetech RunAbout Pod MOD is Joyetech’s latest device designed with old and new users in mind. It is a small pocket friendly device with a built in battery and non-replaceable coil. When the coil is used up just replace the Pod, each Pod will come with a new coil.

The device body is made of Zinc Alloy; it has a solid feel and interesting shape reminiscent of a surf board. It is said to be designed with a Yacht in mind. The device is not waterproof but will fit in nice for your beach excursions, just stow the device in a Ziploc plastic bag to protect it from sand and spray.

When you receive the device there will be a Pod pre-installed, remove the Pod then remove the sticker that acts as an insulator on the electrical contacts on the bottom of the Pod. The refill hole is quite small so you will want a needle point bottle or syringe to fill the Pod with 2ml of your favorite salt base e-liquid. The device is best for a Mouth to Lung (MTL) vape but it produces plenty of vapors.

The RunAbout device comes with 2 of the Pods, which makes it nice to carry a 2nd flavor or just extra juice for a long excursion.

Each Pod has a 2ml TPD compliant capacity and they are easy to change. Just pull upward and the Pod will come loose from the battery, push the new Pod firmly into the battery and it will click into place ready to use.

Five clicks of the button to turn the device on or off. Three clicks to cycle through the available LED light colors. The lights illuminate the fire button, tank and extra bottom LED; you can choose from White, Off, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow and Cyan. You should be able to find your favorite color; there are no other complicated settings to confuse a new user. I wish the LED lights were more vibrant, they just come on during the puff and go out 5 seconds later. They quietly pulse for a few seconds only when the battery is low.

The device does include all the Standard Joyetech Safety Features built in including overcharge, over discharge, Short Circuit protection, and an accidental discharge timeout will shut the device off after fifteen seconds, which will make it safer to throw in your backpack purse or pocket. There is also Load resistance and battery level checks to make the device quite safe.

• Size: 116.6X30X15mm
• Pod size 29.3X24.6X13.7mm
• Weight: Package=133.5g or 4.7oz
• Weight: MOD w/ empty Pod=76.8g or 2.7oz
• Power: Built in 480mAh
• Coil: 1.2 ohm coil built into replaceable pod tank
• Capacity: 2ml in a removable Pod
• Colors: Zebra, Exotic Blue Oak Wood, Black Wood, Blue Wavy Riva, White Marble, Red Oak Wood.

1 X Runabout Battery
2 X Pod Cartridge
1 X Micro USB Cable
1 X User Instructions Sheet
1 X Warranty Card
1 X Pod Use Information Card

Final word:
I just share information on the device and let you make up your mind if this device is right for you. But I wish they had this when I bought my first eGo-T, this device is much more enjoyable.

It is comfortable to your lip and produces a great MTL vape, RunAbout’s design makes it ergonomic and stealthy in hand and very pocket friendly. The sealed Pods do not leak and for their small size output great flavor and vapor.

The Pods are quite clear so it is easy to see when the liquid is running low.

The Colorful LED lights communicate the battery level, even when the LEDs are turned off the red warning light comes on to let you know when it’s time to charge.

The coils have no break-in time like your larger coils might, you do however need to fill the Pod and let it rest 5 minutes to let the juice saturate the coil.

The matte finish on my device is not a fingerprint magnet, but it is shiny enough those with shinyitus should avoid touching this device, once held in hand you will want one of your own. 

I recommend this device for new vapsters wanting to kick the habit because of its smooth flavorful MTL vape; I recommend this device for old vapsters who love MTL vaping because of its smooth flavorful MTL vape!

At the time I am writing this, the new RunAbout is available on preorder for ONLY $30.59: Joyetech RunAbout Pod MOD Kit
Cigarettes are struggling to compete; it would not be a good day to buy stocks in Tobacco Companies.

The RunAbout Replacement Pod Cartridge is priced at $4.99 listed as IN STOCK [PREORDER] it will start shipping October 26th, 2018. I couldn’t tell if it’s for 1 or 2 Pods: RunAbout Pods

More information about the RunAbout can be found at the Joyetech Website:
Joyetech RunAbout


Alright my Cosmic buddy!!! Excellent review! Great pics, great write-up! Everything is there without babbling on forever.


Thanks Brother Ogre, it’s just a Pod MOD but I think you will like it, I’ve seen you MTL vape before :smile:


Yes sir. I guess I just like to vape. VW, TC, Replay, Regulated, Mech, MTL, DTL, I enjoy them all.


This is just a great hobby, VAPE-DIY and we get a nicotine buzz as a little side reward :smile:


Well done Cosmic! Thanks for the good read.


With the ever growing popularity of salts, pods, and small carry solutions, this one is very unique looking. Nicely done @CosmicTruth.


Thanks @Eddiepraysforpeace for taking the time to read it.
Thank you @SessionDrummer, I really like the MTL draw on this device.


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Nice one @CosmicTruth, it looks good. :+1:


Great review. :+1: Thanks @CosmicTruth


You are more than welcome @Stankhammer, thanks for reading it.
Thank you @Josephine_van_Rijn, It is a great little device, I only wish it had a bigger battery and MORE LEDS :slight_smile:
Thanks for the compliment, and taking the time to read @Burga.
I hope everyone sees in the photo album the bonus images showing the dissection of the Pod/coil.