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Juice leaving black residue in tank chimney?

I made a popular recipe Sinnamon Cookie 8 months ago. Used some with no problem, but then put it aside until recently. It’s quite a bit darker after 8 months, but otherwise looks crystal clear. Now, when using it in a VandyVape Beserker tank, it is leaving a nasty looking black residue in the bell chimney. I’ve run several other juices through that tank and never see any residue. Vaping MTL at about 8 watts on a 1.8 ohm coil.

Any idea what causes the residue?


Cinnanimium and sucralose collecting… Get yourself chim-chimney-chim-chimney-churoo


(For what it may be worth), I found a few mentions of darkening with age and oxidation:

CINNAMON, the inner bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, a small evergreen tree belonging to the natural order Lauraceae, native to Ceylon. … Ceylon cinnamon of fine quality is a very thin smooth bark, with a light-yellowish brown colour, a highly fragrant odour, and a peculiarly sweet, warm and pleasing aromatic taste. … essential oil … is of a golden-yellow colour, with the peculiar odour of cinnamon and a very hot aromatic taste. It consists essentially of cinnamic aldehyde, and by the absorption of oxygen as it becomes old it darkens in colour and develops resinous compounds.


The pungent taste and scent come from cinnamaldehyde (about 90% of the essential oil from the bark) and, by reaction with oxygen as it ages, it darkens in colour and forms resinous compounds.

The referenced paper is pay-walled:


That happens @Redcrown when vaping dark custard and desert type flavors. Nothing to worry about. My favorite MTL recipe does that. The older it gets the better tasting, but also the more gunk. I clean my Siren 2 every other tank. Sometimes when I just don’t feel like cleaning it and I go 4 or 5 tanks full it looks really bad. If I use factory coils they don’t last long at all. I got a photo somewhere I can post if I find it.


What kind of residue are you talking about? Something like a burnt solid residue or juice that has been darkened up completely?
If it’s liquid that is really dark / black, it’s probably just burnt particles in your juice. For the other, it may be bacteria growth. You need to keep your gear clean every on a very regular basis.
Pictures are worth a 1000 words with questions like these.


Talk about extreme steeping. Dayum!


I may get scolded for this by others, but sometimes I take my tank apart when it gets low on juice, but before it needs a new coil, and just douche the whole damn thing, even the coil and the cotton and everything, and really get after the metal and glass and rubber.
It sometimes gives my coil a little more life, but I’m mostly trying to clean all the mouth stuff off of it, because lets face it, I’m drinking coffee then vaping, beer then vaping, whiskey then vaping, smoking crack then vaping (not really), eating lunch then vaping, you get the idea, then I’m walking around with my rig in my pocket and picking up god knows what kind of lint from my pocket, if you think about it Its kinda gross.
Doesn’t take an article from the New England Journal of medicine to make you go eeew!
So yeah, clean that sumbitch. Q-tips.


Never a bad idea to keep things clean @Chef_Johnny.


scape it out, roll it into a ball and smoke it… You’ll be in flavour country boy


There’s a member here with the username Crusty Drip Tip.
Best name evah! :crazy_face: