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Juicy Peach tpa tart?


I’ve been trying to make a peaches and cream liquid for a while now and I’ve been using Juicy Peach from TPA. When I think of a juicy Peach I think of a big sweet juicy Peach LOL but this flavoring juicy Peach always comes out tart like a very unriped Peach. I’ve tried using sweeter creams and even using EthylM to sweeten it up but it still tastes tart. Did I just get a bad batch of the flavor cuz there’s no juicy in this at all. I use about 4% juicy Peach with about two to 4% cream. I seem to have the cream part down that part taste good using Vanilla swirl and vanilla bean ice cream. I’ve even tried adding a little bit of mango to sweeten up the fruit part but sadly it’s still tart how do I make this tart sweet. Thanks



Taste is very subjective of course, but I don’t get much tartness from Peach (Juicy) TPA. To me it is what it says on the bottle… a juicy ripe and sweet peach flavor.
Sure we’re talking about the same flavor? Juicy Peach is from CAP, Peach Juicy from TPA IIRC



this bottle says flavors apprentice, and the Title big label has Juicy Peach. Dont see a Peach (juicy) on it



wonder if its my temps using 64w on .18 mesh coil




The reason it was mentioned concerning the name difference, Re-bottlers screw up the names all the time



No you wattage seems fine. Juicy peach tpa or whatever the name is…is more of a peach ring type peach…for me. You will need to try and add another peach or two. White Peach FA or Peach FA. Or an inw version or others.



gotcha, kinda walking in the dark trying to figure out if its cap or tpa lol I think the %s of them are different. I went ahead and ordered some jungle flavors honey peach I heard some good things about, ill try the others mentioned thanks all



Your bottle is tpa based on the label…

I use (JF)'honey peach a lot, my favorite peach after all, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

All I can recommend is, start low, it’s a extreme potent flavor that does fade/mellow out a little bit still overruns everything and anything if not careful.



nice, Im going to try to make a Peaches and Cream with the honey peach. How do these percentages look?
Honey Peach (jf) 1.7%
FA Cream Fresh 1.2%
cap Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 2.7%



I can only base the next statement on my personal experience and taste. This might be not the same for you, therefore test the flavor prior but if you want to taste the cream(s) and not just have thick peach syrup, i’d lower it. Since you’re not using very heavy creams here.

I’d try it between .75-1.25% in that recipe if you stick with these creams.



will try that thanks for the tips



Late response @EagleSpiritWolf but @estorm’s right !!!



All I can recommend is, start low, it’s a extreme potent flavor that does fade/mellow out a little bit still overruns everything and anything if not careful.

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Yeah you’re right Peach is a very strong flavor. It totally mutilated any recipe I made with it over the last 4 months. When and if I use Peach now I use it very very very low as a small back note flavor. Because in your face Peach is really disgusting when Vaped for me personally.



Are we still talking about TPA Juicy Peach ?? If so, my experience is it’s pretty good as a juicy peach, but I typically have to mix it pretty heavy, as it turned out not to be as strong.