Jumped Down The Rabbit Hole

I just placed my first order for flavors, VG, PG, Nicotine, a scale, and bottles. All should be here within a week. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be starting mixing! For the last week I’ve been reading well into the early hours of the morning on mixing, different recipes, and just reading other people’s experiences with mixing their own juices trying to learn as much as possible before diving in on my own. I found a few beginning recipes (since I’ll be mixing for myself and my wife who decided to quit smoking with me) and ordered all of the flavors needed to make them…I chose 7 recipes that called for 30 different flavors so a good base to build from and add to is in place (I hope). Over the next few days I’ll be adding them to my stash and seeing what else can be mixed up as well as starting on my wishlist for the next order, I’m sure. Yep…I’ve been bitten by the bug and there’s not one ounce of regret in my body! I had no idea that NOT smoking would taste so good and be so much fun! I’m already trying to use what I have around the house to start on my own “work station” to house my supplies since I’ve also started dabbling in RBTAs.

I wonder…would this fall under the category of my “mid-life crisis”? If so…Oh well…I could have chosen much more destructive/unhealthy behaviors.



With stats like that, you aren’t fooling around! :sunglasses: And folks around here will be glad to help you on your journey… they already can see you know how to use the search function, so… jump in and have fun. Welcome aboard! :grin:


This would fall under the new hobby and life style choices.

Congrats on the first order. Happy mixing.


Welcome to the Rabbit Hole =)


Just in case you need help finding it =)


Bring one of these =)


That’s it, exactly! Smoking really was a lifestyle and I lived it for many, many years. I’m the kind of person that if I’m going to do something, I need to do it right (my f2f friends and family would say that I have this inexplicable need to do it BIG too… :blush: ). I finally got my head screwed on straight and quit killing myself on the daily so now it’s time to replace that lifestyle with something I have always enjoyed doing…making useful things, organizing those things, and enjoying every minute of it. Yes…I know that I’ll mess things up, but that’s just how I’m going to learn how to get them right (to my tastes, that is).

I have already discovered the my vanity/desk is not nearly big enough for what little supplies I have already. I have been buying different juice and trying them out. I have found that I’m already mixing those into one another (my double shot cappuccino mixed with a creamy banana tastes delicious) has shown me that my tastebuds really do work after all these years. I am beginning to detect the different flavors in the vape, what different notes are, what is dominant/subtle, and how they all flow together to give an overall impression.

I don’t know how smart it has been to start all of this now as I’m going on the road for work, but I’ll make it work. Guess I know what I’ll be doing in the hotel after the work day is done!





Congratulations, and have fun. Here I learned a lot, good people and very friendly in this forum …
Sorry my bad english…


And its so funny, I quit smoking in January, and have become a vape geek as a result, and after 5 months I don’t even compare it to cigarettes anymore.
You couldn’t make me put a combustible in my mouth and suck it for anything in the world.
Well, nicotine combustible anyway.
Some things you just need to burn.
But you know.
I notice this is from March, I hope your journey since has served you well.

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