Juices are turning yellowish color why

I’m finding that my juices are turning yellowish color in the sub tank clear in the bottles but start changing color in the tank.This is with old and new tanks new coils I even saw it happen in a tank I used to test a flavor (new coil) vaped it once put it in my rack came back in 2 days to use and it was yellowish.What do you think?

This is somewhat normal and expected and depends greatly on your hardware. However if it tastes yellow it’s time to re-wick or change your coil. Just juice sealed in a bottle will get darker over time. Inside your tank it’s getting somewhat cooked, but more likely what you are witnessing is wicked juice (was almost vaporized) flowing back into the tank (maybe going from hot to cold temps and vice versa? Like work and car?)

All the main causes are nice :slight_smile: nice work team.

How clean are your tanks? If it’s with a new coil…are you washing out the tank?

If it really isn’t the coil or the tank it’s the juice. Are you making your own?