Juice Factory closing!

I will put this here since they have some deals going to sell their remaining stock.
Been a customer for years, it is really sad to see them go :cry:

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Dear valued customers,

After 10 years in this amazing community, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of our retail business along with the majority of our wholesale operations at the end of next week.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have supported us over the years. Your loyalty and patronage have meant the world to us and has made it possible for us to do what we love every day. We will always look back on our time in business with fond memories and gratitude for the opportunity to serve you.

Before we say goodbye, we want to offer one final opportunity for you to take advantage of our products. We have plenty of stock left on the shelves including loads of 500ml bottles and it all must go. Effective immediately we are hosting a huge sale with up to 50% off all products. This is your last chance to get your hands on your favourite items, at least at these prices.

All orders will get 20% off.
Orders over $200 will be 30% off (a $200 cart will become $140)
Orders over $500 will be 40% off (a $500 cart will become $300)
Orders over $1,000 will be 50% off (a $1,000 will become $500)

All discounts are automatic and will be calculated and shown on both the cart and checkout pages.

Moving forward we will still be open for orders of JF SC and JF Gourmet SC flavours in 500ml and above so if this is something you are after please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you again for your support and loyalty. We will always cherish the relationships we have built.


Tom and the Juice Factory team.


It is so sad to see small vape and flavor businesses closing!


They’re located in my home state and have always been a delight to deal with. Back in the day they were the go to in Australia for concentrates.
It’s sad but considering the onslaught that’s going on demonising vaping in Australia I doubt they’ll be the last to go this year.
To be honest I’m as guilty as anyone as I haven’t dealt with them for a time and have been buying from the UK for a good while now.

Very sad and I wish Tom and all staff the very best for the future.


They were a pleasure to deal with from the other side of the world.
Their shipping was affordable, unlike anything coming out of the US, and if anything had leaked it was always picked up straight away with an offer for a replacement or my money back.
I haven’t ordered anything from them for some years, but I haven’t ordered from anyone else either.
I don’t need anything, I’m set up for the rest of my life.


Yes, I used them a few times for flavours and my LB-501 scales. As they disappear another (LiquidDIY) is expanding. I have only ever got flavours from Aussie suppliers to help support local businesses. :smile:


Only a “small” order as most of the flavors I wanted had already been snapped up. Wanted to get 125mls of FA Meringue but all they had left was two 10ml bottles so I grabbed ‘em while I could. Same with the INW Shisha Strawberry (the only SB I can taste). Yeah, sad to see Tom and the team shut down. They were handy to order from when I needed restocking in a hurry (45kms away) and always a pleasure to deal with and their CS was second-to-none. Best of luck Tom :muscle: :cry: :broken_heart:.