Jungle Flavors / Flavor Jungle Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer

Forest Mix (Flavor Jungle) 4% (6-8-24) – When waiting for this one to steep, I did wonder if it would be similar to FA’s Forrest Fruit. Turns out it was fairly different. I mean, it was still a fruit medley, but quite a bit different than FA’s. It was very complicated trying to extract the individual fruits in this mix, but it did lean somewhat to the darker side. It seemed to revolve more around “berry” fruits, with maybe some blueberry, raspberry, and maybe some grape. Sweetness was a few ticks below mid-level, and there was some very nice tartness to the finish, which helped keep it interesting. I wouldn’t say as focused, or good as FA’s, but still pretty good. For a “berry”-ish focused medley, it was pretty good. No off-notes, and about the only minor issue would be a slight lack of focus. Tasty, just enough tart, and berry good (see what I did there). After 3 testers, finally decided to score it at a fairly high 7.9/10.


Sweet Cinnamon Bun (Flavor Jungle) 4% (6-9-24) – Thanks out to @natbone for patiently waiting for this review. ONTO the tests !!! OK, cinnamon vapes CAN be tricky to get right. This one seemed to bridge TWO different profiles for me, and YOU guys will have to decide if it works for you. It was a “half and half” pairing of a Cinnamon Bun, AND, a Honey Bun !!! Yes, that’s right, BOTH of them. Three testers in, I kept coming back to that original assessment. It wasn’t fully (IMO) a Cinnamon Bun, or a Honey Bun, but both. The “bun” portion was probably the BEST aspect of this flavor, as it really captured it. The cinnamon was present, but somewhat lighter overall, and in now way overbearing. The buttery, honey-ish portion was also quite good. Despite it not being either of the two, the pairing (again, IMO), left this one COMPLETELY ready to be push/pulled into whatever, or whichever you desired. The cinnamon was light enough that if you boosted the honey, and butter it could be pulled that direction, and vice versa by boosting the cinnamon towards the other direction. Sweetness was at about mid-level, and felt good for this type of flavor. Tasty ?? Yes. A full on Cinna Bun ?? No. I’ll have to rate it for it’s named profile, but don’t count this one out, as it’s bun, and honey buttery goodness was too good. As a pure cinna bun, I’ll have to rate it down to a 7.0/10, but this one might just be/become a great base/starter for some MORE buns.


Great, thanks for the work. I don’t want to derail anything here, but here’s the problem I have. I taste yeast or the beer flavor. I don’t like the taste of beer so I don’t drink it. However, bread is my favorite food group. I’ve tried many variations of cinnamon bun recipes but the main ingredient always has that taste. I wonder if there is anything that could mitigate it, hide it, etc. I’ve tried dropping the percentage of the main flavor but then it just disappears. I guess I’ll just stick to eating them.


@natbone you get that from the Flavor Jungle SCB ?? I didn’t get much if any from my tests. About my only complaint was that it was half honey bun, and half cinna bun, but that was about it. I know the flavor/profile/note(s) that you are talking about, and I didn’t get any overt ones from that flavor.


Ultimate Coconut Milk (Flavor Jungle) 2%/4% (6-9-24) – On to the second Coconut in this series, with the Ultimate Coconut Milk. In the bottle this one smelled quite a bit creamier than the FJ Coconut, and SOME of that was revealed in testing it. My (still) current go to Coconut has to be hands down, Delosi’s Coconut, and I compare every other one, TO it. This one didn’t quite reach the epitome that the Delosi’s did, but it was still good. Fairly natural dry coconut, with some creamy elements thrown in. I tested at both 2%, and 4% with no real change between the two, except an increased dryness on the finish with the higher rate. Even at the lower 2%, it still had a somewhat overal dryness to it, which lingered past the finish. Not off-putting per se, but still very present. No oily-ness, or sun tan lotion notes, and it, like the OG Coconut, was fairly accurate, and natural tasting. Typically, I like my coconuts to be a little creamier, maybe a tad sweeter, and with little to no dryness. This one tasted very similar to FJ’s Coconut, but with some more creamy elements. Def. usable, and the dryness might be easily masked in mixes. No off-notes except for the dryness throughout. It felt pretty close to the OG Coconut, and scoring it close, at a 8.5/10.


I’m seeing a NEW trend on Flavor Jungle flavors. Not entirely convenient for us, but I think I know why they’re doing it. They are getting away from listing “Best Used At” rates on the bottles and instead directing you back to their site. Notice the OLDER Ultimate Banana Tutti Frutti on the left, vs. the newer flavors on the right. Again, it’s probably what you HAVE to do these days, because as we ALL KNOW, these flavors are used for a MULTITUDE of purposes. :slight_smile:


It’s still on there, you just need the secret decoder ring :sunglasses:


Ultimate Sweet Strawberry (Flavor Jungle) 4% (6-11-24) – Yes, another Strawberry to compete in the already crowded field of Strawberries. Do you need it ?? Should you pick it up ?? Read on. It took 3 testers before I could finally figure out exactly what was going on with this flavor. in a word, it was good, AND, dare I say, somewhat unique. I could have given you guys the “One Tank” review, but wanted to drive a little deeper on this one. It seemed to straddle almost THREE different SB’s. I got a fresh, natural, tart SB, some candied SB, and some delicious SB jam on the finish. Yeah, hehe, it was actually all that. The natural, and candied were more present during the initial onrush, and from the middle on, it landed into the SB jam. A pretty interesting flavor, and how it shifted from beginning to end. The exact ratios of the three profiles I got were somewhat unclear, but roughly I’d say about 30% natural, 20% candied, and 50% jammed.

Why i felt this one is/was unique was that it DID straddle all three profiles, which would open up it’s uses quite a bit, as opposed to having to run for THIS SB, or THAT SB. The only thing I couldn’t tell while SFT’ing it, was how present the Jam notes would be in mixes, which COULD be an issue, IF you didn’t want any jammie jam notes… The jammy-ness was very good, and with just enough tart punch to really sell it. I tested at FJ’s upper recommended limit, and it was damned fine at 4%. Sweetness was about mid-level, and after three testers, I couldn’t find any nit-picks or complaints. All it, it was an interesting approach to a SB medley, with natural, candied, and jammed SB’s all in one. Our tastes are NOT all the same, but personally, I LOVE SB Jams, so no flavor could be TOO jammie for me, so please keep that in mind regarding my scoring. I decided to place it very high for originality, the three different profiles, and of course, the lovely jam elements. Leaving it very high at a 9.8/10.


It looks like I shall be sticking with WF Cookie Butter then as I can’t stand the taste of cloves. I must admit that I was rather looking forward to this one and I’m quite disappointed that it has spices in it as naming it just Cookie Butter is quite misleading, it should have been named “Spiced Cookie Butter” or “Speculoos Cookie Butter” instead.


This has become one of my fave SBs…It pairs well with the usuals , super good with MF SB and RF SB Milkshake…Ive also pairesd it with the Ultimate SB …I think its the ultimate pairing for any other SB