Just added a bunch of my own favourite unique recipes!

Hey all,

Just made an account on e-liquid-recipes so that I could share some of my favourite cocktails! Hopefully you can mix a few up and either give me feedback, or simply enjoy some of my excellent high VG mixes.



Welcome Big’un. You have some interesting recipes…most of them have flavors I don’t have. I will certainly add to my shopping list, especially for the Fish Yogurt and Nana Sundae.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

welcome and pretty impressive rt off the bat… I’ve already adapted two the waffles look GOOD !

I got to agree the fish is a very interesting mix i will try this one for sure. Welcome man!

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It looks great man! Keep up the good work! :smiley: Oh, and welcome, of course!

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G.I. Joe and Voltron LB’s here homie!

Recipes look tits. Thanks for sharing them and WELCOME to the sandlot!

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Thanks friends!
I have hundreds of good recipes. In due time :wink:


Welcome to the insanity! Your ‘Twinkie Dink’ looks interesting and I especially like the fact you are mixing up brands of flavorings. If you have something nutty, or a coffee vape, please share!


Welcome! Couple of recipes I have to try out for sure!

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Welcome, the recipes look good!

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Nice !! Gonna have to give a few a shot. Welcome and Thanks for taking the time to share

the pear dream is great !!!