Joyetech upgrade 1.20v

Just upgraded my e vic mini to version 1.20 and its just took this puppy to 75w. Anyone else done this?


Just updated, because of this post - didn’t try it or anything ;D

Its working well @daath glad i checked.

Good to know @Pattie; I haven’t updated mine yet…I was waiting to see if the upgrade actually was a good thing to do! :smirk: Mine has been working flawlessly so far and I didn’t want to upgrade it and have the upgrade cause issues.

Is the process fairly simple and painless?

@Jimk been using it all day mate. It took seconds to do, only looked on the off chance. Glad i did now. 75w. Good little up grade. Only got the x cube to do @DarthVapor sent me an older version to update with. Will tackle that tonight. Fingers x. If it doesn’t sort it out, ebay here we come. Ha. :smile:


The new update package also contains the old firmwares, if you want to revert :slight_smile:

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Just updated New firmware 2.0. Now I can see all information on screen at one time. They changed the relationship between ohms and temperature. Getting same effect at about 30 degrees lower .and still have the 75 watts maximum I had from the last upgrade. Better ramp up time at a lower wattage then before. I like it!

There is a 2.0 firmware up grade now,check it out. You can see all your information on the screen at one time. New changes between ohms and temperature relationship. Works much better. :grin: