Just got a mixing kit from Totally Wicked looking for recipe ideas if possible

The flavours i have are as follows;
Caramel (tw)
Banana (tw)
Coconut (tw)
Watermelon (tw)
Pecan pie (tw)
Marshmallow (tw)
Strawberry shortcake (tw)
Chocolate (tw)
Pineapple (tw)
Vanilla (tw)

Quite new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.


@InsaneTundra; Have you added all of your flavors into the ELR calculator flavor stash? Once you do, you can find recipes which correlate to your stash.


Ive added them but, no recipes seem to have two of any of the ones in my flavour stash i have mixed a coconut pineapple and marshmellow liquid thus far just need to wait for it to steep


I haven’t seen too much conversation about flavors from Totally Wicked on the ELR forum. Perhaps this thread will get some action!


Thanks for the advice i might just try that see how it goes, also if you had any advice on other flavour companies that are good i tend to prefer fruity and sweet flavours


Folks around here are always looking for good flavors, so, in your experimenting ventures, don’t be bashful about creating a Totally Wicked flavor review thread! We’d all be interested, I’m sure!


Thanks again for the advice, you’ve been a great help


As would i, i havent heard of them.

Wish i could offer some help but as ive not used the flavorings it would all be uneducated guesses.


I was just wondering in what section would i post the topic im new to the site so dont really know the ins and outs just yet haha


Good question, i oft guess at the category and hope that if i am wrong someone will move it for me.

I have to say, i do not recognize many of their flavor/flavorings. Now im ubder curious.


They have been around in the UK for a long while, ive only just started making my own juices today so i dont know what will go ill have a snoop around and see what looks the best place for it cheers for the help


Caramel, banana, and strawberry shortcake might give you a kind of strawberry bananas foster. Strawberry shortcake with chocolate sounds like it’d be good. Coconut, banana, and pineapple would be a good tropical mix, maybe with some vanilla in it. Pecan pie, caramel, and vanilla. Coconut, watermelon, and strawberry shortcake would almost be a tiger’s blood. Many combos you could do. :smile: Marshmallow usually is used as a sweetener around here. Caramel as well, only for a different affect.

I’ve not used any of TW flavors either, but I always say start with low %s. You can easily add more, but it’s harder to dilute if it is too strong.


Thank you for the insight ill have to nock another vatch up today !


Welcome to ELR from another UK member.

I’ve not used totally wicked before either.

As far as flavour companies go I can help to point you in the direction of more commonly used flavours and where to get them.

Firstly my main flavour stock consists of
THE FLAVOUR APPRENTICE - purchased from either Leisure Liquids or JUSTVAPE247. Between £1.90-£2.50 per 10ml bottle of flavouring.

Then I also have a few CAPELLA flavourings again from the same sites above. £2.30-£2.99 per 10ml bottle.

The other flavouring company I’ve been getting back into is CUPCAKE WORLD concentrated flavours. £2.50-£3.00 for 28.5ml bottles. You can sometimes find deals for their 100ml bottles for less than £5 on Amazon.

Another good flavour company is FLAVOURART found on JustVape247.

If you’re looking for cheap Nicotine then UKFLAVOURS has 250ml of 70mg/ml for £16.99

I use CLASSIKOOL PG and VG sourced on Amazon about £8 per litre with free delivery.

As for your current flavour I remember Vape Crisis on YouTube using some TW flavours. Work on the scale of using initially 10-15% flavouring in your recipes.

Vanilla and banana should give you a kind of banana custard flavour.

Strawberry Shortcake 8%,coconut 4% and watermelon 3% should give a variation of tiger blood with a biscuit note to it.

Other than that the best way to build yourself a flavour is to look at VAPE CRISIS on YouTube and follow the 2ml water to 1 drop flavouring tutorial he shows on there.

It was Vape Crisis that helped me find ELR and I haven’t looked back since

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the flavours seem okay with the tw rabge but not overly impressed, so ill give those sites a look around cheers for the help !

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No problem whatsoever.

The best thing to do is have a look at some recipes on ELR recipes pages and find one you like the look of.

Maybe try and find a clone of your favourite bought ejuice and get used to mixing that first.

Also starting with single flavour mixes to get your feet wet and to work out how concentrated your flavourings are.

I have recipes with as little as 4% total flavouring and others with as much as 25% total flavouring.

It’s a learning curve that’s for sure but we’ll get you mixing with the best of them in no time.


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Ive only really tried single flavour mixes from local shops but didnt really like any of them that much thats why ive decided to start making my own, however the free bottle of pear drops i got with my order was really nice !

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I too would like to hear if you do like the TW flavors. I have bought from them but never their flavors.

You can make a tiger’s blood with the coconut watermelon and strawberry it’ll have shortbread in it but it may be good !

Chocolate and marshmallow pair well as well as the caramel or the banana or add them together.

I like the thought of a banana pecan pie small hints of the banana sounds yummy !

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You could try knocking up 10mls of the Tiger Blood Variation above that I posted.

what kind of juice are you hoping to create?


There are a multitude of variations to consider.

One that i can HIGHLY recommend is SNAKE BLOOD it’s ADV (all day Vape) for me.

It uses
TFA (the flavour apprentice) Strawberry Ripe, Bavarian Cream and Coconut Extra.

If you bought 10mls of each of the flavours you’d have enough to knock up 100ml of juice.

It’s a strawberry flavoured juice with a good kick of Coconut and a warming cream exhale.

Look for LARS version posted on ELR recipes site.

It’s the best version. The only thing I’ve done is reduce Coconut Extra from 1.5% down to 1.2%.

This recipe link above.

Just wanted to apologise because I’m kind of steering you away from TW flavours.

Not my intention.

Use your current flavours as others have also mentioned.

You spent good money on them so trial and error will get you some killer recipes.


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