JUICY JUICE Recipes are marked Private

If any one knows juicy juice can they let him know his new shared recipes are marked private and can’t see them. I use like 3 of his older recipes and I can’t make them cause they’re private now! I don’t think he knows because I just got an email for a recipe but it’s private

I use his “kiss my dragon fruit” “Sour grape gummy candy” and a Peach recipe of his


Because he was pumping a lot out without testing them i called him out as i mixed up 3 and they where nothing as he described. He openly admitted he doest steep many and knows what they will be like because he knows how all flavors react with all other flavor concentrates. So he said he was making all of them private and start getting back to basics and testing his stuff and not acting in a callas way trying to get followers


OOOHHH damn ok. Thanks for responding and letting me know the reason. Enough said. Lol


When someone puts out 8 recipes every other day there’s good chance they’re shit… Looking at you too Coilhead