Just a Reminder to fellow Vapers for Safety

i would like to remind you all for the safety of your devices and specially batteries after the incident i had today…

i charged my batteries, and after some time i had to go at work… so i placed them inside my mod (Vaporesso Tarrot pro 160W) and took my way there… i was vaping as i was walking etc… and when i got my food inside the store i work… i noticed that one of the two batteries indicator was almost empty… i never had a problem with my mod or whatever… i always charge my batteries in an external charger etc… and i always check my batteries and trying to have them in a good condition… i had those two (Paired) Batteries for like a year and just a few months…

i took them out and i noticed something horrible, the one of them had burned the wrap… just a small burn under the coil wrap a little under the battery… i had rewrapped them 2 times in overall with a transparent coil wrap… the battery (Efest 3000Mah 35A (Purple IMR)) didn’t gave ANY warning or whatever, Hishing, make any other noise, Not even all that time i was walking and vaping i didn’t even understood a small difference in the power the mod was giving to the coils… while i was vaping at 110Watts… i was really lucky that it didn’t explode/ignite or whatever) i know that IMR batteries are considered as Chemistry safe, and i choose IMR batteries in general for that reason… but it could be ANY other battery…

just wanted to remind you keep your hardware in best condition possible… and always check it before and after using it!

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


This just happened to another member with those batteries.


hadn’t seen that post before … wow … thank you very much :slight_smile:


Those Efest 35amp have been tested to only be a 20amp, and their rating is pretty exaggerated. It’s a shame companies can slap any old number on there. I have seen a few starter kits shipping out with Efest batteries included, which may count to raise these occurrences as well. I’m glad you are ok though!


with 0.15 at around 105-110watts it’s like using 4V and like 26amps… i know the limit of these batteries… though keep in mind that even with 20amps in every battery my limit should be at 40amps with freshly charged batteries (on external Charger Nitecore D2)… let’s suppose i was asking 30 amps… it’s still much lower than the 40Amps it was supposed to have… if i am wrong please correct me… but still we are speaking for a freaking regulated mod… it can’t be a device fault (never failed for like 6 months i am using it)


Glad you’re ok…go with Sony, LG or Samsung :+1:


thank you very much m8 :slight_smile:
yeah…i already got 2x Sony VCT6… just wanted to share my experience with those 2 batteries and remind to rest people about how important good quality batteries and even if they are, always checking our hardware/batteries etc for the best usage…

things like this may happen to EVERYONE unfortunately :confused:


One of the first things someone said to me when I first started using a bit of power was “Avoid any battery with the word ‘fire’ in it’s name…and steer clear of Efest” lol…

Served me well :+1:


I dunno man. If I ran across a battery named “Trust-fire” I’d consider it to be genuinely honest marketing for a change!! I would trust that there’s likely to be a fire!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

/end kidding


The problem is, there were other versions under the same wrapper that were only 10amp batteries. (hence the whole curfuffle between Efest and Mooch a couple years ago). So… If someone got a hold of old stock, it could still easily be a threat under the wrong conditions (a mod that didn’t perform to spec, or have protections that didn’t actually work, etc.)

Here’s the link a friend recently pulled out as a reminder for me (for those who missed it):


First, I’m REALLY glad that you weren’t hurt! These batteries pack a helluva lot more energy than your run of the mill Duracell.

Secondly, I’m going to chime in with the rest of the people here and strongly suggest that you stay away from ALL rewrapped/relabeled batteries like EFest, Imren, Basen, TrustFire, UltraFire…The way it was explained to me once was this:

If they don’t make a TV, don’t use their batteries for vaping.

Authentic cells from Samsung, Sony, LG or Panasonic are the ones to go for. You do need to be a little more diligent in ensuring the cells you purchase have the correct amperage rating when buying cells from the Big Four. For example: Go to a trusted vendor like www.imrbatteries.com or www.illumn.com and look at the Samsung 30Q. Then compare the picture of the 30Q with a picture of a Samsung 26F. Both are wildly different batteries-different amp ratings and chemistry, yet both batteries have the same Pepto-Bismol pink wrapper.

Finally, use a trusted vendor to obtain your batteries(Provided you have access to them and are not constrained by your location) The two I listed above are both on Mooch’s List of preferred providers of genuine cells. Ebay and even Amazon have been known to be targets for counterfeit batteries, and they’re usually more expensive than the suppliers I’ve listed.

Again-I’m really glad that you weren’t hurt! Stay safe and happy vaping. Cheers!


Thank you for sharing! Absolutely important to keep in mind, since I have not had to rewrap my batteries yet, and I need to be more aware to check them more closely before putting them in my mod. I am really glad you are ok and something worse didn’t happen!!!


This is an ugly problem. When Samsung phones were suffering from battery problems, the problem was quickly categorized as a battery problem and there was a recall and exchange program and the problem was fixed. Within our community this is not happening. Typically MSLSD or Faux News will get a scent of this and launch a vaporizers are blowing up campaign. This is simply more fuel for guberments to forward their agendas against vaping. Vapers have mods destroyed and are possibly injured. Bravo for Mouch calling them out but they are still practicing the same ethics and raking in bucks.

@Steampugs Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I thought there were only 3 manufacturers, Sony, LG, and Samsung, and I was told that any OTHER brands were “seconds” and/or “re-wraps”. I was under the impression that when the big 3 make batteries they test them, and those that are OUT of spec, get sold off. SO, if the above IS true, why would anyone want a battery that didn’t pass spec ?? Just my .02.


Exactly…I don’t know how true that is, but you are right, stick with the grade 'A’s if that is the case, I’ve never trusted the others, for peace of mind it’s not worth the risk.
Who makes Aspire batteries?..I could google it but I’m being lazy, I have one only and it seems OK but I still wouldn’t be surprised it’s made by the big three. I’ll take a look later


I didn’t find anything with a quick search, might require some digging…

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I’m a firm believer that our choice of batteries for our mods is the most important decision that we make concerning our gear. By nature, the 18650 battery industry is extremely competitive, secretive, and sometimes deceptive to consumers. If you aren’t using an Aspire, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, or Sony battery chances are you are using what is called a rewrap. All the other batteries on the market are probably using a cell made by one of the above manufacturers and simply adding their own logo on the insulating wrapper.

Let’s talk about how the battery industry works.

The brands LG, Samsung, and Sony are well known to vapers, as well as in the battery industry. These three manufacturers make the majority of cells in the 18650 market.

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According to this ^^^^ almost appears as if Aspire might make their own, have to read up…


In early 2016, reviewer Phil Busardo visited China and filmed a tour of the Aspire battery factory. He gained access and permission to film this because his friend is a part owner of Aspire. Phil also tried to visit another un-named factory, and was coldly told, “We don’t need you here.” Until more companies open their doors, we have no certain way to know if they are a legit manufacturer or just a rewrapper.

I stand corrected @Steampugs


Well…you live and learn :+1:

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