Juice Factory flavors

after greeting

is there any one try Juice Factory ( shisha super concentrate ) ?

really it is amazing

I want to know what kind of tobacco flavor on it !!
I didnt try 555 and some type of tobacco

and is there any online shop sell it in USA ?

I dont like all tobacco flavors
I have tried ( 7 leaves , monson , RY4 , royal FA , virginia , storm , gold ducat , cubano , perique black , dusk , turkish )
I like ( ry4 , turkish , monson , royal FA ) only

thanks all …

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I am fairly sure (not 100%) that the sc that Juice Factory carry are the same as the https://www.vapingzone.com flavours.


I have tried most of JF super concentrates. These are very nice alcohol base flavours. That are very easy to mix. My favorite tobacco from JF is real cig. Not overly sweet. Havent tried the shisha though.

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They are the very same. The only difference is that Vapingzone is more expensive.


General note:

Please exercise caution so you do not confuse Juice Factory with Jungle Flavors!

Especially in the flavor database!



I wish the flavor maker was on a pull down type selector to standardize that part of the flavor database.
FA is not the same as TPA


here only SC for real flavors


…never heard of them haha :smiley: are they any good?


@DarkJester89 @Adam89 these are actually very good flavours and are indeed up there with the best of them. The selection isnt massive but the super concentrates they do sell are excellent. 🖒


Can somebody let us know the correct syntax for these flavours? I’ve been looking through the database for them and it looks like anything goes!

I’ve been driven to look at them due to the huge difficulty with getting Champagne (RF) these days, or any PG-free substitute, come to that. But Juice Factory SC do a champagne flavour Has anybody tried that one?


My access level is somewhat limited… But my hunch is that it’s going to have to be a manual cleanup.


It is a mess but which brand isnt, glad u asking first! awaiting “official” decision I would go by previous similar syntax but (JF) being taken Apple (Juice Factory) or Apple (SC) (Juice Factory)


Would have to ask daath I guess, but could always add it as JFac or JFactory.

But it’s confusing for beginners again, since some share the same first letters.

Reminds me of the old/new? bottle labels TFA now has, from time to time I find things like (FA) Dragon fruit (before flavour art actually added it to their line) and I knew people were adding it as such because of the Fa label on the Tfa bottle.

Now that FA actually added that flavor, the notes and percentage might be relating to both, because of the issue above lol.

Guess we just have to see what juice factory could fall under since jungle flavors takes up the JF lol

I hate my auto correct …

In the database it goes by Juice Factory. Or at least it is used that way by most people.

I always put my Juice Factory flavours in like that too.


I’m awaiting further clarification, from the powers-that-be (@daath ? ) after reading @woftam’s post in another thread:


That would make sense wouldn’t it?


Are these all PG-Free Alcohol based flavors? How did I miss this? EU?

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The Super Concentrates are, I don’t think the Gourmet Super Concentrates are alcohol based.
I get mine in Australia cause they don’t sell them in the EU and VZ is a lot more expensive.

They sell Wonder Flavours SC at Chef’s but they’re PG based.


Oh, ok. Thanks! I was referring to Juice Factory/Vaping Zone. Not sure if those are related to Gourmet. I’m in the US, so was thinking these must be EU/Non-US companies since I hadn’t heard of them. I didn’t do any searching before jumping on with my question, which would have been wiser, I believe.


Juice Factory and Vaping Zone both sell SC and Gourmet SC (GSC) flavours.

Juice Factory is in Australia and Vaping Zone in the US