Joyetech Ultimo

I bought this tank looking for something to replace the cloud and vapor production power of my Maganus. This little beast of a tank far surpasses the Maganus in both vapor production and flavor. The Ultimo is a very simple tank to assemble, fill, and change coils on.

A very clean and crisp look to it makes for a very pleasant piece of vape jewelry to adorn any MOD. The breakdown is easy straight forward and genuinely gorgous.

With a great variety of coil options this is the perfect tank for the semi beginner as well as the seasoned veteran vapor. Coils are small simple and easy to replace the RBA deck* has a nice amount of room to build on.
*Sold Seperately

The ultimo looks very good atop the Cuboid and they work very well together.
As promised vapor production is thick and plentiful
This is with a 0.5 coil, at 50 watts using 75/25 VG/PG at 3mg/ml nic


Nice review @GPC2012! I like how the coil heads are short and fat with wide diameter coils. I bet the airflow is super smooth and open

Very, at about half way open it has more air flow than the cubis wide open

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Well this is a follow up on my original review.
After less than a month of vaping this tank it has Ultimately fucked me over. I changed coils the other night it was just time I was beginning to get a harsh taste. So vape the tank pretty much empty and get out my new coil, a paper towel or two a cotton swab and took one last vape off the tank on my Cuboid, little did I know it would be the last vape for either. I took the tank off set it aside and rolled the end of a paper towel up and poked into the little 510 opening. I always check to see if my tank is leaking, it was not. I replaced the coil filled the tank, wiped it down and set it aside to allow the jucie to soak the coil. re-assembled the tank and mod. The mod is reading 0.0 ohms on the tank. hit the fire button nothing still 0.0. Took the tank off and apart checked the coil it was in correctly and tight, it was. put it back together still no vapor. Now I am getting the atomizer short message and check atomizer messages. I put the tank on a different mod same thing. I changed the coil, figure OK so I got a bad coil Oh well. Guess again exact same scenario through the last three coils I had. OK so the tank is bad, hell I’ve only had it three weeks. I put my Atlantis on the Cuboid guess what now it won’t even see my tank or my wifes or any of the threeor four others I tried on it.
So long story short not only do I have a tank that doesn’t work it ruined one of my mods. Sweet-Vapes states they only give tanks a 24 hour warranty, even though Joyetech says they have a 90 day warranty. Joyetech tells me I have to handle it through the company I bought it from. Well that’s a hell of a racket they got going on there. THAT WILL BE THE VERY LAST JOYETECH ITEM I EVER BUY. Please feel free to share this with every one you know.