Joyetech ULTEX T80 with CUBIS MAX

Introducing Joyetech ULTEX T80 with CUBIS MAX

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This review is my honest opinion and has not been falsified in any way or for any reason. The purpose of this review is to allow the buyer to make a more informed decision and not to increase sales of the product. I’d like to thank Joyetech for sending me this kit as compensation for this review. The kit I received was marked as a sample and some changes may be made for the retail production version of this device.

Dive in:
The device comes in a usual box, but on opening the package you see the ULTEX T80 alongside the CUBIS MAX tank and it is gorgeous. There is also a spare glass packaged all in the usual manner, it’s all packed neatly for presentation in a foam block. The T80 has an interesting design stamped into the metal body, the fire button is raised, and the device definitely has a space age design something like a star wars lightsaber. The spare O-rings spare NCFilmTM heat element, screwdriver and screws as well as the precut cotton wicks and Micro USB cable is all neatly packaged in a seperate box alongside the foam block.

Innovative Design:
When I began disassembled the tank for pre-cleaning, the first thing that I saw (as the little cotton wick fell out) was the innovative NCFilmTM heater. This little heat element is notch cut similar to the NotchCore NotchCoils but the NCFilmTM is flat. It attaches horizontally in ceramic to the underside of the bottom of the tank with 2 tiny screws. The cotton wick is 0.5” X 0.6” and will be easy to make from those widely available cotton pads. The wick also sits in a ceramic base that fits onto the bottom of the tank with a little notch to keep it aligned. There is a screw on ring that locks the ceramic wick and element together, with the wick against the heater, onto the bottom of the tank.

Image compliments of Joyetech

OK I have to get the instructions out, because this is different!

The ULTEX T80 with the CUBIS MAX is an extremely solid well-built device. It is capable of Variable Wattage, Bypass, TC (Ni Ti SS) and TCR, it’s all available! So it’s not just another pen, this is an Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) and it even has a display. The display is magnified to 0.55” X 0.3” (so 0.59” diagonal) by a lens. It is an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. It is small but is large enough to display the proper information: it shows coil resistance, then puffs time or volts and a battery graphic, also the set wattage or temperature and operation mode.

Love at first vape:
This tank is so flavorful, I have to say I like the flavor more than all my other tanks. I’ve been testing the top airflow trying to get it to leak and so far I cannot. The lower portion of the MOD is just the right size to fit you hand comfortably. The body of the mod is raised at the fire button making it easy to find even with the lights out. The display although small is easy to read because the OLED has a glass magnifying lens. The airflow is quiet while wide open and can be closed off enough for a good mouth to lung vape. It uses a standard 8.3mm 510 size changeable drip tip. This is a clean beautiful design that definately has a feel of being designed for adults not kids.

Space age aesthetics

Kit Contents:
1 X ULTEX T80 (no battery)
1 X CUBIS Max atomizer (including 1 X NCFilmTM heater and wick installed)
1 X QC USB cable
2 X Manual
1 X Warranty card
2 X Warning card
1 pack of Spare parts = 6 O-rings, 2 screws. 1 spare NCFilmTM heater and 1 mini screwdriver.


  • Capacity: 5ml tank capacity
  • Package gross weight: 329.5g or 11.6oz
  • Device weight: 217g or 7.7oz with full tank & battery
  • Weight: 165.7g empty with no battery
  • Size: 25.5mm diameter tank at base, 28.0mm diameter tank glass
  • Size: 138.5mm total length
  • Power: single 18650 battery (25A high rate)
  • Power output: 1-80W
  • Coil: NCFilmTM Kanthal heat element 0.25Ω, 35-45W (best at 42.0W)
  • Modes: POWER /BYPASS /TEMP (NI TI SS) /TCR (M1 M2 M3)
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5Ω for TC/TCR mode, and 0.05-3.5Ω for VW mode
  • Display: 0.49 OLED
  • Colors: Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Sky Blue, Dazzling Rainbow

Joyetech Safety Features:

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over-charging protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-discharging protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Puff duration limit 10 seconds

Top Air Flow
No Leaking
Great Flavor
Easy to Re-wick
CHEAP to Re-wick
Instant break-in
Easy to clean heat element
No Coils
Heavy duty construction
Sliding top cap fill
Dense Flavorful Vapor
Standard 510 drip tip
Low power NCFilmTM heat element

No bulky boxy MOD
Tube/pen style
Beautiful contours and lines
Breathtaking aesthetics
Outstanding ergonomics
Removable 18650 battery
TC TCR capabilities
0.1W adjustment below 20W
1W adjustment above 20W
5°C increment adjustment
10°F increment adjustment
10 second over puff shutdown
Coil preheat function
Menu system for options customization
Easy mode selection
Micro USB port
Updatable Firmware

Cannot open the tank without draining it
Bottom tank section difficult to remove from upper section
Included heat elements are Kanthal (non TC)
Missing time out duration adjustment on the options menu, but shown in the instruction pamphlet
Instruction pamphlets print is too small to read without magnification
Missing Logo capabilities shown in the options menu (this may be coming)

Turn the device on or off with the normal 5 clicks of the fire button.
Click the power button 3 times to enter operation mode selection, press the up (+) or down (-) button to choose between Bypass, TC Ni, Ti, SS, TCR M1, M2, M3 or Wattage mode.
If wattage mode is selected pressing the up (+) or down (-) button will adjust the device output wattage.
If Temperature (TC Ni, Ti or SS) or TCR (M1, M2 or M3) is selected the up (+) or down (-) button will adjust the device output temperature.
While the device is in TC or TCR mode pressing the fire button 4 times allows you to adjust the wattage used while in TC or TCR mode
Additional options will be included in the option menu to lock the coil or set TCR while the device is in TC or TCR mode.
While in any operation mode enter the device options menu by pressing up (+) and the fire button simultaneously.
The option menu has several general settings you can change including stealth mode and coil preheat, and also allows you to see the hardware and firmware version and the battery level.
After the device is set to your desired mode and setting you can lock the regulatory buttons by pressing and holding the up and down buttons simultaneously. While the device is locked you cannot accidently adjust the wattage or temperature, but you can still fire the device or enter the options menu.

In order to take the tank apart I removed the bottom threaded ring then wrapped a rubber band around the bottom tank section in order to be able to grip the lower tank section to unscrew it. Be sure to empty the tank before disassembling it. Do not use plyers to disassemble the tank as you might damage the metal, scratch the finish or break the glass.

NCFilmTM heat element

I highly recommend this device for everyone, new vapers will love its ease of use, and old vapers will love the ergonomics and capabilities built into it. The incredible flavor is just a bonus, and in my opinion is the result of the centered horizontal heat element combined with the top airflow. It takes just a minute and a tiny square of cotton to re-wick and clean the heat element. Also the Kanthal heat element will surely not only last a long time but they will be much more affordable to replace than factory coils and probably even less expensive than RDA wire. I don’t know the release date or price for the Joyetech ULTEX T80 with CUBIS MAX kit, but I know my wife already wants one, and I’m pretty sure anyone who has a chance to try one will want it also.

Wick Screwdriver & NCFilmTM Heat element
Penny added for scale comparison

Easy to re-coil and re-wick, plus included with every kit you get a screwdriver!


  • 1.9mm diameter (0.07”)
  • 5.9mm handle (0.23”)
  • 45.6mm length (1.8”)
  • Plastic and metal

NCFilmTM Kanthal 0.25Ω, 35-45W (best at 42.0W)
0.4” X0 .42” element 0.4” X 0.75” overall

Joyetech ULTEX T80 with CUBIS MAX

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of this terrific innovative Joyetech device.


Finally some real innovation instead of led lights and bluetooth speakers :slight_smile:
Great review man. Thanks for the effort to test and write it!


It’s innovative, the Kanthal heat element has long life, and is easy to clean. IDK how much they are going to cost but it may be more affordable than wire!


A bit pricey to be honest. I bet they will go for cheaper in a few months :slight_smile:


My wife is bummed because they just sent one and I won’t let her have it :slight_smile:
I wish they had sent more so I could give one away.
I’m sure they will drop to about $50 in no time.


3fvape already has them on preorder for $62 :slight_smile:

Mod only is $42


$57.57 using vc8 code, release date is not till Oct 30 though.

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In all honestly i want the tank only. I don’t like tube mods


I Love it, I don’t have anything else with the same capabilities of this in a tube.
I wish it had a SS316 heat element for TC

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I was just going to say that I would be interested in the tank. My sister doesn’t build and it would be so much cheaper for her than stock coils.
She’s got enough mods.

It’s either this one or the RiftCore I have my eye on for her but I’m waiting for the price to drop.

edit I forgot to say that the review was very good @CosmicTruth :blush:


Very nice review. Hit all the important stuff for me. I like the idea of this tank, glad you broke it down. Glad to see even with governments trying to kill vaping people still innovate.

So glad you included the screwdriver specs :joy:



Thanks @Josephine_van_Rijn and @28If glad you enjoyed the review and screwdriver specs :smile:

This tank is about as fast as the RiftCore to open, rinse, change the wick. So it is also good for testing different e-liquids.


What is ncfilm? Is there element kanthal coated?

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They have it on preorder at vaporl and they have a site wide 15% discount , code BANQ15

I’ve already ordered one for my sis.


I asked what they were made of and was told it is Kanthal. The ends seem to be steel of some type. I’m not sure exactly other than Kanthal and they do not work in TC mode.

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Vaporl is yet another of those sites that won’t ship to Israel …


How about this one? Same price just no discount

edit; Shit, I just saw they’re out of stock but I’m sure they’ll get more in.

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They will come in stock once released, I bet the units wont be released from the factory till late October.

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Yep, I just saw that, October 22. I can wait :wink:


Great review!! Thanks for your work man!!:beers: