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Jungle Flavors Tasting Notes

I cannot find a dedicated thread for Jungle Flavors (a German company sold through ECX) so I thought I would start one.

Sweet Strawberry- This one is pretty good, very bright strawberry, super sweet. Very much a blend of different strawberries, not real, but not quite candy. Also, it is not like INW Shisha Strawberry, it is very much like a blend of TFA Ripe, INW Shisha, and a bit of CAP Sweet Strawberry. Have used it in many recipes.

Pink Burst- This one was very weak, no off taste present, though. Some like RF SC but this one has very good reviews while I myself prefer the RF SC as it has a better mouthfeel. This one was a bit weak to me, but still good, nonetheless if you don’t feel like ordering RF SC.

Cheesecake Graham Crust- This one is very similar to TFA, if not a little less hollow, if that makes any sense. That coconut feel that people get from TFA is a bit more present in this, but not enough that it takes away from the profile.

Yellow Cake- This is a favorite of mine, this is a good, greasy, yellow cake. Not too grainy, almost batter like. The yellow is very present and it has a certain sweetness with it that I cannot get from CAP.

I am curious about their Milk Chocolate as FLV turned out to be very tootsie roll tasting and the legendary INW Milk Chocolate is extinct. Hopefully others will chime in as I was skeptical at first about JF, but they seem to be pretty decent. Still waiting on a reply from them on MSDS and diketones as their website is down, but they are produced in Germany and this puts a little bit more faith in them for me than what I previously thought (China).

If I am wrong on anything, please feel free to correct. So far, they are a bit more concentrated than PUR and TFA, but not by much.


Thank you for this @Pentine. I have not purchased these flavors - but do have a 1/2 filled shopping cart on ECigExpress. If I were to purchase some of these flavors, could you tell me what the % would be for single flavor testing? I’m curious about the Sweet Strawberry and Yellow Cake. Also, the Yellow Cake - is it more of a supporting cake flavor or can it stand on its own?


I find that I used the Yellow Cake at 1.5% but it was a background note, 3% would be ideal if it were one of the lead flavors in a recipe. I found that the CAP Yellow Cake was the grainy part and the JF Yellow Cake was the ‘gooey’ part, if that makes any sense. They go really well together.

The sweet strawberry is great, but I didn’t use it much as I have a million (not literally) strawberry flavors and am still finding a use for each and eliminating some. I know @Amy2 uses the strawberry sweet, maybe she can chime in on whether she still uses it these days and a good %.


Ahhh that does make sense. So the two combined would essentially make a “complete” yellow cake. Thanks so much for the knowledge. I will put it in my shopping cart.


Anytime, are there any other JF that caught your eye? I have a few I am still wanting to try.


I got rid of the jungle flavor I had. I could not find a good one (of course that is my opinion). I think I will watch this post to see what people think.


Yep still using JF SSB up to 3% I like to mix it w/ FA Red Touch or SB RF SC and even sometimes I use it w/SB Shisha just depends on how much cream I got going on in the batch, it’s good stuff. Around 2-3 weeks it really becomes a fantastic jammy SB.


I have my good eye on the:

  • Biscuit … compared to INW

  • Lemon …wonder if it’s as good as Flavor Express

  • Dulce De Leche … I have the Natural Tres Leches (Amoretti) = rich, creamy, milky, thick, & sweet

What ones do you want to try?


I wanna try their Bavarian Cream as well as their Mango, Watermelon, and Milk Chocolate. I am hoping their milk chocolate doesn’t end up tasting like tootsie roll type chocolate, hoping it can fill the void where INW Milk Chocolate was.


All those flavors sounds good, especially that Milk Chocolate. I have not had the Milk Chocolate by INW because everyone said it was reformulated and other Milk Chocolates are sub-par. So my Chocolate game is zero right now. White chocolate …maybe. I hope that if you do get the Milk Chocolate it taste at least like chocolate and not a tootsie roll. I’ll hunt around the different forums to see if I can dig up some tasting notes.


Right now, the leaders in chocolate are MF Chocolate (Dark?) and MF White Chocolate. There is some talk of FA Cocoa and Chocolate, but they just taste burnt for me. I do use higher wattage devices though…


Dont forget about RF chocolate which is clean and the best damn chocolate i have vaped. Also VZ chocolate truffle :wink: that mf dark chocolate is my white whale cant seem to find it without paying an arm and a leg for it


Their Milk Chocolate is “almost” as good as INW Old formula MC.


I have zero MF flavorings: looks like I’ll be going to them for some Chocolate. I had commercial vapes with chocolate - 1 was a FRYD’s Fried Cookie and the other was a Kilo’s, White Chocolate Strawberry. Both I liked. Do you think these chocolates would work well?

@mixologist13 & @Beaufort_Batches - thank you for mentioning these Chocolate flavorings as well. I will look into them.


Friends, Experts
i got JF Cappuccino in a recent order - my first experience with JF flavs - i enjoyed it very much. quality flavor, no off notes, smooth and plays well with other vendors’ creams. encouraged by that i’m planning a deeper dive with JF next order.

these are the flavors i plan to order. pls can you let me know if you feel very strong against any of them - or if there’s a great JF flavor you recommend i really must get … thank you for helping out

  • Blueberry
  • HoneyDew
  • Honey Peach
  • Mango
  • Strawberry Sweet
  • Watermelon
  • Yellow Cake

i got the new JF flavors and so far i’m very pleased (even impressed) with the ones i tested. i’m slow in mixing these days but managed to test the Strawberry, Honey Peach and Mango (and a mix with BB but that’s steeping now) - they’re all awesome… guess i’m becoming a fan of JF’s - hope will have time to add specific flavor notes on the note pages, but here’s a quickie:

  • SS: tastes like you mixed SB Ripe with Red Touch with notes of INW SB Kiss (not shisha), it’s sweet in a nice candy’ish way still true to a strawberry fruit flavor - 2.5% in a mix and it’s a forward flavor. i enjoyed adding it to some CAP VIC, but still testing - curious to see how it works in a cheesecake mix, and i feel it won’t fade over long steeps

  • Mango: ripe mango not sour, more the yellow/orange vs the green mango. moderate mango sweetness. beats some other mangos i tried. again used ~3%

now all flavors i tested *need time to settle. if you SnV, there’s a funny note and too much of a fruity aftertaste (not in a bad way, the Peach was an interesting one - very “real”) - these strong notes settle in few hours and you get the real profile. so i won’t judge them right after mixing. overall i’m ranking JF (strength, taste) at the same level (or a notch below) the top ones, FA and FLV, but definitely above CAP, FW and TPA


This is excellent and so is RF brownie. I keep saying this. Lol!

Yes @Beaufort_Batches chocolate truffle is excellent.

@Pentine chocolate and Cocoa fa mixed is really good but it does have to be vaped under 40 watts. I use those flavors in a kanger mini tank. I know u vape at like 100 watts so it probably taste like a burnt Tire.

Also check out Brownie cap. It’s not too bad. Most Chocolates taste cheap to me. Especially tfa, lb, and fw. Cocoa Jungle flavors is pretty good but it’s fairly weak.


I didnt realize there was a JF thread so ill post this here too:

Harvest Strawberry- And sorry but i suck at this stuff…

Finally vape tested:
.25ohm/3mm SS fancy coils
45-75 watts
Troll V2
1.5% flavoring in a 80/20 mix.

Holds up to the extra wattage very well with little flavor change. Also it fingers tastes almost exactly the same from day 1 to 2 weeks which leads me to think that the vape flavor changes little as well, i dont think it will change much with two more week curing and i vaped this 12ml bottle in an hour so i wont be able to find out anytime soon. Yes, i did eat the entire other 12ml bottle, its was frackin yummy.

Oh, yes, that wonderful candy SB flavor is still there. This isnt a “Ripe” strawberry nor is it anything like the Shisha SB from INW, it is unique among the strawberry flavorings that i have tried.

Off flavor? Nah, it is that little strawberry wrapped candy that granny always had, i love it.

Sorry for the lack of descriptors but it really needs none outside of granny candy. I do feel it has uses outside of candy vapes tho that is where im going to start as i ate the entire bag of candy before this was ready to vape.

Thanks for sending this, @ecigexpress


What kind of equipment, build and watts are you vaping this on? Primarily curious about the Strawberry…Have you mixed the Strawberry Harvest as well?


didn’t try Harvest - Chef Flavours doesn’t have the full line of JF - only got the list above. they have 2 strawberries, one called Sweet Strawberry (that’s the one i got) and the other is just Strawberry.

i don’t vape hi wattage - i prefer warm (vs hot) vape and tighter air draw (but not MTL)

my test setups
RDA: Velocity v1 Clone (Tobeco): Dual Clapton SS316L 27x35, 7wraps, ID2.5mm ~0.3 Ohm - 26watts
RTA: OBS Engine Nano, single clapton SS316L 26x34, 7wraps, ID3.0mm, ~0.5 Ohm - between 22 to 25 watts - AFC half-open