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From time to time,all diyers purchase concentrates that end up gathering dust on a shelf.it happens for a lot of reasons,maybe the aroma is not popular-there are not enough public recipes- the aroma is too complex-it messes recipes-it is hard to find the sweet spot etc.So,i wonder if anyone is interested to start a conversation in this topic,about rare used aromas and recipes.i can contribute with tobacco recipes and i can definitely get some new ideas from others about fruits for example


Well, I think Dragonfruit is a nice blender in small enough %% that tends to give fruit juices a bright floral pop.


I’m sure a lot of answers will be pouring in …
I’ll start off with Bubblegum (TPA) and Bubblegum (Fruity) (TPA). I absolutely love bubblegum flavor. I saw a few recipes that I wanted to use them for, but I never got passed the SFT.
I probably used way too much of it, but when I tested them, I couldn’t get rid of the smell and flavor for days. Or at least that’s how I remember it. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick again and I probably need therapy to get over the trauma!

The other one that will start collecting dust is Cardamom (FA). Again, bought it because I was interested in a few recipes that it was used in… not my cuppa tea. It’s a very strong flavor. I can probably pick it up if a single drop is used in a 30ml bottle.

Oh, almost forgot about Blackberry (FA). Easily the strongest flavor from FA. Very floral and extremely difficult to work with.


Agreed, another one I can only stand in <1%, really to help another fruit. A lot of people seem to like it a lot though, I don’t understand the hype.


For me anyway, it is a nice diversion from the usual fruits everyone blends. I like it for the sweetness and the floral note.

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Cap Cereal 27 sits in the back of bin in my fridge , ive never been able to get much from this flavor for me it doesnt do anything for the mixes ive used it for

FA Guava i am a huge fan of guava but the FA guava has a strong floral taste that is way over the top for me even at low pcts

TPA Honey - almost all honey flavors smell like cat piss.

FW butterscotch - butterscotch seems to not want to work for me at all but this one by far is the worst of the ones i have

TPA coconut xtra- more of a coconut lotion ( malibu brown bottle ) a plastic taste as well

ill try to think of more


i have the same problems with tpa’s blackberry and blackcurrant

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totally agree about honey,they smell exactly like cat piss:smile:cap cereal 27 on the other hand i find it very useful.it works well with fruit cereals,it gives a crunchy taste to pies etc http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2378552/PBBB… over all i think it is useful

@fidalgo_vapes You like frosted flakes ??


I’ve recently bought Honey (FA) and I’m pleasantly surprised, not cat piss at all.


FA Blackcurrant is pretty good. I have yet to find a good blackberry. I hear FlavorMonks have a nice one but I haven’t had the chance to try them yet.

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any suggested recipes?lately i tried this one https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/79142
but didn’t really like it.certainly the suggested 3 days steeping is not enough,so i tried again in 10 days but still nah…probably it is because it just doesn’t fit with my taste

If you like yoghurt, this is probably a good one to try

I usually change the yoghurt for another cream coz I’m not a big fan of yoghurt concentrates.

It pairs very well with other blue and red berries like blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and goes with well with all types of creams, custards and yoghurt. I don’t like it very much in standalones, it needs some other fruit(s).

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we have the same opinion about yoghurts,so i’ll do the same and replace it with fresh cream or something…thanks

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That topic is just like the ones that state “list the worst flavorings” because is subjective. Difficult too make this work.

But alright I’ll list flavors that collect dust for me.

One Drop Line
FA cookie
FA custard
CAP v2’s
CAP cinnamon swirl
FLV cookie dough
FLV custard
TFA red velvet DX
TFA blueberry extra
TFA blueberry wild
Most if not all strawberries, because they taste like artificial or chemical crap :frowning:


we are not talking about good or bad flavours,just the unpopular ones.for example i have inawera’s falcon eye and fortuna strike which are tobacco aromas and don’t know what to do with them.on the other hand,your aromas are really popular.there are literally like thousands of recipes to make with them!fa’s cookie and custard are realy helpful in so many profiles.inw biscuit-fa cookie-cap sugar cookies are the most popular.and capella’s v2 series might not be as good as v1 but still they are helpful.can’t say anything about strawberries,we share the same opinion about artificial taste

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Yes of course but for example fa cardamom might not be winning the popular choice award, but its a good flavor too me.

I get the part that there’s not much recipes with it, but I mostly mix from scratch, so it can be useful for some.

The ones I listed are popular but I don’t like the taste of them, therefore they collecting dust.

What I was trying too say is, just because they are not in the databank listed with 500 recipes, doesn’t make them unpopular. Many people don’t use elr for recipes, some only use it for notes etc.

As I said, its a good topic but difficult because what’s popular for some, can be horrible for others and vice versa.

Edit: if you have a flavor that doesn’t have notes or recipes, single test it at varies percentages, make your own notes. Then take a look at regular recipes and apply them too vaping. It doesn’t work 100% but there’s a good chance the outcome might be good. Then work from there till you get what you wanted.

Sharing these ideas is great, but saying make a list of unpopular or lesser used flavors, threw me off I guess. My apologies.


I have a lot, some of them I will use but rarely. It’s not because I don’t like them, but because my palate has changed so much.

*LA Bubblegum: really good, I just don’t like gum flavors anymore
*TPA Blackberry: I actually like, but I just don’t use much
*INW 555: Probably the only flavor that was really hard for me to work with due to nuttiness, but it is good as a PB/ Banana Tobacco
*INW RY4: Cherry notes for me, it’s good, but the Cherry makes it hard to work with
*FA RY4: Reminds me of those old Permanent Markers with that really bad/strong smell
*CAP Cereal 27: I used to love this, but I started getting a sharp flavor from it that I just couldn’t shake. Much prefer FA Breakfast Cereal now.
*TPA Vanilla Custard/VBIC/White Chocolate: I taste pepper with all of these now, which is sad because I really enjoyed TPA Vanilla Custard. That’s OK though, TPA recommend that I try French Vanilla Deluxe instead and it is my favorite buttery vanilla, minus the pepper notes.
*TPA Brown Sugar: Eh, I wish I could use it, but Furfural and my palate just don’t mix, if I taste it in a concentrate, I won’t ever use that flavor again, like TPA Pie Crust. Tastes like Kerosene to me.


i single test almost every flavour,but still,sometimes you need a hint or an example or a second opinion.for example the 2 inawera i mentioned before are really hard to match with other flavours.it would be easy to mix them with lots of cream or custard but that’s not the point.when i mix a tobacco recipe,my intention is to have balance on the tobacco side and add some small hints of nut or cream or whatever i feel that is suitable


to be honest i use most of them if you take out chocolate-bubblegum-ry4 inw(this is a really bad bad ry4).problem is that new flavoyrs show up all the time and sometimes we go with the flow.for example,i saw so many people presenting recipes using vta flavours,so i purchased some